Word Cloud for "The Boer in Peace and War" by Arthur M. Mann.

Word Cloud for "The Boer in Peace and War"

This book was authored by Arthur M. Mann.
Area, genre or subject: Manners and customs -- South Africa.

The Bag of Words In "The Boer in Peace and War" (Main Words):

mounted kruger near shooting rinderpest nachtmaal show invariably suspicious naturally chary concerning certainly often years common mistake black known cases suit clothes allowed children sunday become british difficulty orange white families considerable undoubtedly connection view possibly killed life came hold bring ignorance educated makes decided simply somewhat already characteristic sufficient times trouble front rest settled tried entire occurred seemed proportion regarded hand conversation pair brings sometimes clerk continues hard hundred agricultural doing thinks possess strong idea takes gets extreme making form else part scotsman horse person unless effect knowledge generality considering either locusts green generally room sleep comes almost price took engaged again doubt extent means given friends read interesting pounds concern back supposed everything sense year used quite satisfy income obtain yearly head poor season wives women countries further less exactly appearance stores kaffirs across called service last possible things feeling face love meantime member attention mealies looking standing attend congregation organ traveller commercial mealie fruit

waggons farm oxen nature care advantage deal still difficulties cannot mere natives business serious enough present seldom small perhaps different towards regard volksraad both amount education just wanted along position instance eyes point better majority tell believe sort occasionally thing necessary opinion during evidently wants money half something taking full large seem give hands think republics goes story coffee horses average want behind possession shoot save days paul general piet

from with long boer wool family house president dutch church cattle waggon over boers chapter know will take some time when certain your other does there that probably been down first native latter himself into these could only have always although without little which would before then upon where make this knows matter such very than must people their they after might more them great those farmer never prefers look free were fact farmers number left being least between looked should found englishman made english what also merely every come like much about desire whole against question account even another usually transvaal good most many likes because until seems well mind said town while within three once state merchant stock place nothing country best same anything englishmen whose rather find particular themselves case away order vrouw under each burghers government young

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