Word Cloud for "Acetylene, the Principles of Its Generation and Use" by W. J. Atkinson (William John Atkinson) Butterfield.

Word Cloud for "Acetylene, the Principles of Its Generation and Use"

This book was authored by W. J. Atkinson (William John Atkinson) Butterfield.
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The Bag of Words In "Acetylene, the Principles of Its Generation and Use" (Main Words):

edition enlarged chemistry note enriching interrupted continued utility representative risks attainable avoidance isolation vent sheds selection filters washers toxicity endothermic meters velocity laying carbides sundry mildew utilisation valuation france index mode maintenance competitor peculiarly transport facilities bring compete vehicles dealt compared steadiness procured troublesome borne favour evidence chiefly broadly affords alteration resulting factor factors formerly grains remarked bestowed offensive greasy residence practicable adequate claim manipulated elemental ceiling dirt rough soot circumstance deduced ventilated nauseous arise skin assisting follow foul discuss premises wasted fair preferred consideration reasonably frequent expenditure motor considerations deemed choice skilled districts institution cheaply included varied arrived uniformity ones superiority accuracy involved assume floors demands displaces mind secured words class recovered distinguished begin extended started evaporation roof market grade moderate offered constitutes maintain governing fulfil saturation besides weather inconvenient residual quietly studying intentionally emitted aggregating distant units nominal occupy headed sized interest depreciation footnote renewals chimneys facts calculation unnecessarily corrected suffices brilliant gaining doubtless rarely read trade interaction prepare hitherto applications hygroscopic branch setting dealing occasion suggests hermetically subjected tall burst access remarks conceivable neighbourhood insured company ascertain adoption authorities comply council dated july substantial kingdom issue national underwriters america packages pound detached strength handling soldered adjoining italian forbidden permit guarantee spontaneous careful crushed find useless sugar glucose protect probability term reacts react observe therewith combining analogous preceding noticed molecules suffering however theoretically correct ideal output approach ingredient importance bearing couple mercury disappear convert example minutes spread oxidise year attain throw problem degrees unfortunately moreover deficient extend undue dissipating matters suffers tendency exothermic elaborated estimated reached experimentally calculate page doubt accepted books collect travelling cooling noteworthy largest deliver undesirable superficial coating provisions conductor angles protecting loose poor amongst fusible experimental wires explanation skill assist adopting report proceeding affinity behind unaltered attracted dissociate hydration stable converting treating therefrom continue interval liberation regularly undecomposed rapidity decomposes governed prevailing consequence quarters elevated behaviour evidently respective nitrogen deficiency downwards insertion accumulate dips inconvenience conspicuous complicated instance fluids block visible blow measure involves primarily catches careless freshly reduce electrical polymerised drain attacks submitted finished appearance confer yellowish afterwards noticeable distinct radiation distributed permitting abnormal exceedingly opposite galvanic consist zinc riveting critical slow wrought riveted earliest industry lightly instances defective property assertion arrange winter freeze incapable hurried improper night cleaned constituting fills lasts behaves detail exist suspended becoming reacting mechanically suppose exit extending towards needs defects guarded elements overcome barometer gained balanced mutual dropping drilled floating freed demand storing collected periodically accurately break indispensable fundamental brief accidentally inevitably applies builders keeping gear difficulties behave locked plenty person destroy systematic patent levers unattacked altering wound intervals introduce function wherever interfering repairs stop cease running alter choke aperture save primary real weighing descent hood convection baking cream dissolve retain efficiently lighter disposed extends cone grids dotted spindle movable agitator unable established train connecting involve trifling objections wheel tips partition final elsewhere intermediate conducted belong purer excepting secure intermittent rods lifted lateral permits decrease plus lest negligible past sketch depressed therein cage perforations line immersion vertically consequent gain introduces horizontally poured expel zero guides movements sheet overflow streams private rectangular cooled receive others exhausted swelling mushroom strikes liberates rendering disposing modification accident lids bottoms succession operating disc axis easier communicating securing extraneous perform float lubricating covers variation trough curved lifting diluents simultaneously constituents answer fear daylight assistance stout provide providing standing methylated choked felt heavier doors incidental applicable patterns door stove situated retaining improved crystals acetate manure rust renewing aluminium unnecessary extracting stopcock unpurified ball closing forward edge orders blown fired compact refuse weighting slide depresses consisted reagents soda winch suspension caustic operations bulb chimney seemed reproduced guide sectional decided ascertaining observations estimating appointed conform reported blue imperfectly accessible ascertained placing lengths proportioned circulation wrong initial hanging offices compressing cast brass gasified appliance serving seller emptying leaks permission enacted guard terminating ample independent ventilation relates prohibited laws preclude group fifth hungarian play adjusted substantially continuously rated probable adds consume right thread drip involving finely relief gasometer expulsion discharging maintaining station manufactured constitution accompanies extraction constructing origin extracted filtering wool phosphide arises forming renewed yielded poisoning investigations acids leather steatite beneath leak consumers differs rossel flooded wolff oxidation demonstrated took scrubber serviceable mercuric lunge bright porosity acagine acetylide frankoline chromate whereby preliminary efficacious violent pattern barium plumbate arsenious javal ultimate coupled dark papers moistening bottle pump shaft pumped convey effusion interesting investigators zone published comparable nieuwland hammerschmidt know confining depression ethylene conversion rays argand resembling achieved pigment cupric precipitate nine want error anterior flange limb observing reading closes sulphate drop diameters tenth success engines bracket temporary drainage caught fuels carbonaceous transmission testings tried distortion filtered blocking bray billwiller arms pilot inlets stadelmann twin manchester averaging favourable allgemeine carbid acetylen keller collar tension replace pasty feeding cycle lifebuoys chains lots unopened consignment analyst prescribed analyses rotated neck flask crushing goes plunger removable pulley tappet trays cages mouths meaning

principles subsequent years technical uses authors accompanying illuminants basis existing tables english delivering sudden descriptions numerous firms supplying information intrinsic hygienic tabular costs purchase soft solder gasholders deterioration corrosion frothing office committee foreign puratylene minor reagent determining drying liquids heats radiant subsidiary gauges dimensions fittings flames early autogenous soldering typical cooking welding compression liquefied dilution methane destruction manufacture vehicular cartridges railway austrian sampling estimation numbers appendix states britain ground apart possesses requisite district erected outlay varieties lying quickly oils obtainable yielding coal obtaining able preferable limited closely resembles afforded speaking issues fully distinctly virtue emits exception electricity renders positions welsbach foregoing based normally inert agent illuminative exact reference illuminant evolves suffer accordingly vitiation admixture modes depend putting principal carbonic greatly vary highest virtually accompanied discussed similarly sold seldom responsible serious relative convenience care odour inevitable largely cleaning fitting arising afford black commercially mark carries travels concentrated cool exhibits deposited composed proof eventually depth longer roughly support obviously close modern persons human harmful derived valuable naked materially occasionally rendered reduction cheap delivered interior precise wide secondary nevertheless clearly varies manifest event driving engine labour consuming affect coke certainly cheaper attention upwards capital lighted comparative include costly places steady natural attempts grades mineral mainly expense commonly houses gallon installed really totally meet reasonable bear stand understood grounds precisely quoted develop raising inverted differ covered allowing density course maintained stopped rapid bulk reservoir extreme hydrocarbon driven operated slightly inferior changed seems chemically identical proprietary loaded definite remaining portions calorific explode permissible ensure devised vapours serve producing controlling device falling arrives lose partially filling intensity brings jets preparation immediate allow deposition refer candle tests emit examined obtain essential five suitably seriously assumed sources distribution suffice object column piping equivalent approximately flat works pecuniary comparisons calculating plan apparently whatever square absolute indicates attained book board furnace worked possibility consumer beyond salt subject necessity regards sealing replaced hardly severe expansion dependent keep isolated neither weights permitted active nothing happen escaping scarcely instructions extremely idea failure followed issued pounds approved broken insure screwed marked government relating reach specified ranging preparing minimum decompose fashion obvious makers exposure tend particularly combination coated strong immersed solutions troubles termed begins evolve traces lost devoid atomic expressed together leaves whose proceeds combine indicate smallest atom atoms combined twice molecule shows combines phenomena apparent employing name condition indeed requirements theoretical raises phenomenon character result raise thermometer move boiling possess invariably steam evident modified absorb aspect amounts opportunity surrounding absorbing undoubtedly carry grave disadvantages conducting communicated employ dissipation quarter kilogramme referring necessarily unite attended exactly consequently absorbs energy mere notable details surrounded jacketed noted produces calories determination respects accordance molecular happens liberating figure leave converted surplus remembered previous slowly prevented depending external conveniently argument satisfactorily holding whence container direction inserted rest exists irregular packed piece thirds displaced gradually distributing studied readings alloys laboratory measuring difficulty supposed excessive ends french subdivided belonging lines changes previously attending feature represented construct exceeds next spontaneously manifestly simplicity processes perfect kind influence vaporised positive burns thick tubes altogether badly tarry pointed spark dissociation exhibit fill eitner hard catch periods imperfect accumulation days white fine particles moist impure characteristic circumstances impurity leaving latent come communication fluid dissolution thin layer seem built galvanised corrosive partitions constituent sound recommended thorough plants knowledge manipulation frost force lowered salts suggested preventing saline item permanent essentially variety admitted attacked travel forced drive items suited village represents stands safe laid bringing originally minute hole ways entire regular turning definition objection acting irrespective underlying shut cocks backwards cover requiring valves alterations prevents window life preferably inspection impossible alone proportions expensive additional leads enter chief experience machines prolonged movement controlled narrow moving stationary avoided dropped opens grid lies centre defect bubble solvent layers american drops bubbles introduction withdrawn increasing rotation proceed continuous containers appreciably subsequently productive descends projecting perforated annexed levels washed protection circular angle flows arrangements hollow rigidly fastened finally varying hold diaphragm jacket compartments receptacles holds ultimately motion drawer advantageous contaminated utmost annular boxes screw turn floats tanks advantageously wall warming condenser lowering alcohol along dilute glycerin competent diluting froth account organic presumably temporarily paint wire selected recharged clean condensed issuing condensing orifice holes bore drawing shaped wider crown entering weighted thickness deposit claimed carbonate lantern wave gauze section chapters sale machine brackets separated carrying strongly tested litre ring tenths rubber connexions neat examination allows located insects discharge residuum capacities actuated inner procedure bodies growths extract drier reducing diluent pair filter monoxide phosphoretted gave toxic percentage anhydride showing heratol keppeler analytical silicide silica ferric potassium patented chromic cuprous hypochlorite investigated manganese absorption kilogrammes bunsen paper detection milk coefficient berthelot optical determined values samples amorphous hefner millimetres prices tubing actuating naphey firing barrel plug rich tail testing nipple surmounted nozzle rotates blowpipe directions handle carriage alongside chain thence buckets bucket corporation superposed swivelled

acetylene generation practical treatment power second some first this work application special been various physical chemical from calcium carbide combustion luminous incandescent employment compressed into they have comparison between value other illuminating instead pure which will much clear time proper sizes mains pipes different effective prove those installation lighting already when with very full that would number generators were given such appears contents chapter cost advantages paraffin electric candles statement effect reaction water nature storage fire quality treated heat evolved difference temperature amount process effects colour spent maximum temperatures reactions high pressure general generating apparatus automatic control devices displacement action generator rising gasholder freezing holder seals safety valve artificial points observed home british regulations construction plant after impurities removal moisture reasons purification necessary extent quantity purifying materials powder efficiency material method purifier methods exhaustion position arrangement residues residue properties leakage explosive limits range explosibility solubility polymerisation formation flame copper flow their burners injector heating conditions mantles carburetted dissolved mixtures gases solution acetone carbon dioxide mixed hydrogen inflammable enrichment partial production portable lamps table lamp analysis association german yield small correction volumes united great reason frequently objectionable even perhaps somewhat more equally produced commercial scale capable volume light advantage over smaller supply required contain sufficient four capacity need nearly employed area considerably less than respect economical generally regarded within referred readily relatively gaseous also through unit space occupied higher ready developed gives latter where most convenient many must brought them heavy question simply equal greater distance make terms place source moment there cases owing practically composition body said superior suitable burner under perfectly types complete slight usually coming atmospheric yields third illumination obtained otherwise only system applied either dust what like fairly although economy mantle certain important forms room point here oxygen present requires since follows about found causes except times ordinarily three same ratio depends degree therefore little hence better rather regard products direct because does means attendant acid whereas assuming case consumption both determine burning ordinary called cause according purified used average sulphur cubic contains least ammonia foot crude good including former always should whenever domestic become taking petroleum though country often quite upon each separate whole house kept free itself reaches several hours every waste entirely away done absolutely unless carefully large store combustible sensible addition risk building appreciable during charging passes open powerful consumed being proportion half evolution best giving give figures connexion form ever fact caused current atmosphere burnt vertical comparatively above never pipe takes rate needed well excess actually tube larger contact glass public rooms becomes long before enough thus considerable constant remains stated price likely provided central cannot while difficult down supplied could directly loss adopted these generated almost highly throughout lead fixed installations parts particular fitted quantities made once actual weight taken delivery partly design extra considered mean burn duty lower making allowance seen round indicated possibly completely saturated vapour volatile hydrocarbons consists portion removed sufficiently uniform merely pass surface spirit automatically until outlet placed precautions simple without total thereby protected cold presence liquid near take mechanical data description available original speed passed constructed mixture safely purposes mixing exceed lowest state appear below normal working fall part product limit introduced matter spot specially carried show standard lights require walls wholly increases closed hour charges feet view useful just single metallic following having using added similar solid inasmuch substance evolving aqueous containing further connected increase manner absence drums drum exposed tight again opening receptacle then vessel stored upper apply bell short main dangerous explosion properly designed whether still adding local rule rules order metal vessels contained inside shall sealed opened inches avoid exceeding render explained later decomposed satisfactory possible liberated easy lumps size another true inch known lime soluble substances plain damp immediately lump occurs double compound formula produce oxide usual equation common against comes described leading slaked occur decomposition hydroxide left remain attack might hand measured efficient prevent reduced increased rises passing meter shown causing purpose mass raised fuel operation allowed warm last easily specific rise rapidly steel strictly absorbed change condensation compounds tends soon results decomposing sides outer corresponding lewes formed grammes especially calculated falls mentioned period constantly shape internal desirable sometimes charge trouble naturally diameter held charged iron remove caro among experiments overheating test proposed probably proved desired practice trustworthy benzene base intended till passage heated liable litres back stream orifices escape thrown danger prepared sludge diluted bottom joint seal side joints plate acts outside fresh pressures cylindrical inlet cylinder return escapes thoroughly atmospheres friction attached service gauge level height filled chamber governor holders mechanism chambers makes principle feed cock purifiers effected gravity firm tank compartment type mouth shoot granulated conical horizontal drawn basket arranged removing divided series lever serves flexible enters hopper supported length sulphuretted washer sodium chloride comprises washing funnel phosphorus recharging discharged sample turned porous silicon phosphine sulphuric phosphoric hydrochloric chlorine head ignition cylinders taps mounted equalising

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