Word Cloud for "Some Account of the Life of Mr. William Shakespear (1709)" by Nicholas Rowe.

Word Cloud for "Some Account of the Life of Mr. William Shakespear (1709)"

This book was authored by Nicholas Rowe. (1674 - 1718)

Area, genre or subject: Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616 -- Biography.

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Jane Shore  

The Bag of Words In "Some Account of the Life of Mr. William Shakespear (1709)" (Main Words):

introduction society edward earl state james author fourth give editor malone justice frequently occasional known available general make certain began title issue imagination attack having remarks seem revision during still distinguish look whose rather opinion manner death jonson natural friend found between always often times perhaps rymer conversation enter nothing rules represent full romantic here comedies merry capable london best pleasant true people subject knowledge sometimes want fancy relating master whether altogether agreeable language comes whatever family afterwards dramatick enough them thomas against admirable nature commonly generally latter besides acquainted gave shew self uncommon friendship piece shewn just each task drawn thoughts told likewise makes seen hard sans kept magick proper fable manners action exactly series membership

life samuel augustan english folio within present kind either passages cannot years printed find publication passage works writings large third volume curll poems about year criticism original writing eighteenth after world among greatest restoration equal faults especially characters ought order whole poetry almost under thing every believe excellent common better scene occasion name parts things judgment think several such comedy

some account william with reprint university queen from tonson edition plays both shakespeare rowe made first into their many have been century that most said more than without much least were great well could only critical when since know which certainly must would there this second three last other seems written essay these very never even taken part little himself dryden reputation poet what whom they ever like will read then something should before character footnote those thought john upon good time where might given amongst particular play indeed same take publications

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