Word Cloud for "The Unwritten Literature of the Hopi" by Hattie Greene Lockett.

Word Cloud for "The Unwritten Literature of the Hopi"

This book was authored by Hattie Greene Lockett. (1880 - 1962)

Area, genre or subject: Hopi Indians.

The Bag of Words In "The Unwritten Literature of the Hopi" (Main Words):

arizona bulletin introduction organization symbolism contemporary service based plume twin frog direction connection moral legendary legends realize especially history steps origin trying race basic seems recognize numerous unity significance indeed mainly surface famous true mythology mind lives faith human sort relate concerning explanation states furnishes explain indians hundred north eight pueblos occupied late large except latter grande hopitah peaceful word accounts blanket weaving kill trouble grew generally desert wool blankets washing picturesque plain couple perfectly walls roofs language arrived build tops neighboring fact caught rituals ceremonials seed unlike stop famine labor daughters breaking awatobi sleeping bows tried break kindly outside stay chiefs likewise crier almost cedar repeated learned rabbit occurs dancing older nothing born mean nearly possibly practice answer whatever doing half leisure makes aged ruins craftsman mention particular else closely think spit learn talk bureau leaves community major preparation paraphernalia surely essential gather anything pick apparently mothers taught sense ancestors full powers symbols short whom generation visitors collection grand blue became society cotton sprinkled call breath door food holding complete reach prosperity bare particularly immediately skins rolled ears mouth tribe considered individuals variants sure objects winter looked observed masked beginning pageant partly pine purpose heart dramatization keeping himself separate although mankind reported mocking circle sung definite aware death supela might arrival skin places performance impressive altar received cottonwood sound stand cummings brushed accompaniment moment forth deeply words broke follow turn nine tourists stopped dressed tiyo fearless reptiles younger brothers wash washed elder bunch signal catch wearing attention handed rattles beat liquid turned pair walks feather frightened wait brother uses nice dark names tobacco named relatives bride sitting teller interpreter friend chosen tired clean river governor threw sacknumptewa turtles

unwritten literature general meaning discussion material telling kachinas belief traditions emergence migration tradition dances turkey ancient present culture show ritual record historical point order open believe better line tribes natural though symbolic strong tale including takes getting help believed mere special rites taking miles least points third foot tewa built modern lower spanish land within navajo name means naturally pueblo brown either running also navajos sheep decided crops native fine high hand distance against rock merely picked number speak painted later brings spaniards move depended summer exactly spirit perhaps quite dropped returned bringing building thrown certain hold kivas study hard below night twenty hear morning oldest evening following sunrise become ready group common legend collected spider daughter husband gone houses parents should keep ancestral reason save heads families finished bearing carrier earth baskets hano knows interesting placed colorful stick lines friends main carry elaborate costumes wood everything prayers medicine middle passed sent lovely gets front masks fraternity tied already gives eagle bowl side feet above roof together room family less tells tales details thing rather supposed dramatic finally child ninth shows procession carrying fourth rhythmic past gathered course tall longer visit green star ground trail sounds cloud sing edge covered stood thought themselves crowd waiting girls tracks tail faces looking everybody want wanted killed laughed poor playing

social hopi primitive life government clan work pottery basket making myth myths kept story religion gods ceremonial some ceremonies upon them ceremony flute other snake dance feathers stories told today coyote water bear giant turtle footnote under that their into this between even still have always coming more they these tell give early those first through last world does people till come must look back called account much beliefs such because close tribal traditional with will been done along shall nature since there school which every idea being long given sacred both left something best over well comes religious down great like just live living once times when young ever here part known only sometimes made from what many would head about years three black several villages were second small around mesa find village oraibi another near public indian really used never asked during fields women came time then soon children taken enough than until having floor days according various clans different same where corn took whose priests very little held magic among rain good kind bring after before began could singing thus going take away toward brought important house kiva chief says goes writer heard next usually home fire your four whole body american often while said return woman most spring make lived found figure place walpi each without know hands spirits things sand carried priest year white right others seen boys songs underworld mother kachina round wedding prayer bodies accompanied song sipapu meal father started reached followed again sticks across plaza mishongnovi hair girl behind went gave snakes pretty antelope baby grandmother huckovi

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