Word Cloud for "Rambles and Recollections of an Indian Official" by William Sleeman.

Word Cloud for "Rambles and Recollections of an Indian Official"

This book was authored by William Sleeman. (1788 - 1856)

Area, genre or subject: India -- Description and travel.

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The Bag of Words In "Rambles and Recollections of an Indian Official" (Main Words):

cook violent dispute daily quiet walking resolved exercised tent blow swallowed clock midnight loved orphan expenses saving stolen nobody flew despotic infancy anger outrage poison atone reverenced daughters devolves parent subsequent preference follows delighted mischief witness recover princess endeavour subdue bind essential prey mental imbecility average territorial unfit wind hours streams beneath painful remembered conscious fulfilled kindness neglected widows shop ascertain recollected shopkeeper sitting suit identical afternoon hearing insisted compare rebellion familiar dress phrase pour seats promised model london frequented ruling notable institution colleges invariably directed task success corrupt alluvial studded innumerable abruptly sheet rivers tendency beds mark descended crossing cultivation jungle ornamental dreary peacock stick host assembled dogs peacocks poured enclosed lately urge perpetuate absence railway beaten variously lkhand regulations seemingly indurated brown shaken indicated basalt cross devoid dust autumn sign miserable guard scene dynasty choose suggested sward atmosphere shrub sentries contents geological concluded answer horses wounded plundered begged boundary limited protected external draws legitimate gibbon specimens fairly grinding tens ruled imaginations secret responsibility ends runs interval glacis stages debris rocks uniform edge figure facing extends arches surmounted rapid vindhya basaltic diffused deposited holding surrendered competitor distinguished abandoned resentment unsuccessful gohad closely devolved trap manual geology strongly mean amounted pleasing completely secluded observation lofty buddhist antiquities inscriptions alexander surprising reforms valued lent golden gupta stationed accurate rises varies main broken towers massive hindu attracted rests writers conclusion believing deccan traced sketch writer refers theory ltutmish summary based chronicles kings surrender khan originally captured promoted supplied travelled egypt humble lasted daulat limits terminated herbert severely thornton exchange june massacred content prison unhappy narrative refer manucci poisoned paternal uncle victim storia splendour introduced connexion facts histories titles defeat imprisonment preceding teach succeeds viceroys wait delay desert ability firm defect fortunate sword principality exception holds primogeniture accustomed inferior preventing landed wisdom avail leases maintaining elders count collectively baron ages estates resources imposed stronger attendance crushed undertake alter desirable slip putting organized contribute defended assuredly contribution suited ruler trained calculated depends essentially distributed legislative advancement promote leader excuse alike ships weather constantly enforce happens break forth deemed rural sudden endowed kingdoms surviving predatory sympathy heartily detest gathered serving disorders indulging sporting securing convert learnt forefathers aggressions increasing spirits flock standard crowned ambitions youngest baksh striking race opposed authors accession ordinarily experience constituted legal restrictions incessant existed voluntary offers reply drilled elsewhere furnish authorized basis gratuitously distribution enlightened hordes lending employing waiting contributed expensive flourished final exists multitudes labourers previous appendix grades translated diodorus yields plenty accepted statements recovery need simplicity comfort individual structure annexed owing failure foregoing played nadir haste tribute news asylum jewels intimation arrest consent notions mouths drove requisite establish footing assassinated greek forming jumla ball mine carats policy afghan defence hastings joining liked crush incident quarrel effort extend depredations extended acquire display auspices regularly yielding oldest raghugarh attachment nepalese costs badly gross tolerably collections attach recruits eleven guns descriptions festival band successfully undertaking dream commit strike ambition intervals carrying slabs comforts comfortable animal vegetable enrich harvest lets backs lowest miseries grow ride caught living seventy alias petty slope shops rarely allow kindly communicated stopped owners calling tells practices rites nineteenth numbered measuring intention storm painted store apartment pilgrimages vishnu reports intelligent castes shrewd companions ravines descend dark travelling rushed thunder lightning managed spare cleared moon laden utility safe motion chambal baiza extremity camels pretend risk bribe avoid attending capacity deprive proceedings shut sharp keeping dressed elephants please consult infinitely dozen telling deserved hunted prohibited showed killing abstains attained stipulated walk piece miniature streets manners creature declares gratitude acknowledge dependent creed freestone arabic sees development refuge attitude absolute retire ultimately changes difficulties commissions sound brahman orthodox notorious current wild hinduism frontispiece electricity sandy tied begin bamboo convey isle settle disputes adjoining stream belonged ears losing everybody derive truly flower smaller cease clearly describe exquisitely admire flowers herself audience avenue play churches stucco resembles unfinished literally occasional silver importance commenced blown consort amidst heavenly fortifications panels exquisite probable relief admired deserve stories seeds dies seed eaten noted whereas dutch treatment cherish february sepulchre arjumand deceased epitaph cenotaph historians testimony materials enclosure inlay fortified bordeaux wholly turkish distinct indicate complete arch affair barbarous errors fergusson describes courtyard perfectly pure aided park inadequately introduction curious amongst papers german writing elizabeth deeds arising supreme stealing burn plundering sole burning pull encouraged expense distress dare courtiers possess suspected universal contrived situations permission hired pretence mutual attacked arrows balls imagination destinies apparent barbarously strangled messenger sanction heir thirteen monsieur agree factory disappeared superstructure christianity modes physical octagonal examples carefully guarded restoration branch besides quit appointment suspicion accused solar contemporary fight accounts fate victims sultan clause cemetery exist chapel closed college artillery fathers godby satisfy delivered heirs inclined ourselves mixed conversed deficient ideas express introduce idol practical amusing opium agent join cantonments complained agents ignorance consented fancy roasted tartars sick perfect devil burst mistake expressed robbing announce laughed message preserved offending legends control husain corruption arabian acted council administered deference chinese summarized assistants generation nobles watering brackish narrow shrine cloth recommended divide repair fortune america presidency metcalfe arrangement commissioner annexation fragments record wonder englishmen advice promise foster double exclusive hast drawing quotation judgement pleasures breach outrages capture daring doors borrow amounting inspired admirable voice creator siva believes fazl charity dedicated study permit adequate lines wealthy belt diminishing loaded discharged sink acting hence angry undertook females shared mission victory unbelievers mecca matters problem describing blessed sending exposure inside bond opening grade diminution marching senior staff amil urged train hesitate profession expose brow trooper furnished undue disgraceful leaders hoped gratis englishman improvement licentious arose labours monastic pressure misprinted joined seventh laya mountains demon pressed groom burthen gregory shape bharat ceylon seated pray size herd ignorant attributed grown drunk magnificence brick worst ventured adorned meeting aside capitals embellish link forgotten lame adopt apprehend plate schools actual nominal memoirs veracity savage chain prevail induce spoken taxes distinguish listen superintendence impunity tribunals judges deeply prevails offering presiding oaths released motive puts perjured check examined refuse questioned fourths press deliberately temptations levy virtues extensive attacks abilities expedition hailed conqueror tolerated regimental excite deceive sorry instance wise archbishop passions patrician inevitable whig tory constant contempt excited suppression hardened johnson appealed diminished subjected beloved manufactures licence forest majority bonds megasthenes virtue exceeding goods door continually dine administrative undoubtedly irish severe post recent zealous fund landholder thirds watered science parched centuries assessment freebooters inasmuch populace scientific convenient girl accept escaped illustration borders representative zpur stuck extending characteristic applicable sources physician profit transit pieces construction issue issued patrol intermediate watch climate insolence insolent preserve accordance levied interposition attached singular benefited grateful creatures planter denuded guarantee resume falling deed writes exemption conversations graceful flights sacrifice falls comparatively labourer amount attempted lessee cheap risen statistics madras reader favoured keeps nineveh remaining converted populous reduce desertion extension hasan divisions receiving request edward decided retaining management grounds moderate assassins purchasing monthly handsomely pilgrim functionaries grace confinement songs april addressed shore earl thence retreat victories evident govind slow worshippers throwing flesh processions flow repeat rates graves thuggee talents inscribed totally consist colonnades archaeology thee august volumes earliest wrought fleet wooden delightful disciple dagger orpheus paradise assign dish actions claimed historian doctors samarkand recently tartar winter absent convince adam prophets safdar principles safely murders inquest perpetrators trial professional sessions decide favourites cane feast arrival eminent satisfaction elements deputy universally singers dancers disease table battalion boxes begum baskets dyce walter reinhard sumroo commander proceeding fires remit brigade lash flogging rattan irreconcilable involuntary goddess

parents abuse quietly submit quantity circumstance apply lying remedy woman fast bears mild degrees youth founder proud arms sufficiently transferred child female responsible widow supposing reverence persuade resign freely ministers heavy principle salutary sensible industrious naturally absolutely utterly bones advance scenes necessarily associated recollection remember thinking occasions vain forthwith neighbouring laid requested opened spite failed trace horrible allahabad attempts obstacles render degree spring manifest remote cover wide tends traveller sooner stage rents farmer sale treasury agricultural plains fruit corn grain working understood strange birds reaching easy shot shoot heart travellers contains whence exposed proprietor ancestors wherever moved swept recovered quality yield talk walked farmers total lease formation black cotton passes strictly shooting cares manufacture practised liberally annually trouble fourteen repose occasionally bearing internal approach grass appearance occupy wretched considers permanent enormous extent looked pitched reported thieves brass respects clothes move help worse belongs belonging resides affairs merchants collect protect camps collection surround purposes industry midst justly highly estimate fair david represented governed expected quarter level base height rock bold figures looks fresh finished minarets ocean suddenly partly strength forces invested captain extraordinary prisoner claims banks rare remark readers frequent although spot aware garh subdivision improved begun asiatic gate deep gates image largest including favourable moghal coloured notice survey series transition fragment discussed records paper coins events defeated performed james november december career treated impossible retired enjoyment conferred france brief restored slight contest prove interesting venture dangerous calls simply shikoh meaning historical occupies robbed divided finds succession natural confidence peaceful attribute wars reigning scarcely nerbudda hereditary reference regarding feudal plan rely assurance school individuals accident else combined collected municipal manufacturing depended gradation commission commands willing dared surprised instances result necessity fertility article employ afraid ruins courage swords deprived invaded slightest rules decline raise prevented spend useless elephant disposition threatened engaged offer prospect marched viceroy respective unite ascended compelled moghul hindustan concerning exact authorities equivalent destruction dates style evils formal campaign happily income slaves shows pair slavery simple china therefore saved various abolished domestic sixth royal granted distinction enemy inhabitants effects explanation societies foundation space bombay action confirmed printed diamond belong properly oriental mountain exciting ahmad cavalry retained seized driven sought concealed demanded pretended deposed elder unoffending escape frontier ranjit singh assist march massacre stay relied blind detail proved weight repeated difference dreadful involved grand immediate interpose neighbours prepared glory funeral precisely privilege proceeded yielded infested tribes turned welfare existence glad corps murderers habit guide offerings foreign sixteen minute crossed anywhere shade gods draw entire paying trade indispensably resident mention successor million pounds woods earlier regarded prosecution priests write exceedingly agreeable pretty rain vault heaven quickly cold beautifully threw dinner fallen seasons ornament reality improve impression bridge bentinck across mango fear conviction atrocious published fellow penal advanced shopkeepers evidently arrived infinite permitted music mounted fond highness descendants trying eating steps ladies respectability claim debt mosques worked calcutta constructed measures gangs prisoners recorded minor ranks serious powerful portrait business larger gardens quadrangle architectural memory architecture queen flight letters mosaic attendants designed pious apartments secretaries prophet front secular area finest inlaid precious neighbourhood fathpur colour palaces austin integrity wonderful salary produced broke price assured addition refused considering covers whenever empress hatred inflicted related bernier alive devotion assemble represent comes marks alleged hall capable site ruin credit neglect cared books beauty observes dancing sadly fail crown grants ones carved sleeman occur list richly remarkable frederick competent spoke fire additional merits affections revenge worship sense love involve situation danger supernatural talking drew crowd drop nephew invited sister mode fourth approached measure entrusted objects perform christians shown gained readily october catholic govardhan krishna taught arts languages indians intercourse opinions speaking countrymen owed proposed knowing faithful dear amiable board accompanied parties regulation cast instruction rupee department demands charles contained jodh wives brave valley pilgrimage strikes praise christ roof fault containing jurisdiction garrison proper mistaken consisted scale masters rendering somewhat siege hath compared pronounced beat archaeological detailed reputation points sort soul utter peculiar surely generals cutting wants tenth armed infantry dismissed tumed tended sailors metal acts martial incarnation island false demons resumed conquest learning satisfied boys cattle grave tank efforts causes drink hearts conceived thoughts divine souls taste affection invite sikhs subordinate strict honest punished ficus hundreds punish justice acquired punishments oath deliberate declare tone efficient opportunities violence admit esteem rome practice discover declaring sepoy perjury offence medium disgraced becoming offences happiness minds odious sell interested blessings largely practically twice stations servant complain sentenced mistress meerut thinks jubbulpore habits girls converts obtain organization indirect taxation collectors planting plant proprietors bullocks generations chosen settlements governors example pargana wages discharge added sombre majesty pilgrims carr thug retain promotion ably dismissal abyss hell unto abolition sadr sardhana battalions flogged pensioners drill commissioned

chapter relations between children before left with thing almost though very handsome unable bear longer upon first took water then time struck towards said would leave having passed declared that which hitherto over prevailed much difficulty take quarters wife five small given thought from lady about large late were told eight found tried every without their some generally daughter lived soon could save enough money always this little young right those have into excellent character among good been less perhaps mother becomes defend judge human certainly become most when beyond certain spirit guilty discovered taken till last poor only might there part where sons they classes desire feel duty marriage entirely whom alone them through united rights duties bound together considered does ever family held property death neither present occasion even private still more sovereign ought himself often obliged great deal power country bring order prevent doing thus known many like destroyed enjoy society hold these during exercise dominion behind live seem anxious women secure make world believe serve wish remain altogether conduct public government under whose prince native india will tell countries govern must servants innocent influence state powers born reduced such speak sometimes well however quite evening bank against rising mind back brothers john early days enjoyed pass life never visit person went purchased twenty worth fine europe paid rupees saying should whether wished keep whole require same return just going wanted came leaving master four next looking seeing signs changed while exactly after story taking come editor possibly note nothing than lost english opposite gets truth people think know force european officials indian find works book author down point least mere lord being institutions princes provide special remove home purpose kinds difficult cases considerable word form lior plain once forty miles village rich soil kingdom vast lake sandstone hills rise cultivated surface green immense course other everywhere rather hardly consider either relieved river enter territories villages communities greater produce goes capital salaries again land reside necessary because chief takes what establishments nowhere scattered trees chiefly face near road around another made close white followed term applied terms tents several fields asked killed since here religions regard cause effect members sufficient salt earth distance brought outside passing below removed leaves want pointed place beautiful grove interest army groves parts merely name hindoos lands times crops town stand cultivators seemed faith observed honourable both year feeling covered especially likely tavernier persian merchant hindoo called raised british persons revenue settlement hundred planted states iron also stood police side presence cannot places within dominions sindhia particularly makes officer house best built splendid revenues long concentrated forward pleasure residence free muhammadan thrown usually began gang really themselves valuable horse proof garden blessing portion species court something better evil camp subject party gentlemen lies twelve robbers walls able send your look indeed question described nature spent maintenance employed enemies military according lives dread mutiny establishment protection moment whatever expect formed situated strong eyes rule past disposed advantages governments history rulers governor fortress stands mile half east running three feet above kind foot central round line extremely square different wall eastern each throne standing along hill consists single muhammad noble apparently read date building work required stones seems usual passages southern fort distant mass common hard range throughout manner similar seen ganges immediately turn celebrated sovereigns muhammadans emperor troops successful afterwards fell hands command major brother general itself confined died estate estimated annual value succeeded years northern mentioned text visited officers ground journey western served referred agra city north population cities fully understand description actually ordered encamped volume original principal famous length full ancient appears noticed buildings buried millions execution ordinary england period persia knowledge upper south entrance middle palace numerous ready fall forms sect frequently seven mosque later crowded stone surrounding observations relation highest doubt spread sixty entitled origin notes chapters reign names greatest slave reigned correct king written thomas inscription battle father akbar rose west thousand commonly supposed gallant services rank empire cost nearly century returned january founded service grant gives chiefs give account sold regiment settled high until created title nine particular devoted second office george occupied continued remained circumstances modern territory stated emperors delhi imperial kept eldest shall characters fifteen allowed following presented easily follow bengal rest useful real equally civil provision unless paramount lest future aristocracy depend plunder regular seize filled hopes security idea administration personal criminal feelings greatly attempt younger supported feels means eternal everything laws condition direct rendered stock maintained division support existing case invasion fidelity change sides independent derived opinion favour authority nation became felt honour assigned secured possession rude thereby head offices hand priest commercial appointed employment armies tenure soldiers none interests class peace fought care subsistence seat liable carried away community crime kill followers heard moral political provinces finding seek conquered maintain composed hope lose attended progress established continue gentleman wealth attention proportion branches thousands hear fifty commanded meet persuaded third beginning committed attack surrounded coming entered assumed prime placed illustrated consequently fact courts member remarks system local further executed benefit view labour nations supply incomes higher religion concentration roman orders subjects enable equal number educated used church exclusively blood popular passage included custom william official provided clear drawn deserted thirty district already otherwise important gave fixed charge murder friend room received sent intended resided station liberal pension sikh province superior true leading named marquis except completed field advantage consequence districts rent season regiments peasantry colonel adopted deity share robber respectable circle circles notion afford houses tree shelter dead returns roads possible suffer sight months details report formerly call information letter dated believed open learn show reason birth increase thugs morning yards disciples temples latter fill hour reached things requires reach lpur tend magnificent short returning suppose anything food sure loss happen witnesses source conceal getting magistrate judicial indignation odium religious search night gone chance receive others pleased minister caste position former company increased matter pride worthy remains families demand respect tombs wrote edition social gradually throw replied says sacred appear punishment dome appeared done gateway centre marble civilized tomb slab husband learned words holy knew mankind giving build mausoleum natives pillars design thou version instead married motives favourite connected probably statement evidence erected disgrace rate lower caused light quoted gold jumna destroy education rode obtained acquainted happened murdered kutb making happy determined ceased christian europeans prayers merit separate occurred operations conversation ashamed seldom language wishes suffered knows month oudh commanding collector wells shaikh eighty heads attend saint customs belief towns admitted bharatpur payment desired offered bodies sepoys tower landholders friends numbers carry soldier active alluded articles enabled body object recognized temple french falsehood discipline opportunity magistrates crimes sentence purchase fraser tughlak pillar vaisseau corporal

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