Word Cloud for "The Pearl Story Book" by Mrs. (Pamela Chandler) Colman.

Word Cloud for "The Pearl Story Book"

This book was authored by Mrs. (Pamela Chandler) Colman. (A Collection of Tales, Original and Selected - 1799)

Area, genre or subject: 1865.

The Bag of Words In "The Pearl Story Book" (Main Words):

spend chapter window forced across angel sweep pleasant bird gleaner fill corn delighted doing fields covered something whose wonderful early last loved used think sorrowful suffered soon fond cried birds taking full turned music sounded half hands head listened seemed better fell happiness room pair look even ground gathered year night still first family round bade wings also christian wilt here dost sweet white flowers begged ride back received certainly drove dressed learn fine city looking door black spoke true organ next along soldier dancing standing till cannot care sorry going same seen touched without other find tell send until hard make replied having meal grass

winter mount monk nest near church happy became morning things given shone bright such shall many lived among towards read beautiful most heard summer grew often heart love eyes away tears every time asked under home once continued nothing leave those should dear raised feet might filled hand help open thee take thing wife charley

little about young came kind doves made their child karen shoes dance over willy with much poor tony miller which very mill were when like they from some hear before more good great there these went because mother then that ever would never large took this said been what just stood looked upon down into them where thought come could long through children only knew will have thou must gave well your lady give people than after danced know father brown

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