Word Cloud for "Profiles from China" by Eunice Tietjens.

Word Cloud for "Profiles from China"

This book was authored by Eunice Tietjens. (1884 - 1944)

Area, genre or subject: China -- Poetry.

The Bag of Words In "Profiles from China" (Main Words):

china people spirit american river chair ride take orient strange evil side half know confucius many faces full darkness open still eight down below silk life feel presence been sharp three children shall hair stiff young smile steel than mission every make peking fifth seven

hand well bridge shop woman chinese sacred mountain dragon british shanghai made under long cold should clean yellow then upon place pass black moves what perhaps through time living dead world sits body beside something even were factory move

from city wall scarlet heaven your cannot eyes small like hands with little that over between which they only when will great have wusih their face about behind back brown above this blue them here white there among feet where before these green very

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