Word Cloud for "Indians of the Yosemite Valley and Vicinity" by Galen Clark.

Word Cloud for "Indians of the Yosemite Valley and Vicinity"

This book was authored by Galen Clark. (Their History, Customs and Traditions - 1814)

Area, genre or subject: 1910.

The Bag of Words In "Indians of the Yosemite Valley and Vicinity" (Main Words):

joined foot afterwards claimed teneiya favorite killing perhaps general less lived veil south fresno similar already adjacent miners gold fancy enormous possession treated main burned land game killed numerous principal soldiers protect strong since influence come treatment range mountain last purpose during seemed mode thus affected weather return eastern remain ever gathered winter higher tribal customs country animals article medicine baby supported case between entirely dress strips wore bark cedar outside closely readily center easily dogs woven variety reaching both bodies hair deep times public modern placed fifty extensive foothills skin manzanita spring course done except earth along camp cooking rocks dried cooked string turned stream lower several suitable fish wood generation firmly eaten acorn another soft kinds beat recent once always must hand wife patient royal spirits here doctor wear world husband carrying memory artistic origin legend arrows grew arrow legends keen number names moons rest rocky summit heavy half dark face threw party vernal cathedral

black nearly band finally received grizzly said because mountains yosemites sierra usually grand chiefs without vicinity bridal river california account roots certain cause mining whole away supply articles free state condition reservations place bows themselves body named best lost furnished work allowed again back acorns through important domestic obtained present carried like across religious following generally points special manner covered fire hold cold skins children fine light rude distant sacred keep together hunters hunt thought built lines nuts stone wild cases seen doctors happy person evil believe finest gave sentinel glacier

many years chief been large from valley other near these falls indian there were this left where tribe around then became which name that given they people those also most tribes part nevada among indians than others when head yosemite about miles somewhat common their called early being good white different never first with great soon some them short came took natural made would found might food down deer before into young women upon more clothing could either high against personal taken above only long make known under after while lake have three time side should four kept went very what still much living used even basket each will well hunting means considered sometimes kind various same small feet ground making style form warm little such woman pine until water meat believed every beautiful take point fell baskets over spirit rock dome

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