Word Cloud for "A Slave Girl's Story" by Kate Drumgoold.

Word Cloud for "A Slave Girl's Story"

This book was authored by Kate Drumgoold.
Area, genre or subject: ?.

The Bag of Words In "A Slave Girl's Story" (Main Words):

story being chapter fill most written prayed loves need making short trying south giving born feeling sought play preach death negroes liked whose broad bought watched asked walk delight alone looked frances face part head reach dollars sisters comfort kept subject even heavenly died reached morning still annie taking nearly dark fear husband waited nothing although laid battle himself here dead known fell your methodist darling horse paid fire saved start lonely glory robes blood thinking spend sight nights watching angels sickness daily wait boys mothers upon wish joys feeble shown david king sins carried forward looking river eyes lessons loveliest heavy wrote holy word spirit willing honored surely study education west working stayed happy teaching wayland seminary built parts ferry months fall winter strength rock hearts comes cause country john speak also enter thou places sarah attend filled william springs music finest lovett

slave full something schools learn favor heard prayers faithful save unto trust better negro praised soul knowing bright grateful keep back true given lost done side call about rich noble friends learned sold rest poor wonderful gentleman lived until thought anything seemed sunday nice sweet began leave coming girls over north though city meet blessing child needed again soon want oldest tried tell sometimes living since stay into bring hard hand married large helped girl northern teach worked sure enough follow later next washington avenue baptist heaven remember spoke taught under without room down must washed right woman power fail jesus around praise hands gave honor days green does almost leader master able four crown saviour makes myself brought teacher things ladies doing grand friend among board fulton number pleasure

once have with some that mind this good those might read love ever found when were land came them will they their dear ones gone feel heart children think should very help bless such same world give there many hope greatest like near other time then could loved would send mother from little after lady kind never always said earth money going sent white only shall people before told know what home which used look place three whole sister where wanted come glad taken seen made take more name loving lovely great care been called while years took father much another hear forget house went find first whom life left through times knew last sick long getting these night well family lord brother every teachers ready live work church school fine beloved miss young away doctor blessed felt than best year make race summer

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