Word Cloud for "Journals of Two Expeditions into the Interior of New South Wales" by John Oxley.

Word Cloud for "Journals of Two Expeditions into the Interior of New South Wales"

This book was authored by John Oxley. (1781 - 1828)

Area, genre or subject: New South Wales -- Discovery and exploration.

The Bag of Words In "Journals of Two Expeditions into the Interior of New South Wales" (Main Words):

stores unfavourable ensuing produce repaid flocks proof mind mixed borders washings deposited clayey intermixed closed temperature turned intervening flow situated diminutive slate coloured stiff standing abounds operation june bases earth pure bluish grey piece fire useless largest show divested arms stout salt considering obtain raised resemblance specimens quartz directing resembles ending proportion callitris slight mouth articles broad scrubby know heights given ceased expect unload undergo grow partial alarmed bound conduct motion loamy judge drain navigation examined weighed intersected stunted force bold sameness distinguish honoured islands estimated slightly ocean inhabitants regions overflowing traced derived conclude derives retreat drained portions universally resembled tail fatigued subject pendula seeming look shortly help growth strayed astonishment melville termed peak elevations periods utterly shot multitude something preclude especially inhabit camp pearl local subsistence reasonable suppose advantages observing mortification complete marsh thither stronger dreadful exhausted searching disappointment interruption finally move unwilling traversing unless casks prepared supplied impracticable arise arrive excursion stagnant deserted months including pools laden repeatedly northward literally gain imagine gallons meeting hollow horseback living refresh inclined preceding convinced feature looking brown eaten abundantly family food absolute impossibility answer condition aiton midst creeping animals away daylight missing prickly abandoned aspect changed mild relief wish scrub true accompany fact suffer promised stay ultimate success fear inclining hole existence explore inclination enjoyed merely alone watering mature imprudent possibility probability perplexing fixed serve observation procured occasion accordingly giving prudent satisfied eligible spread circle intermediate painful tedious prevailing convenient fearful occurrences daily service rained misfortune independently continuance necessity spare feeling suffering severely killing collected receiving possibly pork suspected ration lord conjectured strongest young lose researches behind purposes judging obtained goodness horizon happy live sharp botany tenacious anxiety phenomenon sources strip border ones lakes hardly hollows channels additional hook saturday accomplish instance bottoms centre thirteen animal sole throw names showers peculiarly relieving stood totally successful remarked discover arose delayed heads mention marine deserts woody circular attended powerful atriplex prevailed sheet strongly save distinguished trunks lagoon exceeds buried purposed friends variation seats astonished removed human finer secure breaking outward opportunity bending winter trended years children insomuch separation correct swim violent reasonably agreeably wales extremity contrast foliage character satisfactory laying boggy canoe event prince deeply drier pleasing companions mean ascertained materially raft transport grave outer pointed beneath covering remove bent carefully enclosed curious completed series relative hands island couple shell tracks compared fortunately hoping vessel surprise constructed rises descents commencement lightly ascent offering reeds strength imagined pitched noise offered attention collection understand anything endeavoured alternate diversified learn anxiously reaching entertained bordering feared ravines imagination sterculia waiting nepean swelled contracted discovery august cliffs expanded magnificent appearances indebted furnish springs regular flowing indicated effected honourable respectfully humble colony voyage families field material shoal provided repeated actual preventing welcome recognised pleased spears notwithstanding offer alluvial extraordinary mark showing stupendous horizontal belonging rate excited collector impassable precluded storm previous entering conclusion northern july sank advanced cutting seventeen wreck rapid charts quicksands spear exmouth loadstone earl minor principally turn weak thickness examining cockburn vines facilitate embarrassed escaped trust personal cedar peaked enter limits surf limited tides brother inlets hawke sugarloaf discoveries george yourself information herewith tour obedient traveller sidmouth colonial oxley

journal instructions examination pleasant rainy intending follow visited government showed amply labour adapted wooded pleasure idea period richest degree vegetable lying stratum poor head grazing sand late rains scattered tolerable thermometer felt difference hours degrees runs track dividing gentle appearing limestone picturesque useful ridges eminences narrow wide abrupt worn rivulet nearer fourteen space grand interesting numbers stone threw kangaroo said loads next loaded safely despatched creek myself morrow sydney surprised words used kind clearly join upper levels alternately pieces stop terminated tracts uniformly flat fertile whatever tops scene summits afternoon directed calculated rapidity halt rode returning shallow swans hour commenced survey ascend traces impeded tolerably continuing dead cypresses wild caught desolate slightest latter extends estimate mere perceived windings frequent fully apparent directions account against tree shore wound precisely mentioned opening women sight front anxious permit margin resembling overflowed forced current worse lagoons broke leaving interrupted spaces assistance interspersed arising wandering believe seventy seasons distinct presents intermingled desirable utmost beauty entire length opened pounds instead quality exceeding seldom emus enough continue cunningham bring divided bushes seems conveyed halting supposed magnitude certain occasioned does receive once winding bare constantly captain consequence descending separated examine tents consider quantities matter surrounding surrounded horse carried thrown prevent reduced chance smallest lead become partially season permanent shells remains known always experience mountainous abound danger procuring derive united advance perceive longer navigable added completely quit descend prove object order previously setting heavily gulf opinion recently number wood latitude occupied occasional overrun performed connected studded scrubs meet middle lately ponds extend muddy greatest burnt confined around trace allow affording edges miserable sufficiency carry terminating morasses usually face absence recent capable quantity size washed sunset pursue naturally containing afforded desert getting herbage grew occurred absolutely procure cleared holes exception shrubs caused southward right advisable rest attempted penetrate circumstances keeping send particular besides game support persons thence cause quitting decayed highly expectation consisted brought efforts nearest constant resolved attempting safety composing deemed began greatly portion seeing fair spreading often rendering exertion satisfaction expectations hilly singularly friendly winds induce power wind increased succeeded flour filled reported exactly serious loss happened weeks person accident natural experienced pretty addition meridian deprived knowledge ample botanical properly larger parallel altered induced suddenly equal future becoming effect remaining case conjecture free straight owing result sometimes birds easily inland abounding doubt openings compass medium altogether whose favourable attempts distinctly exceeded easy productions original avoid summer affected eastward approach rivers traversed forms exertions arrival whether sudden originally week tomb reached northerly risen chains southerly change till construct campbell bridge swept sixty proper firm company communication varied noble scenery gratified hence practicable sanguine contain flooded descent valuable ended encamped likely directly violence while consequently finest measure moderate casuarina eighty luxuriant masses junction joining pursuing spring approaching grassy marked laid gently cattle knew report spacious glen beautifully pursued rapids reaches apple wellington glens second chief rugged care important obstructions lieutenant harris respects severe moment sixteen john leading needle secretary southern approached third hastings canoes vessels inlet william deputy surveyor

expedition part received excellency governor take which been purpose course lachlan generally western interior south quitted after journey arrived bathurst found that provisions other necessary were depot weather until when morning with remainder sent them very different appearance since first beautiful good grounds yards last fine these extensive thinly hills more particularly distant plains would covered bearing small eastern immediate neighbourhood inches about eighteen under strong surface soil light flats river evidently formed from valleys proceeded towards clock passing through open vale occasionally rendered ground soft trees over frequently stony points greater miles country much stringy bark eucalyptus grass than seem three horses being stopped point rocky hill night cold most beyond what twelve upwards twenty route thickly dwarf passed mount considerable stream water westerly little ascended whence there prospect west except range between macquarie lofty rising into rich streams think above distance forty round view lost blue itself excellent well watered running descended valley banks usual higher mile half barren then sides level lower both equally timber without brush gave like never better this hitherto discovered where composed entirely time thousand bottom variety perfectly white eight nature here seemed have still seven left appeared perfect plain high east apparently whole forest clear nothing either neither direction such land might expected give source went make nearly places certainly render each side quite clothed those means growing immediately edge their although thirty scarcely natives seen down opposite some having they short presented crossed long among made evident party making several many five came remained during taken boats enabled early could taking baggage observations placed elevation hundred feet circumstance perhaps coast same objects evans nine afford come large boat appears also iron former every respect already gone before however upon tract bounded remarkable bore ranges north broken whilst species named place least following enable keep obliged passage fallen determined past termination coming back though travelled full black present accompanied fell foot general even less intended only another within hopes finding eminence none swamps numerous evening cannot days unable marks observed attempt proceed soon search four people rain prevented able fortunate quarters width depth similar cypress detached consisting appear heard going cross steep sufficient great name again fall halted difficult channel rather bank travelling fish impossible along proceeding summit immense vast thus elevated fires reason times flood waters marshes single common extremely principal supply bounding doubtless safe considered form dark somewhat singular thing near breadth fifteen acacia line progress afterwards station exceed direct deep spot called parts floods lands almost plants rose continues easterly fifty rise must therefore heavy forward extreme base branch close main below returned will considerably indeed forming pass granite find chain hoped ascertain height yesterday situation marshy farther should joined branches native probable themselves otherwise westward became return manner intention reach quarter took cape body abundance hard together chiefly eleven signs road extended across remain kangaroos perpendicular rock brushes killed fresh vicinity just dogs want employed stones rocks sandy thick possible entered continued ourselves hope endeavour best difficulty proved coarse shall whom various loose falls ever tent travel description extending irregular thought leave highest others falling plenty kept bearings state mountain honour ascending smaller extent gradually lake ridge port sufficiently tide crossing difficulties throughout accomplished mountains probably entrance beach your

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