Word Cloud for "Personal Memoirs of a Residence of Thirty Years with the Indian Tribes on the American Frontiers" by Henry Rowe Schoolcraft.

Word Cloud for "Personal Memoirs of a Residence of Thirty Years with the Indian Tribes on the American Frontiers"

This book was authored by Henry Rowe Schoolcraft. (1793 - 1864)

Area, genre or subject: United States -- History -- 1815-1861.

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The Bag of Words In "Personal Memoirs of a Residence of Thirty Years with the Indian Tribes on the American Frontiers" (Main Words):

memoirs favorite adventurous inroads memoranda exploratory yielding passages instances creating toil evils injustice toils imperfect flatter appropriately stage operate crush freedom possibly seeks illustrative ultimate positions assiduity availed expectations connecting invariably necessarily print compact embraces graves succeed sites professional viewed alleghany founder continuation potosi ozark ship geologist mineralogist digested poem presidents mosaical illness battalion scarcity witt superstitious star distribution mythological allegorical vulgar lowest alexander speculations graywacke morals mungo spiteful explosion maximum holmes manhattan archaeological peculiarity editors completion outlines aluminous collision religion congressional laconic starving outard georgia deaths criticisms cabinets flight intrepid grizzly legislation bonded tems grosse hero dastardly embarrassments erroneous shaping lecture brigade keweena resource maskigo namakagun mounds speeches orifice treading fertile willow port porter jeremiah buren botany agencies corps agate hauteur astronomical vermilion leaf resist revenue occupancy dousman abbott occupation intensity bone bonga cultivation imperial destiny tired indications ethnological premium satanic dispute frivolous featherstonehaugh cede portfolio crane addik crania disputed notion applying resulting aitkin parental tooth icelandic foreigners appraisements breaks skulls toulmin scotch spared emigrant dreadful horrible mehemet publishers dighton workings comity doings regents austrian ministers dialectic oldest allegory farming feature quincy holyon belles ornamental shade beauties furnishing solitary hereditary impulse pursuit assiduous research wealth relates cherished grants veteran conclusion boundaries emigrated assurance otter universally troubles youngest disputes conflicts wars elizabeth campaign siege anna patriotic martial safety commanded embodied militia wounded smoked brave master fight howling swept enemy districts suffice soldier margaret selection manufacture widely inducements sphere activity enjoy monument expressions details presidential verified swift publications lofty respectively planted manufacturing wolf lovely rural indulged destroying diligence vigorous trains sciences attract reside arduous boys association acquirements revised teaching chemical investigations apprehended newspapers attributed strata utica casual approached thorough pounds explored planned hazardous succeeding expert compass guided slept track adventures nearest destination prevalence mitchell cordial encouragement clinton meantime await tracing evinces judicious humphrey traces formations minutely deposits prairies confer monroe diplomatic pursuits marriage versed ruling admiration stimulus lamented advancement secured solely particulars reader reduced essay maintained inscribed college expeditions centuries sauks relinquished crowning unique contributions rises loves prosperity sincere everyday utterly urbanity indicative surprise spite influences aims excellence impaired functions weighed explorations swamps clumps covering awoke consecrated auspices fortunes agriculture appropriations aborigines authorizing evince pencil conception mary gifted peculiarly fortunate warmly household cotton owned ripe scholar herself anticipations roads observer severity contending alarm turmoil britain needed indispensable directing acquired erection vermont adventure sooner seaboard crushed speculation hurried crisis helped settle listening array plough stout boards rooms occasionally resorted costume deepest wildest wrong worst adieu beds charmed surgeon carved seldom attraction gazed senator imagine eloquent worked century lain virginia loaded flowing saved voyagers wooden responded adjourned exchanged harrison jonathan exchange tricks play inquired requisites quality shortly informing atmospheric confident sleep ashore lent vent sleeping kemp existed imminent triumphantly unwilling risk noisy inhabited cave mostly cargo seminoles fertility beauty capacities dense idle compared immense consist flow rolls displays reaches alluvial ensminger manly prudent hastily inch threatened quitting mechanics destitute cape inviting limpid recruit fancy piled completing sections horizontal imposing glean inspection horseback investigated unexpectedly austin enthusiastic narrowed mining clay deposited threatening darkness stroke expended exciting acre delighted rival diminished dried parted severely frightened farm refreshing smith individuality dread fairly bloody depot acute resulted parallel contracted largely imparted poetry counted constitutes injured wall outer trail verge regions allude digging affected drink healthy belonged consult concurred packed contain everywhere cautious unexpected reveals vague orleans analogy recollected leagues takes liquid partially stain swell tempests august rigid wore magnesian productions zenith cordially torrey internal jurisdiction decide supreme obligations avail correspondents believing sorry issues uniting substances principally calcareous curiosity guard edition pains arrange gypsum localities frank facilitate dealt ottowa guides formidable inlet turtle topography accurately latitude waited kingdom rumor stormy ambition gather watch boulder doty mansion scheme weak delicate instruct suspect transmitting observes porcupine unusual spare asking booksellers january sheets industrious rarely deferred else observing catch satisfactorily referring persuaded filling propose contributed wandered vein judging base accompanying gratify generous acknowledges critics symbolic figures sank beat newspaper vide procuring bestowed haste universal conveyed descriptions vanity prospectus imperfectly providing describing introductory profess facilities fruits exhibit candidates circuitous comprise engagements furnishes questioned drawings paddle blind tail figured maumee quietly walked deserted hungry horses canadians negotiation ceded bilious entry constitution september seventh trio writers signature admit shield imputation reminds indulge protect anxiety adding plants botanist verbal merit include wisdom candid pointing provoke fame legal deserving ably delight invite merits declare perused embody located fearful check emigration coarse gravel beach carbonate lime started wanted madison shoulders praise hospitality hearted depend forgotten lose explained absolutely sagacity theories yield devotion gratifications globe conclusions preservation conjectures producing portland passengers seas eloquence profound smooth huge famous unite requests execute wishing addresses extracted doubted covers burned undergo external offers slender coasts otherwise humble glory acquire pebbles creation saving moved performance trial fierce physician discipline probability absorbed admits apprehension dogs regularly wound groups fairy control throwing gayety calmness panorama bosom mythology approaching intricate quickly comfort possesses susceptible handsomely wonder imperceptibly repair king comfortable liberality forever astonishing hail domicil temporarily influx murmuring intervals stocks changing pick precincts painful lessons scarlet cloth leggins belt baldric allusions propriety select mutual enclosed eighth decayed afforded subsistence fixtures bonds neglected talents tend requisite resembled bows natives coincidence slightest using inmate thin acceptable sickness firmly doctrine offence whereas englishman conceal color metal cost rites shoot ravages insure footsteps affect telling hunger soul eaten tragic fourths leads bushes shallow dressed breed funeral coffin orator rank interview grown roused exactitude estate younger ceremonies requisition reflected declared continent amuse fictitious intellect exhibits assumes pursuing transaction neat occupies rear dated depicted sink relating expanse corruption curiously paddles burst stretched magnificence beating gained brink shooting cleared possessing objective eligible poetical discussion grain protection whites licenses subordinate patronage german manage reality kegs ceremony benevolence improper exclude practicable oriental reward certificate racoon symbols opposition walking divested commonly literature assist analysis pray interpretation diligently fatigue acquisition working delicious continues fisherman frail kettle cutting abundantly latin particles skull dashed venerable boiling westerly complaint girl prejudices decline vowels rescue amusement piles hanging navigation experiment quit witnessed lingered resigned access fellows exchanging dozen adjacent resort pleases feather johnson useless terminal indicates forced greek consolation heroic tomb cried sailed moon designated tomahawk torn ojibwa inserted playing forcibly adverted gentlemanly mackenzie rightly unhappy appalling exclusive sinking shower mentions content disinterested proofs occur gitche lover dictionary london holds presque zero fore resistance size colored boston talking dined nineteen expiration scope companions comparing adopt neatly rational singing suffer rainy cease readers sublime happens characteristics transportation representations affinity institution utterance prefix loud noon prompt hath succession latest borne dancing occurs affectionate radically dialects balance wheat purely vowel applies questionable terminate resemble gold plates speed astonishment motive obligation considerably amused clerk substance medicine artificial thompson split occasions waking fears dream prince reliance shake lighted mysterious adjective camps expedient timber page ventured sadly maria restore converting uniformly barrel closes fragments bays changed flower reserve sums arise prefixed passions hoping effectual maps blessings wanting expense delivery deliver court claimants presence combination ease priest stationed participate withal interchange ottowas distances advancing erect adoption assuming revision yielded preaching fills gardens kinds pronominal pious theme bill abundant market cents paying concur safe dollar extra tacquimenon presenting crew disclosed innumerable counsel develop laying shocking kewaynokwut enters alarmed hearing perceived danced holliday scalp string shook outrage infant surveys outline companion commends proposes reservation destroyed touch remnants sensation pronunciation convocation tracks runs mistaken punish judges bodies forgive rests signal strict influential congratulations effected imaginable ornamented feathers cognate dialect league savage hearty glowing hastened limits proclamation trespasses portages finley cook erratic artistic thick boatmen ores shingabowossin perpendicular moving faces grassy incessant peaceful towns ducks reminded heaven sick winnebagoes violence lodged protestant assented please parents hieroglyphics prudence stranger ceased doors bent drives ignace appearances cloudy ways vain fancied caution divine retired vital transmit awaiting ones draft dutch continental respected ambitious deem rewards provide impressive disclaimed alarming create flour fishing wintering respectful potatoes steady hunts ontonagon selling disappointed trap avails productive solicits systems charges countenance bread youthful fatal touching eager grew refuge affections recognize excessive emigrants relinquish steamboat remedy manned expenses breeds annamikens hunters plenty brook stick dragged ball rested holes ninth frame ensuing sailing steamboats divisions conservative community inflicted omitting peril reynolds uttered homes ranks conversed attribute cooper joining majority total lowering promises metif exception notified warren seventeen attentions ended satisfy preserving numbering plat commands attachment recommend comprising partial packs debts menomonie coat cultivate hardships sundry quadrupeds dekay excuse secretly treating repress galena naturalist preceding diseases suggest suit acknowledge victim vice vote vigor patience scale solar forests seed hasty expecting criminal instructed assured granting bend concern scandal trying unjust laborers discourse ward jack afraid voyageur risks type sheldon owner ingenious circular souls striving strive abandon inspect deserve cliff resting shaped granite messages woolsey hide drying aquatic terminus daylight successively colors operation pacification mozojeed continual toiled brilliant blazed moose bush pines thousands exceeding dividing afternoon salute fires neenaba boulders duck birch mills wolves institutions drive dodge accept goes societies boutwell likewise scriptures goodness promote ascertained width gradual winding departed cholera rejoice blessing ferry undoubtedly convention paris surrounding suspicion deception sinclair philologists peter mildness depression preached frozen ross plucked carriage arched curiosities manitouline apple fluctuations piazza cares admission destruction periods heathen relics rights gros mcmurray sachem reservations proceeds hostility palfrey appraisement disbursing treasury cruelties conner cherokees visible yaun

theatre garden deeper journeys barbarous lively traveler amidst citizen extensively associated actors qualified management involved fail perpetual conflict concealed prevented experienced conceived wherever printing motives independence casting dignified polished whoever perform originally exploration excitement appropriate discoveries intimate relations ardor running acts understanding exactly relief individuals contrary failed philosophic hereafter succeeded declaration anecdotes settling saxon occupying figure respective nobody elaborate reminiscences preliminary coal happened turbid colony descend niagara preparations sketch publishing locality commission miami wabash ascend mount saint residents honor fled prices rich evil superstitions manito eating interpreters etymology polite seclusion incident descendants meteoric height based auxiliary pronouns declined gospel group civilization arts transactions test queries commence signs orthography sudden naturally texas diverse examples commercial assemblage erie samuel impressions surrender valleys criticism delegate atmosphere treatment butte winnebago investment mohegan sylvan critical massachusetts rhode theory guelle flat code revival missions improved diurnal contest sharp perilous visitor hostilities adverse youth tempest division abounding impression affair irish escape organization minister composition queen snake traits narrow rocky wing moss shell determine methodist university carolina plural pronoun marie rage anniversary chusco substantive attacked sabbath antique wilderness russian prime theological revolution movements arising problem teachers periodical boxes recognized pressure embark responsibility francis saginaws swan execution baron equivalent granted complain apply programme hebrew prophet debt gazetteer operations flint patriot schools scott climate sunday glass accused consequent improvements ideas statistics descendant burning female drinking imaginative mother disturbances failure esquimaux variety display aurora fruit error piety simplicity seneca station philology races rush currents manifested subsequent sketches example energy consistent accomplish quick indebted zeal approach reign services enjoyed branches consequently building tract child expectation conducted assigned advanced agricultural included esteemed courage arose eventually pushed frontiers successful decision marched element wait hollow square indomitable mohawk alive hostile escaped drawing inhabitants sides remaining stepped liberty noise firing animated hearts dangerous chairman lieutenant bore settlements remove attractive consideration handsome bears honest governed proceeding requiring perseverance location occasional plains occupy plain sixteen trading borders waste smaller kill abounds suited volumes pieces permitted studies county pride painted initial steps unknown attending organized intelligent splendid sale library cabinet arranged primary union meetings tastes drift stratum erected revealed assistance serve genius distinction denoted discriminating perpetually antiquities descending atlantic urged slow travel spanish district centre deposit executed scattered surface millions turn fever push cliffs gigantic springs replete description diffusion summit characters admitted calhoun orders spending david solicited accurate copies latitudes primitive enthusiasm traversing awakened corresponding throughout explore cession title remarkably characterized descriptive opposed event occurred cultivated europe thoroughly educated relatives refined visitors readily plans absent efficient approbation interests appreciate grammar translated lectures institute awarded elegant renewed exertions correspondence learning continually hunter imposed enterprising dates warlike foxes resolved previously hawk embracing traced gulf modes industry smoke looks hopes turns petty remarked mark bitter honored exalted determination minded average save traveling forming legislature collect approved judged enlightened appropriation illustrate statistical comprehensive midst data preserved sympathy stock benevolent humane administration lady grant situated justify sustained superintendency intense receiving varied closed pressed waiting migration commerce raising gain tone attempted posts space tied encountered trouble picked whenever rude bought hills recollect remember hired iron floating fund scenery elevated bank exertion throw larger gratifying breakfast neighboring abundance becoming dine immediate boats earnest assume instantly charged start capital engage alluding introduce transferred duly constructed obtaining thinking answer temper violent minutes pitched talked exhibited organic exists witness safely heads secret favored tale closely game creeks bound heat contribute rivers support afford composed increasing mountains stands crowded final mexican armed pushing bottom utmost tendency growth sounded offices suffering fifth gray move chain estimated merchants doctor unsuccessful dropped exhausted refused delay commencement comparatively houses belong pole detailed denote prior motion gleaned showing careful minute inquiring facility exclusively exposed merchant purchase clouds transfer consisting gentle grass tributary utter listened jefferson decidedly solid conceive worth examining ridge crossing restored vicinity shelter elected stephen gathering circumstance rode examine appreciated movement exclusion masses material october meant hill southerly fields pack directions successfully eighty distant personally opportunities rough disturb developed ascending desired topographical turning benefit dignity anchor evident buried walk supported hung acres faithfully lodgings hudson proposing accompany accepted statement preceded commissioner subsequently couple simply reply knowing relieved recovered section assure feeble contact apparent instrumental pages secondary regular sandstone canal transmitted april ignorant intend adapted academy holding refer unfavorable trace peninsula eastern coast strike november features tried presume france sympathies strange trowbridge resembling ourselves muddy trunk credit teach respects silliman yourself agree convinced estimates joint literally promptly farther thoughts calculated acknowledged treat proposition discharge method somewhat conference stay consent satisfactory honorable worse confined representative receipt unless pity table quarters marks sensible hitherto extremely extreme testimony carrying soldiers communicate fitted magnificent gratified june undertake closing existence endeavor waves breaking calm managed forks whence signed annuities choice sign demand lately alluded sweet justly construction belief need affords relieve stating trifling errors slight thou replied gross elevation allusion entertained perusal authors informs communicates confidence allow endeavored gradually custom price raise appreciation forget occurrence sufficiently proportion zealous sends entitled employ habit pair practice relate distinct foundation earth mention renders devote elder loaned absence exceedingly performed supplied altogether desirable hardly brown concerning communicating exercised landing terminated brady promise signifies tall roll drum buffalo constitute rare remark dinner apart flesh remainder medium hair impress manifest satisfaction spend plainly circles clark invitation followers pressing lodges furs renew becomes bird speaks headed seated tobacco customary image powerful eminence build winds ears golden break knows roots spiritual blew circle conjugation poles accustomed seeking corn pictured stories warrior clean sustain instance murdered widow wounds dress indicate surrounded actually sons badly memorable yesterday kindly remembered convenient ninety yards shrewd distributed passes earlier melancholy americans disease generic moments putting faith cover precisely hence syllable dispatched plant precious employment fellow warriors doubtful count store sold fate particle clothing spectacle independent cloud evenings advice recommending resolution begins soft animate deer complained avoid rule task exist consonant observe wintry ignorance comes shows providence isolated instruction convey describe rendering acting specific compare shut buildings pronounce flowers belonging sheet verbs accumulated denoting tore comparison consider estimate exercise objection contains females comparative invested service separated cases aside measures wants brings formal missed embrace proceedings noun resemblance exceed strictly roman countries thereby beaver arrive provision increase inanimate nouns rules naked excite surely maple collecting doubtless dreams sure reasonable limited correspondent extending describes philadelphia bare sail inform sister frequent charity abandoned handed leaves repose design joseph returns catholic communicated permission stop residing enjoyment truths holy eminently excursion woods train announced announces mackinac unable issue encampment abroad killing arms guns villages wampum executive annual level establishing stores induce editor requesting club delegation upwards male potawattomies strength grateful hunt delightful resided rain sitting stuart gathered bishop seek monthly supplies solicit prayer liquor relied pontiac opposing assent advised offering edge moderate likely irving recommended pointe easterly instant accordance preparatory payment settlers studied root whiting largest clary fork presbyterian pastor christianity stars saginaw delegates jameson

personal residence thirty years with indian tribes american brief notices passing dear feel place your name before these from natural many since accompanied which that called this make more into will wide area among spirit sense human equally returned mississippi valley native after travels quarter having become been several distinguished western wish often expressed some record events they must supposed writer about submit were ever well does position especially connection believed have marked general simple forms even where thought deep high possess living moral between civilized during settlement incidents frequently show open much side sometimes truth always persons good only kind greater such would neither render author cannot made attempts find society alone himself shall pass through future state views opportunity bear principles there causes action present could while most those whom acted still higher their remarks nothing power government brought labors species america valuable than being says time long every away everything certainly carry history country population great result sent forward prepared furnish went west purpose mineralogical soon carried share take thrown publication whatever degree interest connected early observations circumstances directed attention manners deemed claim public period continued favorable created case under following journal essential true word said respecting manner thus fixed names given what proper important large part consists letters referred deal character object used express noble advance cause private employed designed required judgment enlarged christian view passed invited never committed should favor keep work considerable united against lake states added number others white each other without attempt story race field scientific missionaries seems down broad scenes knowledge source descent ohio river ascent junction rapid difficulties current reception introduction first journey foot trip survey mine expedition write account medical yellow visit washington plan passage collection publish memoir proceed appointed sources remain weeks reach detroit style route pursued return preparation reasons narrative reports letter report copper mines complete press effects receive appointment secretary shown cross grand prairie notice professor prospect loss geology murder fossil various colonel adams geological opinions john agent affairs arrival steamer establish military post voyage european summer establishment life picturesque council fort site selected ardent spirits amongst note governor mountain curious regard fine harbor ancient chippewa head mode topic johnston chief sandy oral tales literary political little party sault wild rice death capacity winter poetic taking speaking amusements when temperature english odjibwa close peculiar expression basin snow translation historical novel property trait foreign home superintendent lead northern news review royal modern sugar printed mineral information troops idea language containing standard evidences growing spring appearance superior sounds hope geography body soil free easy boundary civil advantages year ottawa opinion authorities pure form legends legislative mineralogy murders july speech friendly philosophical want books proposed enterprise feet actual chien striking extraordinary treaty whisky wisconsin thunder struck dead green further mission father huron double volume cherokee languages office storm raised instructions commissioners hold fond thomas condition henry visits indians frontier researches territorial policy york taste born another conduct agency exploring south island montreal vessels interior official question spread illinois over lyceum fiscal late peace money them mackinack officers intellectual things chippewas friendship social session french mild bringing gone shores canadian search isle rapids length portage pine cedar equal live value medal third sioux massacre menomonies black falling four seven mile night changes cass religious project algic missionary inland objects discovery itasca point former geographical upper water leech falls leave miss boat temperance woman philological visiting earliest removal lands traditions captain tradition fact verb phenomena month minor domestic church vessel company force authority village origin family senate road skin desire subjects officer structure philosophy physical territory central bible offered influence lost minerals habits common calls robert come lakes florida southern resources march ottawas creek daughter certain treaties young lord amount improvement very aged system writing reason education funds paper false themselves payments tour goods notions annuity additional missouri inquiries necessity michigan department hard rise straits north purchased board leaving shot sentiments antiquarian lines placing children compound points charles places michilimackinack facts remarkable extent times william difference popular singular lawrence revolutionary noted love school iroquois phenomenon wind range city schoolcraft entered observation known grounds advantage engaged practical useful accomplished science accounts beyond beginning land consequence pronounced james served reputation celebrated owing came england settled three separate received george embarked detachment intended albany devoted business then latter married determined taught appears change region here died hundred removed lower remained except followed became deeply kept struggle took active visited stated less fifteen killed taken footnote original eldest families rose british house also local strong broke embraced committee command respect read drawn entire whole bold lying banks eight miles horse placed small pipe around battle half opposite requested willing join step camp drove turned upon fired results forty below town just concluded reading found occasion canada immediately reported within days might written thirteen extensive works near importance skill appeared commanding offer introduced greatly oneida lived success speak occupied second term spent once beautiful aboriginal bearing across like line lies seat whose forest quiet same evinced strongly published manuscript decided progress mind recent pleasure direction standing spoken learned finally told think discovered drew attracted interested almost generally afterwards heard supply room short showed elements greatest care finished enter mental together gentlemen attended heavy seen study ordered means attached indeed prove commenced excited person notwithstanding series attained articles issued arrangements favorably world opening seemed existing papers whether finding felt descended mouth thousand channel five gave making examination seventy wished ascertain fall setting obliged back attack extend single necessary vast limestone laid waters parts highest better collections getting proceeded thence reached health produced minds leading extended hand constant autumn president members request situation opened course remote collected materials correct completed powers established major order gives denotes crossed effect subject streams entrance ascended portions specimen completely converted direct pursue investigation presented highly algonquin gentleman possessed nine numerous excellent nearly twenty until sought freely member formed basis procured besides laws prominent however permit questions enable grammatical national best reference words able duties fast none inclined reaching rock citizens previous stream makes characteristic acquainted regarded bright hear enabled above friends nature paid friend promised people application usually partly last entirely moment meeting returning numbers authorized notes liberal expressing experience calling bring founded filled full interesting army congress according ample justice nations face proved happy both brother judge although permanent understood including rising requires next busy recently tribe daily fell particularly trade article similar eighteen dollars conversation eleven ready surprised east quite scarcely built perfectly sixty divided front covered islands shore give fire going labor myself agreeable possible ladies specimens thing poor landed coming because stopped impressed worthy charge acquaintance grave tree constantly rapidly pleasing look addition difficult left tell twelve appear loose quantity pleased doing rest itself observed evidently assumed seeing glad inquire informed anything call difficulty mean sort light agreed warm behind class remains rocks continue distance danger lives noticed hunting truly dark blood presents encamped formerly scene prepare towards enough related impossible mere destined talk mass blue along fill suddenly ordinary done morning perceive consisted trees evening fourth severe caused hands easily hour spot wholly fifty principal directly probably effort furnished provisions louis looking traveled formation knew familiar intention secure resident desirous spoke joined weather clear outlet right repeated animal different though arrived clock pleasant named chiefly sand sufficient matter examined baggage follow suffered compelled began election looked inquiry months least season animals stood described draw giving know usual again something evidence matters properly respectable keeping asked induced perhaps portion hours main fourteen inches depth expected sight till rather wrote ought fully held intelligence definite addressed bark attend anxious copy apparently communication individual doubt trust efforts derived writes particular cold produce branch meet obtain believe relation middle longer require douglass classes probable fresh topics either seem wise piece therefore feelings aware pretty real preparing sending carefully duty allowed canoe threw provided learn disposition submitted relative mail shells prevent contained send forwarded regret stand arrangement termination delivered disposed mistake book fear special bands measure exact chicago shape expresses rendered heretofore fish fair increased round seized expect suppose instead proof week terms caught fallen capable satisfied stone considered wife guide feeling appeal detained already thanks door mixed perfect begin wishes purposes leisure procure contemplated prospects saying help date sell obtained temporary garrison meaning flag entering sound cast constituted sacred really hoped broken drummond traders skins interpreter chiefs address ground possession eyes food wood voice lodge tent represented band trader customs vocabulary path intercourse kindness eminent silver list heart applied adopted merely principle assembled suitable understand nation agents clearly forth blow resumed past agreeably claims parties pointed thermometer mentioned women message canoes birds thinks schooner preserve transmits arbre driven croix traverse knife memory bones houghton

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