Word Cloud for "More Songs From Vagabondia" by Richard Hovey.

Word Cloud for "More Songs From Vagabondia"

This book was authored by Richard Hovey. (1864 - 1900)

Area, genre or subject: Poetry.

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Songs from Vagabondia  

The Bag of Words In "More Songs From Vagabondia" (Main Words):

lyric across table gypsy silence stein wayland mother himself house horse garden dance forth singing morning fall says seen trees slow human play hair thrill fellow lift people those voice goes golden blown spring swift leaves whom music loves name warm roving sleep secret fancy perhaps summer better poor beauty truth thing beyond roses pass scent north hill sudden word born rapture leaf dream nothing sing rose yellow grow rise lovers heard black learned makes find round winds fate sitting drink maid wonder words poet meet hint fair saint reached goldy kissed left bare leave stood young nightingales open silent divine tree wash dame autumn merry coast things surely wings near morrow linen

kavin folk poets here hand days year call purple hearts hear cool sets lips spirit touch thou think sweet these half knows very something white turn thee fine most could since knew devil wild smile long calm gave upon moonlight about might dark

more from this song barney first when night three kilrudden buie ever with come before your through down them good life what have they where will their like thought blue only eyes last under into wind heart that keep time world even whose love shall comes soul there little over dear than such every once still make just were which then till know would great while never give said some though made back without came went found must soncy march

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