Word Cloud for "Art of Money Getting" by P. T. (Phineas Taylor) Barnum.

Word Cloud for "Art of Money Getting"

This book was authored by P. T. (Phineas Taylor) Barnum. (Or, Golden Rules for Making Money - 1810)

Area, genre or subject: 1891.

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The Humbugs of the World  

The Bag of Words In "Art of Money Getting" (Main Words):

golden making health person really proper object easy world truly simply happy light income true properly neighbor saving class economical penny afford years discovered house proverb extra except seen save knew clothes live need under placed accomplish once real truth equally fifty same prove believe wife fingers majority themselves constantly away outside accumulate leads feel invested single expect study whatever nine morning during probably nature naturally hold stronger habit john learn speak although going just deal looked brain system nearly vocation looks dozen three please enough learned careful hotel already friend came look call taken knows long called days sixty anything trusted dead farmer back amount things done certain possession lost both helps turns trust hands thoroughly bring animal himself instead trade started royal engaged integrity come course newspapers newspaper speculation goods advertising sold possessor higher

getting difficult desire regard found less spend economy almost principle able frequently dollar goes even small show everything everybody right taking tell interest habits hundred thousands made quite become last also help important laws attention love boys country matter makes sure working told debt purchase night known general half lose comes value indorse advertise

money where have more than persons good make this there many success which that time find those only their upon they other thing will most keep road very when says twenty understand know from people think through life without what here every gets something doing ought before thought might after read would with must order never these dollars having often could five being note like then take succeed kind always little unless some work them into down others were should great born thousand while poor rich better cannot thus well your much fortune been another living full until first because natural such against about nothing ever sometimes give young soon said business does best public worth experience

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