Word Cloud for "The Pirates' Who's Who" by Philip Gosse.

Word Cloud for "The Pirates' Who's Who"

This book was authored by Philip Gosse. (Giving Particulars Of The Lives and Deaths Of The Pirates And Buccaneers - 1879)

Area, genre or subject: 1959.

The Bag of Words In "The Pirates' Who's Who" (Main Words):

particulars philip illustrated burt source works social members list face page wapping follow simply figure mentioned actually form possible surely dictionary record blood entertaining persons table felt immediate national space flourished past present change interest relation difficulty intention rovers addition object usually mariner freebooters navigator letter handful hunt naval laid countryside begging starving easily temptation joining glad lead means weeks taverns goes rendezvous begun naked bigger profession ancient mediterranean ransom masters danger chinese galleon devil eighteenth century destroyed ruthless generally accounts jolly harmless exploits bucaniers assaults coasts amsterdam case annoyed parents settlement handsome curious forth willing modern adventurous whether quick author francis admitted buccaneering nearly privateering spaniard paul prominent citizens taught scandal hardships recommended procuring thing vote considered divided secret bottle sign receive lacking bare lighted arms prudent consisting preferred truly holding punch lack throw likely thirteen different desperadoes kill increased places quiet spot visited strange suitable turtle seamen laws break flourishing numerous seventeenth equal exception strongly fortified quote hispaniola european people wore dried chased food hitherto mistake period crowded horn fair looked authority forward pleasure degree reading provided widow utmost hearted nineteenth describes cove stepping guest welcomed appearance feet ladies conversation bread really threatening numbers drank fever prove seldom defence criminals sermon brief occasioned sentence doctor passage speak repentance sins warned drink bodies single records merit learned murdering pretending tell alone building thinking quantity galleys harris esteem partly hatred malcontents terms severe blew remain practice fast real fully activities cold siege husband lines howel respectable employment powerful stout manned fenn larger uninhabited waited unless historian judge hung pair please lordship cargoes spoke drying ends whenever notice luck reef barely clean indians learnt school promptly office promotion grave believed treasure previously hour spectators scene firing turning hurricane hidden eleven converted wretched fancy formed hero plymouth hired renamed distinction spain catch clapped mogul exploit beautiful threatened ingenious proposed agreed explained matters altered course appears successfully finally unable pounds occasional gunpowder gang broken private blown terrible capacity venture stamp succeeded barbarossa assist changed army troops breton bishop delivered specially bellamy enter neighbourhood missed cowardly fall cunning attended special bloodthirsty around cutting loud verde leave need cooke seafaring property greatly position understood mind writes highly satisfy word bath france permission everything alongside moment september colours nicholas speech unusual recounted strictly legal ireland fierce disguised cuba care male capturing jago condition sympathy assault liked gambia prepared tall bowen supplied shipwrecked parting gift merry gathered million taylor bradish traded breakes naming view bars prayers week gibraltar peaceful seemed entering powder brown mixed crying streets freely persuaded entertained moving mayor learn natural faithful largely local things liquor doing elizabeth blessed plausible gained produced kitts caraccioli petty secretary massachusetts triumph survivors banks soldier demand gallons brandy boarded wait tied heart estate receiving request frenchmen collier accidentally richard cruelly relief duke proving flying cleaning volley fortunate amount settling bello steered selling wine galapagos spoil vera holy president hang ketch leone weather lasted authorities separated cross subjects april leader merely raid leagues rocks want enterprise warrant acting boca quarrels playing havoc storm consul marshalsea jack tiring recognized necessary inspired warm prevent engaged ears pretty flesh province mainland beyond journal cook striking least robinson witness strict anchored possession celebrate mass vive fearful considerably duty petit sick remained recently delightful forces drunk surprise englishman mutineers quarrel insisted alderney dark reprieved services russian spread alive journey fifteen massacred drawing straits glass brutal informed times consisted canoe evans ways words swam bear inhuman samuel rose irish reproved deputy girls brazil salem hardened glasby drunken shoot damage protect florida simple newgate pressed grammont skill vanhorn pierre clambered graves raids scotland duel dungeon swan squadron canary probably destroying greater loved else completely drew conduct loss bible arab herriott played honduras holford thames hours cruelty winter boldly fled lynch acquitted capable horrible hoisted kennedy suit surrender arrest moore spyed koxinga pain confused lane quelch lewis lodge boys wounds massey dozen lussan swearing persuade costa martel soveraigne kinge regiment helping safety throwing chagres message limb cork nelson pleased fathers awaiting scudamore soto thwaites upton watling weaver worley

lives originally hope bonny convicted names deal ready fear future subject entitled books recorded above information distinguished stand important headed side beginning united states close spoils stolen church vast mutinied otherwise disposed either paid issued danish knowledge opportunity conclusion peace asked declared turn free less thousand spending settle brethren tropical third honour craft algiers arose reign sell laden middle atlantic reach looking remarkable cause granted cruel treatment women deck struck particular sight leading sometimes brilliant seize main perfectly somewhat drake jones america look wrote chosen quartermaster according articles signed member drawn gunner value piece meet suffer punishment think drinking sword favourite flag huge foot letters unfortunate occasions barbadoes point procured hiding forced within besides stronghold occasionally sooner popular noted virgin allow chiefly wild drove power state know mention seeing pease family rather proceeded continued seizing native robbing bringing violent central stood prison executed shown following previous gaol silver guard warning example apparently sixteenth cabin coming scotch alexander battle severely attacking marsh british sentenced pacific defeated drowned garrison brother sultan prevented eighty miles putting picked affair usual trouble send nine answer court council making acted charge high cast hanging suffered grand anstis caused capture accepted sloops goods hearing marooned tavern supposed service provisions village negroes natives slipped passengers daughter safely colony merchants becoming explosion thence extraordinary frigate renegade christian soldiers invited moors sixteen owned save vaughan treated considerable pleaded courage pilot followed reputation tarpaulin fifty logwood ninety schooner december cowley already whatever ordered blackbeard news hurried robbed seventeen rescued revenge failed mouth brisk charleston october length story narrative seek hard sailors saying herself lady filibuster quarrelled passed canoes slave wafer containing shipped sank neighbouring irons dock furious houses trading negro appeared saved pardoned bring galley dover burgess instead post serving accused orders blow attempted elizabethan grew italian priest promoted fighting seen tells africa trying cobham right dangerous wished fishing home carpenter wilson condent hold dead engagement loaded rowed accompanied howard earl started wanted reaching jamaican jean discovered none ringrose mutinous using moorish towns welsh telling pistols live derdrake peter tortuga observed pillaged hunting desperate killing overboard setting jungle halsey august townley followers bloody commissions lowther ollonais pound selkirk spriggs

giving pirates york published east this book with that nothing them from captain dampier pirate being hanged execution anne mary piracy november jamaica bartholomew roberts made very which history attempt various those buccaneers whose have been handed down here every woman since certain small time come when after there little become master will into original search taking their much even white found more year about most including full where these just work long while until find must often such great henry show rich during years began other also evidence should amongst quite what between england both gold than early only would number buccaneer described american seems life honest merchant perhaps killed seized elected sailed many seaman captured rest crew joined good compelled were privateer carried against shipping under commission some worth written south plundering spanish ships sacking burning governor west india himself island give happened crews thus driven they could half always vessel bound hand board share english government help daring taken lived return four port royal back whole interesting across another better carrying first second place days known held took prisoner young afterwards caught barbary active coast gulf then queen ship cruising porto died given north indian gallant settled ever account except through piratical never again upon true committed late william without action brought morgan commander public although told came sold serve greatest charles called general adventures famous voyages notorious fine rank head hundred chief same land reason call kind like able having party friends king doubt brave whom escaped fact sail lying anchor arrived immediately woodes voyage isthmus john stealing mutiny done best next officer once former officers plunder each decided phillips below shall boatswain offer keep company carry pieces business make crossed black captains several standing placed islands successful almost thrown away command chains sharp open along cruise together fleet sailing vessels among prizes went trade spaniards later headquarters providence bahama town carolina returned french used dutch plundered towards city dressed round over armed themselves threw large friend love married kidd visit five turned entered particularly showed strong gave valuable take still calling others success before aboard sudden death became trial received might join condemned marched order thomas commanded near left landed body three eighteen eight santa major stede buried water admiral boston tried fought darien coxon attack maria because prize brig sent country friendly owing kept burnt returning surprised arrival harbour night retired seven reached meeting companions managed wounded boat said murdered eventually twelve shot built robert name hear sloop portuguese career cruised morning guinea fitted months living part your fellow ashore born guilty poor well george heard lost deserted brigantine forty soon guns fire escape newfoundland appointed ended gallows june read last spent madagascar served house cape attacked castle mate pardon money indies rogers lately star avery johnson bristol leaving isle till inhabitants refused proved belonging father arriving offered twenty thought surgeon fired pistol latter terror prisoners short thirty fortune enough booty sacked lord though hands knew sailor fort rhode river landing going wicked seventy stole bonnet quickly finding surrendered allowed teach named colonel sixty behind fight spite fell rackam expedition davis fourteen sierra getting african shortly dollars london march bought arrested wrecked cargo shore wife july lieutenant edward slaves january panama further virginia misson james occasion prince suddenly broke february bold juan sawkins vane happy williams

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