Word Cloud for "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens.

Word Cloud for "A Christmas Carol"

This book was authored by Charles Dickens. (1812 - 1870)

Area, genre or subject: Sick children -- Fiction.

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The Bag of Words In "A Christmas Carol" (Main Words):

carol remarkable thoughts followed four cricket five perhaps especially familiar glowing meaning dance fresh brightness human save drawn humour stave staring fixed name mean perfectly father died above sometimes both sharp solitary carried office stopped blind busy outside gone windows ruddy houses opposite mere lived dismal surely white breath answer else finding year dozen holly hearts really bound want cannot angry shook hundreds plenty stop body raise seeing clearly opinion usual darkness conduct ancient blaze impossible lord fifty pudding touch instead suppose promised twenty melancholy dinner evening yard frost particular knocker bold hair wide conscious expected desire saucepan hanging stand shape drew clasped observing standing jacob whether side grave greater wear dreadful wore bear glanced iron getting ground water chance remember joined filled monstrous faded emotion touched beat idea making resolved state hold legs green strangest clear pair wonder anybody thinking either winter several near laughing grew shown alone shaking afraid sister right certain laid wished cheerful shadow patient free past delight holding lying easy calling prepared bore born choked caught hurried martha turn wall likely stone solemn assure chair finger kissed chuckle

dickens company blood together given happy gave small woman forth best although point self story brought running opened deep bless because whom live second marley anything dead piece sole wonderful taking gentleman turning years answered hard struck within spoke weather snow less often nobody street dear asked along days city large house clerk tried strong nephew ready world hour work sure pleasant below believe sound length thing seven word present something under means help rather whose window became corner lighted boys dull used home rest hung black also seen happened ghostly beyond part shut sight taken take close place putting power soon person chain remembered heard straight phantom felt still raised fell spirits spectre replied began between found itself surprise bright curtains tell strange child words former everything bring moment streets sitting high mother beneath heartily show cratchits plump

christmas been from which with life have though could little this first such every very make these were there upon their known them next through whole into ghost scrooge when merry heart that ever tiny many would great while more better people some three last those eyes walk being good hand what about might hands shall done know even business back must nothing come going before than other after dark never called cold pointed made always open where over only they came children once appeared coming then keep hear just quite light like thought door fire much looked master himself voice face having returned time without your round against said should things among long think another went give find left room well poor down full scarcely mind observed enough bell head turned young will walked took knew seemed night look behind half held towards heavy each passed looking until spirit again beside here hope same cried most told stood laughed shadows fezziwig away kind peter cratchit

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