Word Cloud for "Four Famous American Writers: Washington Irving, Edgar Allan Poe," by Sherwin Cody.

Word Cloud for "Four Famous American Writers: Washington Irving, Edgar Allan Poe,"

This book was authored by Sherwin Cody. (James Russell Lowell, Bayard Taylor - A Book for Young Americans)

Area, genre or subject: 1868.

The Bag of Words In "Four Famous American Writers: Washington Irving, Edgar Allan Poe," (Main Words):

contents river childhood british ships turn born destined william helped cause doing george followed south barely stand teacher telling besides distant particularly signed boat driven romance beauties footnote experienced sloop length sufficient trunk actually worked slowly stream forget view wide purple returning warm sister invited travelers caught drew pleasant occasion farther explain quiet declared further traveled company answer formed manner wandered older distinction polished descended mile walls charge except forth start humorous numbers continued fifteen experience gentleman talked hands dressed either notice independent order grave supposed pair silver considered included struck comic peter begun younger merely vessel walter broad breeches covered produced governor feet heavy hour carefully leaves thick viii edition fair easy attention youngest ship sell taking chance passed opposed news biography person cabin glad military secretary expedition liverpool cloud ruin difficulties added dozen acquainted intimate boyhood gives delightful truly impression coming thinking murray scene legend handsome edited note subject taught playing share thee finds pictures folks melancholy vain bear less latter bachelor wild fear suddenly intended interested spain attracted materials ancient highest greatly moorish palace delighted society gold absence alhambra brown fortunes mystery built lord scenes lost speaking spite room midnight tour stars pleasing walked abroad truth cottage considerable raise eight associate confidence laws faithful hill bryant holmes winning quietly appear comes probably composed possible rules syllables whatever verses david baltimore daughter thrown fashioned settled seldom walk belonged toward spoke private date opened rich term figures fortune affection attempt advised printer suggested help future case waiting academy students copied manuscript prize extract personal becoming clung begin autumn heaven terror teach soul intellectual dream delicate position clemm loss gradually musical maiden reason angels criticisms salary articles penn higher happiness looks fully single begins send amount sorrow rare principle knows bells shaw draft stanzas notes horace greeley delivered lecturing strength auburn trees front fresh road pure blue generally guess toast president especially worth chosen thoughts somewhat puts mean successful prose field regular slavery wunt guvener scarcely climb quaker bankers store calls kennett chester moved farm desire twelve afternoon incident egypt nile

writers voyage hudson city head although everything henry prepared cared care named town north across grew brothers liked tried favorite experiences introduction sketch imagination exactly office certain deal white described enjoyed wonderful complete words board delight foot above around effect themselves deep trip friendship afterwards fell engaged memory clear keep indian looking pretty beside drawn face getting feelings names means stopped entered asked understand caused placed minister miles forty believe thus visited enjoy nine idea proved publisher editors maintained determined saying diedrich entirely right giving weeks publish does piece square collected works youth used knickerbocker picture started change master east seek passage call wore remarkable itself important court interesting success wished failed public neither obliged earn appointment live greater scott distinguished different lady saturday charming publishing pleasure interest simple sleepy ordinary form periodical represented least reader beyond fellow whenever children surrounded perfect human discovered thou want carry various evidently thing everybody gone sitting travel publication european serious volumes america literature degree fifty kingdom describes show common within sold reach open wind earth filled window summer original seven speaks dickens proud feeling weird fame principles really fable similar detective else tells philadelphia marriage speak instead boys studied behind latin character fact chiefly carried alone leave free natural boston therefore west point weekly round rest essay sound line secret none annabel winter proprietor better word makes sense poets hear verse vote elmwood village harvard yankee parson together grand hopes wilbur german

four famous american washington irving edgar allan james russell lowell bayard taylor book young story chapter first last years life later europe five hundred dollars were their back over general would soon york while true this happy little great father been very until after long then taken family went there could whom when himself about which might often sent them from they took made mind into your hand gave that become write those days only small place where lived afterward though seem here with school kept became fond name never always stories robinson read many books found able some fine what eyes myself literary seems have written house even knew hard study sort seemed full began spent more time than published writing series letters printed morning writer journey year left land visit married early several said good times before poetry make under look number between friends much through along down most shall upon part away thousand sometimes other almost against friend like finally love death perhaps greatest during black night find again three says came same immediately appeared another take both rather half longer wife quite having wish goes will kind called among french going home amusing give told english nothing looked seen once doubt nearly author decided returned brother people should ever such making money paid thought description heart country business evening following since heard letter side editor enough paper still return history work whose learned account bright writes dutch best popular real wrote being entitled already something spirit must high states also course know bought without just strange living england reached tell every feel offered united brought think beginning london next things these reading cannot each world known received well poor short others large come bring tales mother second anything months volume given whole remained beautiful dark felt stood john loved dear hope charles died near poem poetic longfellow poems because lines music poet girl child college till nature virginia sweet southern magazine remember biglow mary ambition hosea northern

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