Word Cloud for "The Brighton Boys with the Flying Corps" by James R. [pseud.] Driscoll.

Word Cloud for "The Brighton Boys with the Flying Corps"

This book was authored by James R. [pseud.] Driscoll.
Area, genre or subject: Fighter planes -- Piloting -- Juvenile fiction.

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The Bag of Words In "The Brighton Boys with the Flying Corps" (Main Words):

black table joined powerful serious received proud helped hearts enthusiasm entered uncle several experiences former gradually upward commenced piece growing played slight figure size unusually questions slowly glanced returned else replied play necessary itself counts expect frisbie seeing trouble since result keen year hide finest bright crossed ideal center dashed particular grouped spirit merely love dear academy special hangar says class benson truly distant lived slightest suggestion letter frequently contained forth standing carried familiar train rarely moved friends usually habit showing answer forget knows gets generally suggested exactly produce promised considerable broke conversation bunch lose indeed spot circle airmen scheme weeks studied step individual details weight talking nearly everything huge grounds carefully officers commented meet pass leaf shoulder folks sister remark thoroughly instead greatest duty account keenness phelps scout cannot begun grasp likely happen reason world evidence plans drawn detail rose allowed care leaving delight week advised wish anxious reported past suited soft report afraid lads horror brave camp failed built spare parts afternoon sergeant plugs twice different suit direction placing bigger particularly willing required extra dark power mechanics macpherson speaking plenty needed drink rapidly closer turning chap whatever free spend thick various becoming aeroplanes somewhere noticed dive graceful suffered nasty wrecked awful youngsters seem understand wants ought damage doubt jumped careful fate instructor tuning sunday during surprise slipped arrived discussed remarked worse makes herself passenger move catch putting looks plan moments roar dreamed beat sufficient higher swing wonderful caused question heading opened direct genuine utterly frame lifted desire wait points loop practice aviator series lucky seems undecided name settled trial chosen flew green slightly gently greater bring chassis hoped losing relief forward searching gained surely proven evening pressed meant others strain lead months sorts factories station expected welcome late escaped either observers base daily positions single driving bringing aviators fleet mess strange development beginning england accomplished dropping artillery hover certainly minute archies armed necessity carrying hundreds pounds bombs propeller aerial spinning climbing human score comes surprised upper usual rear floor hidden bullets mechanism blade passing thousands safe imagine allow occupants leading dull explosive bursting yards suddenly landed appeared assigned attacked attack pieces stopped instructions signal probably circling signs circled fourth shed area accounted threw curiously triplane range stuck ditch confidence keeping body approaching death approached carry rude hiding holland folk sharp guide belgian food combined dump raid destruction

corps stood beside among whom small large people mother deep letters deschamps swift plain read number already years planned heart manner within face showed quick finished least quiet added glad town subject knowledge brother attached army latest actually tall wide sudden downward level waited spread shut wanted sight friend together become exciting store none regular held talked beyond placed dozen times lots hurt fairly book raised splendid hours wonder spite mere motor does stay half finally shot scene guard construction possibility watched inside happened discovered grace eight eager worth older talk learn mighty whether maybe running walked nearer marker appearance voice struck need reach pleased sense life hope missed hangars neither coming room spoke couple someone kept pair sufficiently working anyone dinner burst glance general headquarters experience named busy thus picked airman elevator wires believe form nose earth white tail broken smashed easy light touch making often goes badly suppose sooner pilots perhaps final possible mean engines experienced height wheels adams till arrival ahead chief early turn feel land perfect poor landing drew followed used climb speed fifteen course munition wing english allied firing position bombing mounted fuselage able selected fixed luck dead road woman shells field managed looped story headed shell dived quickly lost door certain hedge evidently lewis americans fifty taking safely triplanes

brighton boys with flying chapter squadron will type jimmy hill looked down morning which been interested long before hands save from fight young french louis whose brought france father colonel fighting line interest high fellows school until they knew them fire could drop that made those tried after time should into without every ready were just many when service front their close still more come some american other gone good became almost ever home distance then hard rather would have found always well thought quite back went once waiting again enough what very fair idea seemed want something machines real must done thing this work most give hear place miles turned where over aircraft above take look gave great only seen aeroplane really sort called upon harry news told machine german worked under behind there around known felt reached even about moment fact little like themselves much caught archie another further dicky mann both heard first things haines know going than rest except head away having such never while took part start being near each clear himself actual said twenty best might airdrome asked tell along lines group watch here decided study attention means days seven find taken looking through came these began three night hold planes engine point though house keep ground think right corwin spent soon officer major call sent doing less make country flier better stepped toward hand your mind british game anything help last chance next getting same eyes fine minutes later full feeling watching fell stores soldiers round guess answered realized feet word fellow fast parks matter passed left biplane control hardly apparently plane trying pilot seat learned started pretty four side hour nothing sure fliers flight given across pulled whole climbed leave between show short hundred straight against sound dropped thousand boche hunters germans observation boches guns five enemy observer second commander fired hunter below parker richardson clouds carleton

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