Word Cloud for "Pictures Every Child Should Know" by Mary Schell Hoke Bacon.

Word Cloud for "Pictures Every Child Should Know"

This book was authored by Mary Schell Hoke Bacon. (A Selection of the World's Art Masterpieces for Young People - 1870)

Area, genre or subject: 1934.

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The Bag of Words In "Pictures Every Child Should Know" (Main Words):

illustrated books signs efforts square animals succeeded preserve fashions distinguish embroidered representing oriental correct express indian ceased europe served fighting president glorious instantly occurred united travelled bearing decorated effort decoration household universal refined nation sargent metropolitan york save quote bright features however recognised brown maybe writing lies hope either interested forms allow view remains neglected arnold alessandro adolphe edward singleton baptiste camille gustave mariano classical tommaso ernest impressionist singer foreign jacopo tiziano mallord diego rodriguez illustrations dance mystic moses breaking tablets richard brinsley sword domenico nurse meeting anna retreat equestrian reads interest ambition clothes encouraged earning quarter lives artistic itself apprentice earn coarse planned talked host surprising main earned difficult backgrounds gentle imitation choir merry composed shortly widow marry purpose forgot inspiring bitter grave commissions continue overwhelmed fresco plague celebrated longed medici giulio romano vasari pitti regard notwithstanding caused circumstances throughout receiving desolate copying stopped leaning book garments line represents resting badly kinds village existence riding hurt play pleasure impression urged thirteen hated created dispute tragedy knowing thou sadness criticism relief clothing gardens statues ornamented garden happiness walking sculpture silk compelled merchant fortunes storm trace command greatness treat getting quarrel difficulty scaffolding designs bear store thumb aside filled build fled forest servant society physician illustration lying carve design inside bore wishing watch admitted completed doors closed haste send central fill charge amount refused commanded former muscles support hundreds centuries plaster methods proved concerning appearance entering hearing surprised partly female property characteristics naked pose fate forced remarked thinking hidden appears creation uffizi cklin inspired nineteen suit copied seeking vertical rise spot moving music forth poet healthy thoughts louvre luxembourg heavy fascinating tall dying sunset smaller relation falls touches loveliest worn lovingly success sheep becoming jealous sure meantime legion fear prepared popularity horses remain accepted feel advantage engraving travelling understood larger jacob belonging sale purchased presented shepherd filippo failure devotion sixtus otherwise lights suggested stiff pale guest troubles easily tree notice draperies nymphs title ecole fairly sympathy sought helpful arts receive folk rate pictured earnest across dramatic beggar please drudgery dedham delight gain exactly popular distressed sense dearly wandered complete class marked health favour closely amusing landscapes frenchman thank share hang warm evidence lose owner cottage burial mill valley opposite stream goes desire join replied threw lock copley start considerable falling judge general francis education intended preferred laughing pension everyone rousseau strokes presenting sketched developed mark begun doctor copper island sums parma sixteen presentation unusual nevertheless middle joyous softened guide action sebastian grotesque attracted illustrate round published craft maker belongs growing important step seat necessary conscience deeply intellectual reasons mere disappointment agnes reasonable struck holding hour glass knight treatment flat brushes surface dresden choice purposes praying accept designed separate charcoal reached martin equally behold angels masters moorish fast buying director priest dainty disgusted pencil thereby gained wicked century particular past lovers margaret rent daughters hours length afford burke sorrow late cause consent doubt anyone behaviour request established boys suffered noticed window conduct continued wedding gowns letting arrange accounts affairs samuel admiral highest write date delaroche third ancient jewelled windows grace rank introduced failed personages writes eleven suggest elizabeth fruit merely historical setting mixing mixed bread hurried berlin dress dignity cimabue permitted laugh paper circle choose private haarlem antwerp studies guilds common social detail strength charm modest accomplish older hobbema reward knowledge corner perfection words described schools leicester silver plate soldier entrance carefully fire move contract steps basel acquaintance tired bellini properly frequently rushed lords offices agreed unable further destroyed miniature holds raphaelites demanded continually dante turning owed week talk jews condition equal conscientious clear expressed accompanied jerusalem jewish healing interior discovery walk beyond bernard student students spoke animal space want perform rapidly state coach freedom monument pastry building copies liber owned meissonier declares unknown selling staff captain enthusiasm seldom dozens grandmother angelus latin stayed absurd moment ended juan christian kindness stranger saint below absolutely urbino ferdinand palm attended deeds easy scudi seventh unfinished mantua barbara velvet leyden amsterdam feast architectural sitters yellow willing rape academicians secret rules albert isabella madrid patron proud rocco bacchus martyrdom gentile hearted stated ludovico tribute venetians milan mona

introduction decorate beginning lines wood colouring serious draw pointed drawings wore peculiar record arms hence passed america mean considered honours drawn according employed exhibition change heads coloured flowers chief bring fair modern green commissioned paints blue gray truth calls finding value catholic imagination point pure showing barbizon nuremberg franz lorrain masaccio louis roman flemish american joseph anthony isle sistine infant sarto fact smile worthy actually rare finest needed successful models expected teacher series grand trouble perhaps unlike belonged around birds represented short helped battle careless free morning sensitive forty procession foundation admired else sooner letters letter spend finish forever peace native sacred incident beloved copy begged familiar mostly none follow treated model looks sweet simple except touch groups learning character belong vinci ways castle stands unhappy happened husband months baby begin chap broke removed gloomy wherever lorenzo really putting generally prince pleased invited reason kings tomb marble sculptor chosen course possible strong person loving women everybody brothers difficulties serve dollars allowed plan hold specially spite telling power ceiling front saints perfect sorts anecdotes sleeping ground cardinal spirit form body description call powerful appear critic sitting entire proper stand longer sons present influenced method gives makes wild influence trees lonely stone standing bonheur latter moved herself road critics sign member crown ordered offered price giving size national inches number botticelli goldsmith distinguished unless studying summoned produced gathered second grown leaves effects adoration uncle journey expression meaning ideas believed picturesque elder coming discovered honour leaving friendship formed handsome hear help foot dear valued entered nobody passing surrounded knows corot generous note daily noted napoleon soft evening fresh watching style flesh appeared supposed fifty comes background places close descent fallen word author opportunity destined highly added whatever everywhere pretty along younger carrying tender pupils case raised emperor visited coronation honoured fortuny understand thirty elegant table wears ready account heart pounds promise fashionable delightful hall comfort ones habit princess attached service sheridan impossible collection door meet writer poverty pieces religious kindly pleasant monastery represent wonder eyes within gorgeous engraver james fond someone nobleman peasants magnificent anne shadow naturally inness sometimes dogs peasant council single monet seville monks cathedral slave della saskia venice countess barber

pictures every child should know young people from great paintings besides making many upon artists here such excellent subjects always been family after that came among first were most doing their tell they show strange down what with made details figures history quite drawing little became more began themselves thus beautiful working followed soon took when good between black white true colour some brought over portraits those could early gave world benjamin left mother country where found kind away because there place engaged west royal academy while still remained chose picture known painted into scene each turn painting whole canvas than paint time real seen large part home idea have other would four which even then although seemed them ladies covered started toward better worked till this take only daughter just much less since love already museum declared must means shall artist human seem brilliant instead woman likely portrait these certainly genius keep himself same attention outside need before beauty truly does another thing simply interesting become thousand hardly room eight possibly wish look nine hundred andrea florentine michael angelo german rosa french william school english john jean correggio paul albrecht spanish thomas giotto dutch hogarth hans holman edwin henry claude murillo raphael rembrandt joshua peter tintoretto venetian titian velasquez veronese leonardo madonna horse holy virgin marriage ghirlandajo light george night duchess jesus children charles death last pronounced pupil italian painters received father named name story painter like told married wife whom loved face full work things well cared nothing fine enough money certain paid spent sort born years under order near golden original shop learn business meant very different said apprenticed taught decided devoted friends least studio looked something friend lived times everything undertook frescoes laid subject dyck long though often given company called both members wonderful occasion being also make probably doubtless midst life fell lost entirely during written about placed splendid afterward dead christ france greatly king above court settled return come back almost works believe wanted especially house built never again tried florence taking convent sketches able famous cannot faces sent remarkable pope give duke might going asked showed neither having knew find hangs ever fellow will your without died kept greatest birth speak against open figure mary seems head high tells fame thought finished returned behind used happy fortune drew once master alone through learned nature brother best wished study next live felt indeed went dressed poor small rome julius bound church says following later chapel half wrote done stood city care beside determined twelve three stories gold trying nearly buried sold rich characteristic youth hung carried santa extraordinary think fashion hands others hard shown wall turned paris studied rest italy therefore rather water together colours shows looking gone exhibited year bought england heard town sell taken landseer whose gallery finally london until matter feeling grew public palace effect held hand greater whether lovely right chance walls group side constable living deal landscape liked scenes anything lady five maria visit mind brush several days favourite river lord seven hair parents gainsborough leave sketch exquisite charming manner giovanni read worth eighteen seeing imagine feet piece girl gentleman reynolds delighted twenty sister commission hals guild watteau holbein hunt natural lion dark queen millet rubens spain philip turner

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