Word Cloud for "Concerning the Spiritual in Art" by Wassily Kandinsky.

Word Cloud for "Concerning the Spiritual in Art"

This book was authored by Wassily Kandinsky. (1866 - 1944)

Area, genre or subject: Painting.

The Bag of Words In "Concerning the Spiritual in Art" (Main Words):

bathing common capable aims ideals gulf realize bring group likely tendency especially hands vague partly aspect chief proof task shown interest regard momentary name largely within space cubists realized impressionism school final greek genius springs left clearly conscious dictated seeks learn knowledge easy analogy drawn contains process drawing variations ordinary lack view term entirely drawings paints henri consider difference fully longer achieve internal impressionist profound composed tends abandonment begin treated represented series cubism treatment till beautiful given place illustrations frequently paralleled wholly become matisse young groups anyone deeper achieved generally trying impossible scientific emotions emotion front rhythm truly large understood looking play compositions shall position existence harmonize equally abandoned success distinction painter painters closely stands duty recognized back part live feelings consideration useless sees rings found living complicated portrait applies strongly extension building divided wall lady books turning neither message eyes hear turns echo veiled stage fails sometimes scorned bodily tomorrow unconsciously food absolute piece gradually suddenly continually strength spiritually spreading fall hard knows slowly brings fresh defined whatever boundaries using learned belong things road laid realm built force humanity grows test finds connection approach receives eternal comparison show free maeterlinck guiding having horse transition theatre tend might personality forth debussy note creation close constantly inward desire notes application applied clear vermilion main psychic shade system coloured exercise influences acts arrangement warmth exists subjective objective mutual likewise surfaces suppose combined possibility alterations combinations apparently inclination talk separation temporarily horizontal concentric admixture motionless tone movements contrasts antitheses decoration dancing melodic

introduction line talent last years world latter attempt cause basis better ideas experience come sudden demands immediately future development striving caused result complete down until since period ideal general sought naturalistic although influence french seen open cezanne phrase necessarily founded sympathy relationship taken representative among matter vision truth logical before mind association method examples number relation isolated choice falls take mean turn contrast figure paint well above subtle goes everything actual appear course followed blend starting single produce example gives interesting times while advance fundamental technical good quite idea attempts know impulse makes seem uses fact reached language alone freedom whom produced principles past later purpose seek through possible reach imitation essential really where superficial remain heard higher beauty deep powerful belongs thought totally lower rest despite lies side small souls again segments blind considered search frequent problem science able forgotten finally strong sensitive dark importance vibration repetition together rules outwardly alike several results varied former vibrations therefore shades remains organic particular third individual motion discord antithesis mixture gray active violet orange

from impression find artist even with some people will that such should expression towards this when life were more important than every have between which could modern artists their they spiritual must into book movement working same soul nature kandinsky terms perhaps rather most give them power often best always been those once direct necessary whether very what then there least these almost true time called over primitive like express inner feeling outer external work used various outward similarity form only meaning many methods merely seems little because does make less child element beyond parallel other pure another simple after picture objects stand mere means whole elements first case religious sense present here pictures painted conventional greater long artistic made point both human something either painting expressed being though material also ever cannot natural much real picasso lines object full without effect black purely becomes value great himself question about words colours spectator help music call harmony kind different just each geometrical abstract colour said similar need sound would produces never forms today still light upon definite according certain word corresponding works musical possibilities yellow nothing cold away create already atmosphere hand triangle spirit segment second themselves against yesterday theory further principle itself three arts reason combination physical warm blue green composition appeal white

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