Word Cloud for "An Account of Sa-Go-Ye-Wat-Ha, or Red Jacket, and His People, 1750-1830" by John Niles Hubbard.

Word Cloud for "An Account of Sa-Go-Ye-Wat-Ha, or Red Jacket, and His People, 1750-1830"

This book was authored by John Niles Hubbard. (1815 - 1897)

Area, genre or subject: Iroquois Indians -- Government relations.

The Bag of Words In "An Account of Sa-Go-Ye-Wat-Ha, or Red Jacket, and His People, 1750-1830" (Main Words):

later serve concealed truly angry grave labors liberty names probable story project thayendanegea desiring event fresh expectations medal offers final reminiscence unpleasant termination tecumseh precedence refuse albert remarkable launching contempt refined bridge leaves regards talks sickness hendrick chapter naturally awakened orators deeper marks forever fast presents commonly station birth affirm born tradition wonderful distinction study repeated attained greatest enjoyed warm sprang afforded noblest conferred ordinary rugged bestowed inquire laws meridian grow confidence superior simplicity elevation exhibiting logan mentioned suffer youth vigorous alike belonged sincere added wait worthy alone cultivated characterized earliest ceremonies learned historical largely express exercise career respects grown scattered deer door dwelt wisdom runner enterprising successfully pressed unwilling justly term formidable prowess extent parties yield lakes pursuit energy terror pronounced records becoming remains world lower huge descended parts fled earth real works chosen below evil similar running bank assigned david contained enable completely tried eyes prevented armed implements happened doing presently signs deepest falling showed formerly truth affirming size directly survey wars consisting square awaken condemned devoted daughter share enterprise follow conducting considerate cutting trail bottom awaited rested assuring stern beneath mourning derived named inquiry represent independent skill suited fear destroying energies divided experience engagements discovery places physical mental worn wear arrest paid frequent severely brief reduced wishing essential peter besides noted duties affairs refrain expressing gift piece dream america built table utmost engaging swept rich numbers plenty continue quantity engage fight hearing forensic weighed summer invitation dangers face reported selected courage lead preparations nevertheless practice induce respecting endeavoring whenever master deal victim sport occurred note billy supposition fixed gain possible absence mighty soul silent caught keen finest child bright utterance answering provision importance constantly negotiation oliver probably faculty judgment consequence denied representation statements establish deliberations future impressed searching concern prospect resist encroachments comes ceded creek peaceful dominion stay driving decide demands progress writer receiving transpired points faithful indignation unsurpassed regretted lose regret uttered passage retained measure assurance threatened refers preserved appears protection included tracts allowed considered dispose ignorance source revolutionary northern strip acres fair extend influential privilege twenty legislature energetic abraham leasees agreement deed sufficient george furnished allow food provisions exception wanted wants protect message sound sort relinquish purchased residing persuaded beginning canaseraga kindly stirring exertions growing visiting touching city extraordinary embassy contemplated detroit depredations intention threatening behalf amounting satisfactory signing crime attendance aroused clear reside dance oneida seeming midst tree fathers satisfied reconciled woman hopes wounded prisoners fifteen miamis citizens watch suddenly thirty regulars seven mary ended defeat wanting everything lips firmly explained terminated consultation sending carry report carefully employed blessings confer amid attitude destroy towns throw plan encamped placing camp swarmed logs mount forced strenuous second remainder wide improvement pleasure forefathers wont picture uniformly landing hoped sincerity counsel handed witness hitherto disturbed observe possessions shaken settled delegation armies domestic belongs welfare retain readiness proper gratified carrying benevolent introduce improvements teaching induced effected somewhat clearly whilst obliged bringing requiring allowing inspire marching pursued eighty wayne surprise spent property fighting confined laying campaign busy mingled narrow turning glad exceedingly painting clan decorated call scenes imposing burying pine intercourse permission understood talked deliberating preservation hills stream variety labor aware extreme james wadsworth trying official designed avon holland convinced difference method assumed transactions compelled displayed proved taste escape repeat delaware morning rocks living appended greig step recollect neither drinking utter perceived addressing suspicion maintained cheat quoted instruct worship talk crossed prophet regarding drive chippewa scott brigade yards explain alluded doctrine dressed christ funeral

pleasant friend work extensive acquainted read human widely opinion glance strength singular services sought sketch testimony excitement produced affected claims acquired gorham union tioga expedition painted approach sudden retreat welcome silver facts liberal conclusion mill breaking jasper charged defeated causes unfavorable habits introduction encouraged proclaimed service rendered appeal finding expression personal french sense advance journey unite portrait joseph mission origin inviting excited rude arts soil reason rank conspicuous gradually hunting pass matter foot honor banks likewise arrived trial proud henry grand single generally interpreter agent accustomed hardly admiration forming path gifts answer enough measures does reached perfect entering freely private questions favored peculiar promote condition habit fires suppose presenting speaking higher possessing brave generation natural common scene listened word spoken relations emotions advantages road eminence subsequent instances numerous powerful celebrated embraced extending generous covered eastern resided messenger decided demand summoned addition decisive resisted quite arms bloody distant existed perhaps written light value race existence upper filled beautiful grew whatever mother remaining displeasure retired region hill attack effectually savage situation threw rise related offered round expressed bold shade beauty person fallen previously quick rock followed drew attempts fifty feet hearts ordered reaching moment buried fall gives stone wasted interests arose consent used site however firm front render earnest either gentlemen acquaintance hours expect indicated referred statement contest disposition advised remain prevent alliance willing agents correspondence died month readily adapted gentleman mostly speaks chose purchasing secured england mohawk show woods entirely taught gathering succeeded hands easily convened officers pledged promise suit blood confirmed free acknowledged frequently suffered unable engagement believed sometimes nine acting earnestly wife turn presence apparently circumstance calling concerning accordance wishes disposed wise hard expressive remarks anxious committed driven strenuously broke thirteen disturb reach feeble countenance proceedings agreed mouth east pennsylvania consideration surrender broad seats setting brethren usages impression needed understand interested kindled break happiness sustained favorite cast replied larger equally qualified understanding estimation thing gone referring standing thanks difficulty robert difficult connecticut massachusetts difficulties drawn amount designs decision enabled except reservations annuity proceed reservation sixteen fairly says killed distributed corn declaring commanding evidence respect twelve prisoner special letter quarters congress pacific increase conference fish commissioner sorrow adopted post intended oneidas till branches secretary utterly regular militia severe spread urged thank tears ears kindness doubt safety refused else pleased returning villages evening fine cover keeping troops behind soldiers artillery orders seeing leaving exposed broken preceding welcomed representing closing treat attend witnessed consider equal enjoy island notwithstanding think cherished parting useful requested sachems accordingly highly composed miami realize established listen arriving answered paper faith offer marched night vicinity mode victory water supply settlers forward distinct boundaries looking advantage rose across cross falls residence belonging instance pointing longer sentence inquired although volunteers pagan

account jacket your with many years held hope that these interest their being life times colonel william been before public author have made great left little anything coming after fact need were when they came prepared under influence could more distinguished different much taken orator subject during should become obtained following also whose will appear course this name connected horatio customs love eloquence among field opened early history territory indian indians charge interesting opportunity council fort office opposition part united states claim between manner attempt lands from design western york phelps hostile british ambitious visit cornplanter others seat occasion general high buffalo deputation chiefs invited country american force friendly governor speech address president cause west given military another army successful treaty canandaigua settlement opening thomas valley effort obtain interview brother morris negotiations concluded women about white young further notice english father close change christianity hostilities warriors gathered visited head surprised against take taking battle other emptive right sold ogden reply various noble success pickering bearing strong without first niagara loss care views christian king view johnson john brant seneca house known than though nation like circumstances last which once home people laid passing into less such having highest became those title gave place lived pride ancient days glory must come down nature time some near upon then lost powers began whether gained accompanied captain well whom speak ever said would since supposed conversation ground jones knowledge seen best just while minds fame what means civilized mind same leave active until councils very form government found presented advanced served greatly them above meeting around entered power here manifested nations might give native inhabitants present north most long saying toward aged hundred through away live good spirit only appointed regarded every religious entire both assembled attention each dignity language words greater thought stood even iroquois warlike there chain true original rising find trees over character feelings senecas length state line settlements thus forest small sent belt send five afterward tribe occupied fought within themselves removed tribes instead able feel engaged several brought never fully previous tell order back thereupon formed created making called nothing make things necessary conduct bring whole finally almost point conducted along river going where went main body returned proceeded directed surrounded himself together again still fell extended children certain kind lake soon immediately received continued waters seemed object marked chief latter carried short lying resolved side wild heard took leading direction heart arrival rather warrior pointed return proposed already placed missionary degree securing stand position officer particularly always late full thoughts important according next hear something deep giving period secure favorable efforts forces peace caused receive favor britain striking hence exerted especially family land considerable tract happy bear often year large kept missionaries remained death money friends informed desired assured join action declared determined better keep prominent observed march command opposed nearly company three holding purpose terms portion village turned none owing question possession represented fire voice told result ready idea desire hour frontier washington attended commissioners wrought effect stanwix appeared meet deeply look feeling four miles thence south boundary ohio open ought reference felt because passed commenced commanded looked enemy speeches want addressed purchase claimed case beyond mile genesee sale party thousand promised hand dollars executed number wished treaties brothers entertained hold regard spring business americans major cannot remove principal distance evident half town therefore treated know shall done friendship resulted request knew spoke believe wish asked forth black appearance whites parrish loved sell former religion porter

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