Word Cloud for "Jean Francois Millet" by Estelle M. (Estelle May) Hurll.

Word Cloud for "Jean Francois Millet"

This book was authored by Estelle M. (Estelle May) Hurll. (1863 - 1924)

Area, genre or subject: Millet, Jean Fran├žois, 1814-1875.

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The Bag of Words In "Jean Francois Millet" (Main Words):

making single showing peculiar child words unlike artists directly landscape beside human grew larger hold wide effects sunset capable neither qualities think belonged practice point things whole important beyond standing space religious because interesting points worked clothing itself perfectly carefully canvas drawn outlines move prayer suggested towards books since death written friend english following history modern knew special afterwards several instead museum sewing sold charcoal whom finally american customs visit summer second province tree short churning hard labor farm gifts grow dressed kind soft shade caps nearly wooden rests cannot help shadow lesson girls taught themselves families opening middle seat doll takes bends mind white does hair herself length idea glimpse probably deep walls looks stands wall john andrew sure know meet appear illustration studies somewhat distance group houses ways sides childhood kept wife open sweet grown draws runs shaped mouth understand hear sacred seemed voice keep flock green follows eyes black thing cape shape golden chapter built roof forth find times note sacks bell word hymn loved brother course firm circle giving birds younger tied care spot went begins wheat direction thou thought cream butter

jean working show character easily paint nothing impression seems perfect became part once scene during different morning filling found himself something effect rather composition power gleaners gives goes ground remarkable quite never less entire thus subjects form simple motion fancy above common moment seem walk another general familiar later altogether described works various carries corresponding again bought after ville studio winter lies france known water norman true near felt years makes nature already down wear heavy carry basket head full task turns busy almost least pretty perhaps building shows take high father bird world house level under should gentle coarse lamp turn comes strange said beginning before dooryard come hour edge children broad square fields harvest shoulder milk

millet collection pictures portrait with they french peasant subject only many that life both women together between there study home from most also artistic taken this were made carbon ment artist painter other have same even those when could what would upon which side into figure earth well light early angelus woman each though more painting these first beauty shepherdess expression than always make people look their place field beautiful every great brought them work figures picture called about through sometimes been while some painted such give long fine lines strong much like sower seed hand potato will then footnote large country family going time where knitting drawing small exhibited hands salon feeding over here being church still three seen sheep barbizon very along peasants little door village left young plain among print against across just girl face close must mother window good stone holds often enough used garden line back right carried grain

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