Word Cloud for "An Antarctic Mystery" by Jules Verne.

Word Cloud for "An Antarctic Mystery"

This book was authored by Jules Verne. (1828 - 1905)

Area, genre or subject: Antarctic -- Discovery and exploration -- Fiction.

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The Bag of Words In "An Antarctic Mystery" (Main Words):

mystery list difficulties extended metal collar nest table contents kerguelen edward entire wonderful relate desolation famous navigator geographical commander limit assert constantly disturbed population completed harbour belongs kerguelens coasts composed hardy flocks rocky wings walking numbers lead vessels accosted mine unless used landed curious visited albatross live worth stop relations fancy settled presented ease congratulate nevertheless worthy whalers mists heaven guide signalled account share reckon yards valuable atmospheric bodies surely crowd powerful waves dashed violently uttering moments company dozen required frequented condition resist tremendous noise rate engaged considered majority occasion received hair turning shone fire arms notion secrets impression truth nobody stuck chest broad beings talk room pocket intend america passenger care offer accept singular shaking swallowed blow yourself notwithstanding address supposing mentioned previous rejoined officer looks morrow usually anyone view gradually movement comes suppose recovered explanation storm ground succeed post winds opened stepped laid touched respecting agree goes respect answer fancied threw silent slip precisely useless lasted business seize incident occur profit searched thoughts poet tears sufficiently adventurous united states flying preceding inexplicable nantucket hero writer quickly imprudent effort seamen hesitation disposed further returning stopped sails proceed direct cost events rapidly hoped plainly remark rowed level begin interior perfect fitted nautical prepared occupy worst obeyed canvas served higher understood slightly surprising expression physical devoted frequent monotony outside exchanged interest interesting naturally details imagination manner father principal lips mere elapsed imaginary relating deplorable verge stated information explain drive mention bottle letter gulf regretted picked shipwreck entertained admit neighbouring countrymen awaiting pity proof wreck lose actually multitude exception complete whaling adventure fired instinct attracted violent gives urged innumerable visit rope ventured betray atmosphere crouching drop renounce warning preceded sprung falling experienced numbered heading incidents pursue forecastle pacific stowed constant counted arose mutineers counting assured employed force herself offered possessed armed effect sprang awful laden lots parker surprise treated effects remembered furnished buried december doubled weddell british bear species compass january scattered alongside permitted steered mile resembled substance immediate describe turtles sheds spot allen instantly deeply opening climbed artificial prospect seventy discovery savages duty favoured fragment luminous projected apparently increased march distant boundless explained swept size skin whiteness greatest help obtained fight forward french mountain millions nearer gaze mound melting distinguish mingled corpse neared eaten drew oars lifted preserved emotion confided established native fragments marked hesitate purpose november break volcano seeing corporal expected sixty marine shelter refuse recall bearings proposed filled bulk week proceeded descended sixth satisfaction campaign daring wish phenomena landslip says discern seat earthquake signed careful inspection hull result knowing whither fierce separated whales cattle special thousands asses strait vicinity perish promised larger news articles extend individual particular alone world altitude bunk space carefully feared bore afraid times exposed exist vague absolutely desolate similar petrels heaped eastern barrier wide obstacle abandon manifest accomplish shared inside remarked savage instant needle casks pointing swimming stretch shook barrels catch giant glacial illumined usual crossing nearest damage prudence extent hitherto hollow effected dread snow seeking mast crest wildly cleft finished leaning saved join courage lowered difference evil resume contact owed phenomenon drifts edges subjected winding forsaken shock exact waited steer slight flat sleep addressed indicate charge sharp strewn eminence wood traces pronounced paces hurried plank hidden letters monster reveal progress beheld motive stern access klock quantity vapour destroyed dried evident below loud questions destruction block cross western rendered scenes forsake strike wait oblique heaps halbrahe recalled horror shot affected ours grow discussed count prevent calculated happened accident aground slope shore thermometer solid closely whilst operation everyone launch stranded scarcely planks opposite cavity summit warm worked eddy cavern previously

sphinx rescue route holding broken isles prince wall facts free imagined lived lies islets date past waiting important islet large hundreds summer grey various wild penguins thrown refuge seem acknowledge rocks cape arrival regret gained observing crossed hard together fifteen turn present feel shake completely family cormorant remember forget month fishing rest stay weeks fail colour fifty plain gigantic making currents heavy spread friend later sufficient learned nearly numerous approaching joined considerable informed named double hung brig doing embark companion listen corner places knows cabin putting fellow accompanied object sometimes glass dollars fall talking spoken meet known proposal communicated conversation gain belonging boats edge seems wished idea angry piece mountains lower ashore merely send watch seated favourable chances repeat whence spoke pole escape seek sent year romance ended mysterious fortunate surprised evidently feeling immediately dark former starboard narrow reality command appearance call attention heart thirty caught learn failed speaking supply continue subject decided embarked related story read resumed tone capable existence glance points arrived final save convinced aware containing sought form frightful creatures survived third living killed sighted shipwrecked uttered thinking chief talked revealed headed parallel sole portion rise irresistible belonged fellows masts driven thanks comrades pass occupied door sliding vain amid terror animal prolonged immense minute consider situation resources suddenly torn minutes intervention cook bearing extremity thirteen knocked died carrying tempest presently flung nine dead rushed reaching caused watching afterwards fourth needless pursued longitude proved zone food cause village hanging perceived hill soil natural enabled crushed escaped slide dragged degree visible opinion hoisted entered region line darkness depths formidable spite instead delay described dangerous serious collision nature passing itself recognize raised book patterson real refused rays trace ocean navigators success distance length indicated vessel governor provided falkland archipelago catastrophe regard really safety remaining main observe difficulty sound fish recruits dangers prove brave often packs moving drift conclude flesh endicott power agreed induced magnet suffice cleared early afternoon seized pushed accomplished easily repeated craft fane makes whatever bones questioned safe fully mist wintering blocks magnetic abandoned provisions

antarctic number also other approach going taking sail under look hunt four sailors enormous dirk peters breed iceberg away from william chapter island sandwich islands polar circle between along front icebergs little called doubt following narrative will with think well that should possession believe them good more scene terrible adventures which about could than captain there several eyes english when gave name group south east this because first discover those southern part voyage believed found continent course second expedition recognized only three hundred midst vast austral formed been months just then opportunity leaving having brought general christmas most half your ship single anchor while remains their especially north where covered green kind very great people these finding white back like animals either land bring into already port much time beginning long american kept find came said myself would have enough never anything things rolling shall take gone taken given again fine obliged right since down want return close upon must come some likely last years what ever done reason impossible answered hear conditions life were know atkins everything they during without once always days soon five thick strength through venture still northern ships season although before longer full walked such intention passage board after seven tristan cargo chance human edgar ought matter each degrees winter floating across even carried surface frequently took black sight departure best whom birds motionless high looking against rose head stretched reduced height disappeared behind curtain schooner eight twelve work navigation seas another period rough voice miles short boat give whether until near went middle seemed strong rather sort whose easy told same person better latter boatswain hold left contrived hurliguerly himself morning knew faithful hours hand towards standing followed deck difficult mind does many might replied though allow leave thought hour getting tell understand certain around case nothing resolved next approached avoid every neither held moment lieutenant made sign follow side quite crew remained mass became returned intended carry observation almost passed night perhaps least clock coming over wind state weather sailor place looked struck entirely extreme change here above words turned unable appear make presence thus risk being question attempt mean fact possible farther arthur gordon cannot able hope continued felt something wanted less keep speak evening changed hands order reached except thousand feet fixed iron martin james west whole sailing finally true orders clear heard body coast observed common need beyond occurred fresh therefore tried extraordinary sure appeared none eleven word regions death sudden circumstances thing both point poor seen foot reach fate tsalal others natives unfortunate means strange sailed latitude lost direction among augustus concerning barnard cold breeze regarded asked unknown huge began fell tiger face water discovered placed master lying round succeeded remain bottom shut small allowed added danger mate probably action necessary themselves within companions owing drifted acunha open temperature bennet showed cried twenty cast masses position produced beach become horizon light current ready stood greater working fear according indeed waters drifting influence bound perfectly certainly survivors desire brother perished falklands deep hardly silence search ourselves speed hearne drawn sides fallen holt base secret halbrane

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