Word Cloud for "The Acadian Exiles : a Chronicle of the Land of Evangeline" by Sir Arthur G. (Arthur George) Doughty.

Word Cloud for "The Acadian Exiles : a Chronicle of the Land of Evangeline"

This book was authored by Sir Arthur G. (Arthur George) Doughty. (1860 - 1936)

Area, genre or subject: Acadia.

The Bag of Words In "The Acadian Exiles : a Chronicle of the Land of Evangeline" (Main Words):

volume camp maritime just line gulf right crown america religious follow indeed unfortunate real world site armed trading gathered catholic noble poutrincourt lord turned cleared monsieur high full evidently bringing supplies coasts better stores society louis hebert savage life events chaleur companies fields interesting quarters seventy subject newly hostile accepted father proved razilly body possessed twelve task giving drawn divide open honours story different fell married descendants raids sixty population chiefly religion appearance employed rivers building winter timber wood short like reason natural ownership similar reinforcements stood compelled settle claimed judgment difficulty london freedom foreign army hardly sufficient fighting anne final violent placed subercase favour leading fifteen till agreed march case fidelity cannon pleasure court quite paid enforce serious directed allies kill thereupon somewhat killed joined nation advance nearly news situation form habitations secure provided willing date desire detained protestant allow places fully possess sell maintained wish royale demand effects consideration regard january george word forward secretary attitude hoped keeping presence fear occasion expressed opinion doubt longer reply find forces paul mascarene signed enemies acknowledge obey enjoyment acts girls sought journal quantity hostilities fishing deal business exemption immediately refusing except likewise tendered especially assured faithful administration trouble warned adams duty boundary raiders expected assisted surrendered ramesay scattered hundreds autumn says intention thirty commanded prepare plans dick eighty object months calling whether moment excellency disposed tell granted meantime prove things asserted ashore corne occupy assembled pain eleven boishebert sloop demanded ship hope family weeks rous destroyed count treated treat refuse comply political favourable pisiquid deprived policy justice condition deported lordships measures largest measure corn commandant daudin requested refusal published advised intelligence together masters minutes information preserved jonathan belcher official chief bound carolina principal record york records paris valuable edited collection

exiles merely called course peninsula parts prince ground either monts april company reached entered champlain named grant brunswick vessel finally small island less spring died twenty soil arrival finding none colonists side thus formed summer eight lost established afterwards forced bearing missionaries period west leaving death considerable including property service lived himself driven away built savages petition back loyal alliance promised appointed districts maintain power charnisay miles original instructed fundy territory prevent influence captured determined enjoy making further hands relations restored presently always force money although along engaged used kept description produced half home almost expedition obtained thomas induce apparently live keep correspondence committed house certain replied neither fortress transported carried capture necessary command proceeded queen officer forth strong intended once nicholson give terms marched honour inform fall concerning military assistance seemed least minas hand probably numbers provisions obtain band collections historical utrecht rest ancient liberty remove britain addressed thought rather privileges offered permission office removal support boats carry seized decision required anything protection document ready proposed cannot attempt bishop missionary attack send nothing expulsion does poor ever action micmacs supply resolved clause chignecto detachment submission meeting considered manner contrary church respect major duke reported retired fact isthmus desired canadians verte houses best communication former shirley appendix relating appears asked unable loutre herbiers november cobb papers letters seven colonies hopson able cattle security entitled contains beausejour answer contain material monckton refugees villages household cumberland frye town neutrals philadelphia histoire transcripts

acadian land chapter acadia name some authorities from others have place where that french country many part france which began with lawrence canada never will this question became shall much take mouth river north great large south what quebec well nova edward when long jean laid colonial during until after could been made these only fifty first colony about hundred various taken among them already vessels cape scotia they sailed annapolis port here their passed near between landed within known very while were other then nine remained settled down five more good there decided august carrying village royal settlement charles most canadian history english same came captain young years before another without later both took john every boston william settlements found come tour into trade party fort whole sent settlers went king commission hold against ships under appeared bring over means general allegiance treaty order authority brought three than wrote fleet year given since whom should through having told soon following governor possession position again account permitted families present time indians according four government such issued though lands little women gave being public acadians each british england province next people garrison return upon informed thousand peace month inhabitants oath prisoners make october returned declared might soldiers last letter colonel troops arrived days held must remain taking majesty officers vetch state succeeded also indian ordered would meanwhile several left subjects themselves those free exercise june board towards therefore your continue said wished become refused leave lords allowed presented effect done arms still priests instructions regarding philipps december appear orders conduct even early work important number district council deputies september abbe memorial know children louisbourg baie grand report proclamation archives persons cornwallis transports july halifax homes documents american murray received winslow massachusetts series

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