Word Cloud for "Nala and Damayanti and Other Poems" by Henry Hart Milman.

Word Cloud for "Nala and Damayanti and Other Poems"

This book was authored by Henry Hart Milman. (1791 - 1868)

Area, genre or subject: Sanskrit poetry -- Translations into English.

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The Bag of Words In "Nala and Damayanti and Other Poems" (Main Words):

mythological university translations descent feel poetical country oriental peculiar remarkable general manner held especially wilkins study grew perhaps seem quarterly almost separate friendly schlegel adopted common remember preface easy story wander edition complete entirely taming read guardian grateful pearl illustrious worlds shone inmost lightly think bird began pride blessed replied sleep youth hour narada everlasting immortal lives thither suitors exclaimed likewise blue waters rest strictly unwilling slender keep matchless limbed silence chamber mandate choose object performed smiled wedded flowing inward dare plighted whence chance enter bade mute rose golden hall locks light deeply pondering attributes turned adjure sages consort smile gladness eight virtue bestowed heavens marriage native shining horse sacrifice delicious liberal strict wrath henceforth seized deemed game counsellors dire wicked shame month treasure speaking winning fall fortune friend perish steeds depart chief rendered paid thence throw slowly wandered followed nights spreading above misery house robe passing vindhya lone beyond afflicted thirst better lowly hard certain devoted cruel wept fare serpents winds making miserable thinking appointed show aught mourn desolate consumed huge fierce terrific released sylvan soothing meaning wondrous headlong safe broad fled clad tamer wasted crystal downward precious leaves large command doth neither tale vanished cool pursue grass close midnight moisture helpless blind ground widowed gazing worn broken joyful taking blazing gives instantly difficult rituparna pious achieved yonder desire sage sudeva glory infant sits urged realms parnada returning eager speed either alike tall things placed glad evening coming burning said wish seeing hair beloved religious regions done slow father extract literal wives dasaratha favourite blood untimely parents beneath weep blest become virtuous offering author thrown fixed school acquainted penance ocean description eminent kosegarten latter india sometimes usually explained lunar text names plant sixty ganga

poetry notes present original knowledge language taste known curious years subject chosen struck extreme obtain constant perfect latin unknown compare order rather proud under translation version cannot kind vast described four bound reader give omitted third console kingdom work swans skilled loving virtues fearful virgin eyed peerless earthly others longer love wondering flew away straight amid about hero wert birth fruit speak speech knew wherefore along various minded honoured just approach majestic appear beauty sons sudden towards lords sooner equal beheld slayer seek celestial guarded shalt glowing homage secret gently highest assembled guardians dust inevitable eternal trembling uttered noblest swayembara back aged swift face tell haste glittering garlands arms anguish stand divine right kingly presence gifts subtle fitting dwapara born knows pure true bliss haunted passed ablution possessed brother conqueror stands woman fate haply loved fleet leave scarce varshneya height borne frantic fruits lead wood former fear desert kindred reached seat fell wretched wrought sadly wind savage beasts twas leaving trees wealth utmost serpent onward bears whither beautiful host exile elephant proper ancient goddess river splendid skilful sake lady asoca tree answer horses drink troubled guilt therefore bowed thyself hither dwelling brahmins free brought lest yield rapid sent bring thousand worthy bearing unto tears sire preserve also whether women against strength surpassing bhangasuri self cloud kesinia land touch gainst means rama spirits shaft draw next vedas seven probably different laws menu appears passage being brahma perform note juice

nala damayanti other translated from sanscrit into english with whom these have much most this death those some take faithful very that been might sacred should once make received deep more less which will best last having before ever well indian great their without could bopp then upon would than region such though still power form himself many find poem must called thus according following first second half single another part king dice same length seems bear does only there hindu birds dwell mighty gifted every head kings like monarch over lord truth noble each sense dwelt high long children holy court came royal queen sweet three fair through sate hundred around never gods heard among they round hearing silent heart bright human gentle thee after shall mortal vidarbha stately down gazed forms where lovely spake thou seen when answered beauteous home told herself lost thought soul wild soft found night sovereign bhima mind child what were earth time come soon drew rich entered them courteous world meet even mine addressed hear hand fire stood full made solemn your folded hands indra know dread thine wilt word maiden here heaven none hath hast grant turn husband whose lofty doubt eyes cause myself blameless name again behold save bereft strong happy wide mountain five within voice both instant named since while spirit gave food city famous took kali heavenly whole palace living good fatal dark cast pushkara play charioteer duty grief went weary daughter reft wise words deed place forth chariot young till sorrow fallen near water garment hence wife princess forest wandering lonely evil curse live fain glorious awful seeking elephants sound flowers life pleasant hermit brahmin race moon raja caravan fish realm lotus seemed mother body skill vahuca little stream alone given asiatic manu mentioned used

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