Word Cloud for "Modern India" by William Eleroy Curtis.

Word Cloud for "Modern India"

This book was authored by William Eleroy Curtis. (1850 - 1911)

Area, genre or subject: India.

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The Bag of Words In "Modern India" (Main Words):

william invasion ghat prayer portrait fattehpur pundits chamber banyan nowadays continuous owners industrious majority birds entertain move games cricket evening deck insisted coming necklaces emeralds fingers blazing rivalry occurs barbaric paper trunks bags bunch fancy granted guilty weather warm wind breeze captain finding spending lords sixth anywhere descended brothers manufacturers tents uniforms african picking intelligent enterprising honorable assume easily dinner pleasant commander color athletic older baby strict consideration infant succeed proclaimed confirmed accompanied gratifying generosity asylums refuge friendless fountains missions wealthy integrity selling empty conferred petit occupants dropped rise concealed villas pile approaches dock apartment monstrous hospitable club difficulty contrast surround inclose formidable defense shot cathedral palatial contributions contain captured visitor view wonders beneath guns russians coast battle visiting decrease cairo arrangements landing ship marked certificate recover noticed ammunition strictly owner tools precaution additional regiments sixteen luggage piled baskets inspectors gangs sikh planned growth improve harbor build piers accommodation matters neighboring loyal honest greatly gathered arrived vivid stalwart ninety manual loads erection mortar weight erect prefer bricks rings noses bands ears pierced disposed burn fountain bathing spots skin orange blue wound pair purple fashion costume professor carries determined tall hats infinite varieties abode easy agents hidden sumptuous floors cement curtains combined compete parliament washington shaded boulevard ocean mixture gothic ample stretch soft boughs shade starting camp landscape midst inside elphinstone postoffice surmounted huge critics principles accurate till retained zeal speaking patriotic gift maharajah john benevolent residents star lotus felt incidents affection sympathy hired inscription younger brother statue satisfied asiatic existed nineteenth collections literature luxurious secretaries maintains style salary bodyguard turbans drives squad join knows bungalow grove term stay tropical noonday breakfast calling govern card start parties week reception excellency invitations designed sign express delivered instructions adhere exclusive invisible consequences approved distinct europeans dirty densely brick overhanging unknown rays attempts introduce door eaves exterior fanciful leather copper adornments satisfaction specimens distinctive prejudices tear suggested vice portions health eminent element perform trust undertake penny compensation expenses plans assumed powers tracts model interested extension march continual increasing yards realized epidemics contagious diseases relieve swarm pack drawing indifferent cook york import rents justify implements ditches handle uses machinery saving encouragement surplus employing numbered controlled guest cultivated delighted discovered satan privilege imagination happened divine origin reverence keen inclined reform freight starts tank shelves satisfy somebody talk compel pretext costs answer landlord prepared beef cows vegetables bread though cooking losing clean assist prepare stable break relate prove aryan brown protestants islam communicate lazy dignity touch charm kindly choose experienced excuse saying sending pleasures idle excursions conventional platforms summit dense tourist boats concrete step lest climb lands backsheesh retired keeping demon jungles poisonous artificial granite sustained gigantic holds adorned hangs sacrifices straight mouth inferior base details architect pictures capable fashionable chisel citizen sculptured indicate jewel descriptions colonies governments jurisdiction overcome seventy jesuit preached kingdom ecclesiastical magnificence grandeur competition struggle shrine snow boundary fifth nations grade watered rain moisture melting snows survey statement conception separate buddhists tract drained falls indeed produces sugar palms farming municipalities agriculture laborers beggars barbers makers fish cane matting seeds betel beads chewing tobacco trays skins dark traces impression abundant production wretched affected hunger double estimate varies comfortless annually settled forth enforcement obtaining copy sends examination prohibit vessels possession space twice created poverty coal deposits encouraging traffic passing earners incomes mechanics endured facts satisfactory seasons eighteenth worst severely restored accurately laboring peasant fought gradual based grants owned invaders regulated productive advantages growers planted count seriously article exported tons worked imported citizens refined washing placing weighing pound girdles wrought ceremonial counted quantities leaf ranks appreciation usefulness owing pity trace descent garlands gaikwar covers afford carpet collar consisting inch sets brave rope princely rubies guarded battalion savage efficient daytime wander superb decoration walled amusement entertainment idol bears regard adviser store suspected declined bengal disclosed demands enforced discontent minister judgment escaped deposed conviction energy changed electric competent fled stables oxen mercantile mission courage independence superstitions wooden gate gayly playing music suspended innocent seats chair stir shawl nautches movements dance poetry reminded passage clad flowing shoulders threshold evidently diamond relieved couple masters procession clasped anxious broke fallen background opposite shaved explain approval coverings manners chosen throw bowls arose stretched escort sanskrit circle chance relatives tedious happy sing sects sought seventh fathers sublime remained theology persia accuracy treatment reside stripped exposed hungry ugly palm driving silence finger picked roadside torn reservoir adjust cultured convince clever prayers attendants bier flight extending strip completely proceedings bottom becomes spared firm believers theory creatures desk spiritual monkey monkeys occupying cottages remarkably gratified bamboo singing properly negotiations fuel agreement reduced claimed waters appeal rites supremacy disappeared innumerable worshipers speak phenomena rudyard traveled picture writers attends bringing intercession occur sensitive obey superstitious yield buddhism wisest words scholars caravan monastery ages sermons actions happiness suppression disappear attained harm crushed effort punished further establish dogs jain puts asylum feed creed difference intellectual teaches witness faithful blessings impressive spectacles spirits cakes portable tempting sharp sight bowed blankets sheets permission apart faculty minarets whereupon signal provisions feast monopoly cabinet review revenues governors hastings continues reforms criticised administrative criticisms assigned supervision purposes departments enjoys officially exercises ambassador raja provincial heroic measures boards collect committees mass habitual repeating philippine submitted alexander dancing extravagance imagine historical distinguishes help sustain fails promptly successor interference murder imprisonment administered convicted condemned attending complicated ministers adoption learn prevented supplied desired useless worthless characters discipline graduates princess problems doubtless charged worthy defend englishman studying difficulties responsibilities multitude stages draw candidates organize countrymen representatives masses assert disposition talent cunning determination salaries morality covenanted distinction scheme promoted unnatural examinations simplicity reasonable soldier knives thinks bunks insist complain forced attendant straw hard enable wire tanks forgotten anxiety securing concluded possibly charges allowing engineer limit supplies dying distributing existing leading terminus payment leased earnings connection requirements telegrams fertile height morals engineers marvelous ahmed pavilion ornamented minutes regularly saints colonnade domes convert threads occasion metal guilds sins perfection crumbling piles mausoleum illustration abandoned spelled jodpore carvings canopies thoughts obedience pyre stopped paradise yellow kipling arid gain squares uniform reminds whichever astride execution dyes paint startling squat sporting lead siwai madhao informed undertook influences capacity partially blow sincere nobility enduring dainty screens unique barbarous terrace breeding catch samples revered liberality female camels decorative tribute lean suppose bulls delights shop imposed beast rests endeavoring remote hunters wheels bars prisoner lose victims finds exceedingly bites charmers monks phipps laboratory research site subsidy bird acknowledged tiny dynasties rising undertaking assistance lift shut foliage unrivaled miniature seeking strongest fortress dates miracle pilgrim effect ruled frame fascinating alive gratify continue timour dynasty historians included sultan pilgrimage clothed garments seat christianity structures mosaic nadir suffer excluded career devotees separated individuals regarded added programme leader cawnpore untold thrust jumna sandstone diameter prisoners drunken grandest baths flowered peacocks silken paved surrounding favored materials arabic arch nevertheless sultana patronage significant majesty husbands murdered mothers runs inhabited description invaded sacked austin level believes performing majestic eighth moderate rotunda slabs gems guides mentioned clerks hermit testify rome quadrangle inclosure bowl doctrines alternate coarse expenditure quaint lucknow favorable arsenals excite blocked jade cares address national parrot writer exchange everyone graphic fortifications khyber appreciate kutab holiest wish however copies charity planting souls horrible starving universally sciences smiling purchase attractions physicians secret goddess kali legitimate carpenters tribe immemorial entering agree ratio sexes october novel allahabad protestant churches recreation battalions carpets intensely rainy communication profits june current northwest estate ignorance qualified management systems canals receipts stream altitude afridis hang russian agreed enlisted kitchener functions institutes temperance arrives floating muttra james instructed ignore deity holidays thoughtful seek indifference younghusband thibetans repulsive holiday gautama consumers indigo poppy

volume chicago published victoria ahmedabad mahal corner lama team audience barber botanical guests steamer mother play tables write guide ones chairs americans afternoon invited latest jewelry banquet seemed acquired traveling girl conspicuous represented close witnessed whenever belongs dress practice strong cool mostly becoming nation usual wedding waiting employes trying judge gained honors exactly points reputation loyalty responsibility responsible consider slender graceful ruler estates heir hereditary pleased birth allowance passenger founder fortune success object estimated drinking sums elsewhere catholic prominent example contact appropriate dollars word grandfather manufacturing bottles clubs humble accepted sits island facing arabian hills green front balconies merchant ideas association brings docks striking scene barracks factories constantly arms museum occupation branches soil wait west standing list mortality prosperous commerce interests corresponding quarter reaching seated looked prohibited officer issued range giving asked progress attached municipal nobody commission appearance tried accept impressed offer gorgeous costumes robes enters strange fantastic patterns bright bullock fast extent flesh walk wrapped begin bear apply requires stately america imitate acquire thing drop wonder ornament coolie block distributed savings scarlet appears dignified cross turban robe colored embroidered limbs horse occupies pleasure acre bride succession bungalows rugs shelter convenience arrangement library paris justice neither saracenic groves shore extensive intervals parks band broken beds plants apartments proportions structure resembles telegraph towers figure finished ornamental decorations imposing useful confidence encouraged fourth presented church hospital memory degree spirit says expression gifts edward sitting canopy bearing benevolence lined containing duke refused roofs extreme altogether staff president escorted lovely ride think drive leads describe visits comfort induce friend reasons introduction owns hire admit table equivalent exclusively continued existence expect desires looks etiquette conservative occasionally marriage district promoting anyone pillars doors workers eating depends measure fond ending eastern enterprises discover attempt remove efforts clear blocks filthy representing enjoyed accomplished exhibition unusual real secured funds serving cars sections thirds property police require faces fixed addition export demand fourths handed squatting resources mechanical villages limited sale superior mark knew numerous worshiped calls khan master explained cave avoid wash station trains forehead wise need soul hear cheap month cause simply luxury badly mercy coffee cooked whatever wears turn transferred dust willing groom truth fight fate movement opened christians reading merit worse salute engage temperature therefore feel pride enterprise tourists offering prosperity chiseled rocky fashioned idols nearest portuguese crowned fastened dedicated reptiles massive siva beautifully neck strings image cruel wore forms careful journey patience expended detail mighty elephants genius described monuments mount immediate smallest images groups rules claim declare questions extremely magnificent heart richly gateway signs pronounced surface exact french territory converted fighting celebrated exercised britain region perpetual understand lying civilization variety peaks rainfall spot languages spoken bible remainder organization rajputana religions sikhs jains consists himalayas rice surpassed chapter produce proportion really producing fabrics rent field weavers farm grain sheep teachers doctors leaves stations ashes wrap stop suffered notwithstanding closely obtain fortunate continually includes babies scarcely introduced northwestern encourage hope statistics workmen agent starvation lowest distress preserve extend normal restore extended advanced postal habits income excellent exception returns considering repeated deaths features undoubtedly share change taxes changes generation favor rates naturally facilities wheat slightest results exports failure famines consumed fair lack valued shipped artisans manufacture invariably roads rude articles occasions safe manufactured quality transportation germany expressed baroda nizam ablest rupees prime woven border eleven durbar pieces outer diamonds highness pearl beasts main rulers gardens clothing attempted committed investigation reign widow branch proved applied keeps husband liberal moral ignorant opinion traditions past enjoying thrown priest performed method china reaches brocades silks appear gilded drove alone mixed writing purity thought curious teach thread hill hideous fields situated formed walks thoroughly bones decay compartment occupy needed cast mosques profound grounds crossed hole forces nature deities practiced practices qualities fear evil buddhist appeals familiar conduct cultivate events instruction noblest treat sacrifice interfere receiving aged rank escape situation influential position farther supreme prophet followers park profitable backs notice report eyes governed terrible demonstrated date executive reports representative raised warren wisdom assisted simple lieutenant organizations maintain rights chiefs friendly rajahs welfare criminal record liberty purest hero succeeded longer duties successful deprived developed colleges nobles opportunity future fill positions tells training corps proposed attend profit heard universities result benefit quantity merchandise pays asserted atmosphere severe sure doubt wants trunk protected artist cloth heathen weeks purchased bought expedition endeavored inscriptions bazaars effective amounted learning philosophy generous glory citadel architects markets trades causes wrote envoy splendor delicacy courtyard shrines objects products looms establishment adjoining marks embroidery enjoy chests ivory capitals rajput busy showing heat highway opening fresh tiger japan describes coronation desert inspired promote convinced winds tigers realize language caravans mosaics blood below neighborhood henry annual fakir composed successive afghan respects started remember peacock nana leaders armed managed garrison price sixty inlaid column steps monument associated devote section armies tree grow offerings scientific collected irrigated canal treaty diplomatic russia liquor forbidden committee conference darjeeling lhassa nepal

modern india lost british lady curzon american woman this contains series letters written during winter permanent form through that thibet capital bombay street clock tower university railway nautch body ready funeral burning mohammedans jeypore maharaja hall elephant belonging tomb agra shah jehan great mogul interior delhi marble palace persian road group famous brahmin hindu bodies benares calcutta princes pearls social passengers house being company like broad covered with comfortable which about some more women good full engaged least three others upon their several artists read together well previous little themselves each after around they english might although there nothing between accustomed natural toward fellow hung army against another united service then class come skill made placed hours very ladies said half display every them wearing other precious only jewels among could make most silver these lived long must have love attention called sorts dressed elaborate down platform while near small call according ought never known such public place daily loaded take europe similar absolutely customary everybody serious entirely indian nearly expected find were four days except when much water always from direction told east cannot board part world without your greatest travelers parts many officers going families been months number officials government home young able leave business perhaps largest civil climate white gives twelve five official served years spend year england else notable including madras received member remarkable race fire acts ordinary attractive native sons cotton than mills furnished soldiers south gentlemen making ability frequently recognized right lord recently governor considered handsome night prince plain afterward brilliant whom line went over states will places father left title adopted sent educated important duty school took return born first child rajah mohammedan construction laws things entitled into sufficient story large believe even immediately gave since london himself distinguished inherited immense wealth parsee sort given last century because present head where institute built founded people become erected artistic architecture enormous various respect both roman finest followed would those comparatively early times habit foreigners natives came names character before name millions began laid family queen case richest palaces almost side quite scattered occupied military worth buildings rises city picturesque oriental european know upper comes stock under late visited obtained beside hotel matter connected members traveler secure quarters letter next whose walls considerable heavy headquarters institution kind supported companies also vast material hundred employed shops ancient until best behind entrance entire protection usually second population cities same census total plague cent enter country pass foreign goes commercial industrial numbers mile fine taken passed arranged proper money something rate unless evidence permit intended mutiny allowed carry found hands thus latter advantage having admitted middle inclosed high open none reason coolies brass stood carriage everything conducted what carried authorities decided experience town away advance returned office practically passes particularly visit already gentleman looking common friends moment filled colors painted drawn viceroy bare worn working legs single look compared question stranger married children time does labor heads required building course across girls prevent amount wear naked wherever drink sleep hanging meet dozen pounds ornaments represent invested value designs often collection interesting tell summer surrounded feature life makes streets ever hindus seems rule rare students divided caste province resident parsees used manner larger devoted custom packed narrow cover deal houses live hence famine human rich colony costly taste furnish possible proud show general architectural compare state along river crown beautiful thirty private chiefly seen point grown trees noble wide beauty poor keep stands kept following feet design perfect courts department works rooms beyond offices follow order holy rows size educational institutions splendid decorated central dome cost wood iron grand work purpose missionary sense council sect represents throne lofty center above countries light personal occurred taught learned market died merchants paid honor king beginning valuable miles residence deep kinds living everywhere north morning back again want taking local necessary here party strangers wives daughters give certain brought account society spread receive just visitors remain length room books book reach charge desire send hour ceremonies royal different relations should especially still races cases actually lies black either attended treated stories sometimes seldom carved columns support examples within lower floor lines food dealers goods silk stones frequent portion true servants seem doing gold source religious customs household teachings priests sanitary persons peculiar conditions improvement organized original permitted special serve receives perfectly force supply turned banks sell system principal running impossible compelled hand square condition affairs danger standard englishmen agricultural piece enough anything primitive ancestors village done crops ground foot fifty cents farmers cultivation means hundreds development slowly industries gradually farms southern supposed million trade largely difficult highly servant appeared idea person favorite hotels temples trouble bring provided railways face better expense carrying interest gets third highest less seven eight prices trained sacred plenty equally takes equal terms soon residences circumstances care horses finally christian established outside castes power held mind certainly became wages allow thousands attracted study solid sides wonderful stone destroyed centuries wall formerly temple appointed mountain roof snakes growing instead gods smaller powerful mysterious train dependent relief figures forty distance nine worship western believed period thousand oldest exquisite area popular pure delicate independent authority towns subject inhabitants descendants eighty buried golden influence throughout former fell ruins empire complete cold records animals eighteen tribes whole provinces irrigation rapidly once acres carefully average probably belong leaving policy increased shows earth religion animal increase sold employment beings death subjects greater rapid lives land nowhere awful regulations reported twenty homes classes gone protect medical fact suffering concerning produced crop revenue orders professional bank generally districts caused chief directly importance northern shall political methods reached extraordinary industry ruling short progressive flowers shown particular spent inches administration higher rest history wild court pilgrims constructed colonel imperial crime ordered direct exercise practical product arts daughter faith brahmins loss crowd missionaries cashmere chinese entered ceremony shawls removed crowded offered dead itself fifteen plan perforated strength burned brahminism originally physical widows pious buddha hospitals travel emperor control mosque koran include services selected troops stand windows boys moslem secretary knowledge whether frontier named free remains active education college lahore punjab schools actual presence hold provide wife later season regular command hair recent tombs declared rather ganges maintained garden cattle killed snake mountains arches peace akbar moguls fort simla fakirs afghanistan ameer opium

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