Word Cloud for "The Adventures of a Boy Reporter" by Harry Steele Morrison.

Word Cloud for "The Adventures of a Boy Reporter"

This book was authored by Harry Steele Morrison.
Area, genre or subject: Reporters and reporting -- Juvenile fiction.

The Bag of Words In "The Adventures of a Boy Reporter" (Main Words):

circus bowery restaurant kindly featured gambling decides honolulu peeling pacific capital storm longing arrive heroes interviews private secretary studying amid remarkable seems absolutely enter dannie jack attention somehow turn widow water content whenever call slowly extra across true east policy means boards agreed hastily hold meeting served ground outside skillet eggs carefully remaining fall trouble wash washed spread watch name stopped promised admiring effect instructions nine late sunday school chairs middle exciting truly flying supper fast couple knows cried promise monday delight hoped buildings moment wondering boyish distance tears glorious drew hurrying person watching pulled covered crowds follow past cross built stop explained central places escaped noise passing losing fortunate everywhere fully drive observed paid brooklyn concerning between ambitious accomplish rich opened satisfied either opportunity improving occurred supposed sooner point rapid conversation afraid sending prepared president refused eaten shook gathered seldom note bound sake daylight planned full excitement allow held seven regular mile frightened surely reckon expect eight nice strong plough suit hiram thoroughly inside object blue horse secured attempt unable toward field weak playing fairly asleep awakened awaiting comfortable advice warned half longed cosy forward slender length brushed rose rising calling valuable hesitate ruins magnificent above column midst picturesque leader understand provisions shared insisted spring played sleeping grand beyond turning homesick ride company roof threw awhile feet weary splendid careful happen father sight slept below dressed fifteen lower cheap does cents previous presented lighted particularly centre narrow columns position page noticed fame years discouraged talking else popular cook waited enjoy surprise cared stories connected wholly editorial distinguished worked leading steady appreciated knowledge hotel difficult required business hall engaged describing success appreciate fascinating special daily reading needed riding games standing movement speak present danger notes overjoyed gradually crowded apparently spoke opinion line complete quietly intended spite fifth preparations need credit thank starting anxiously safe liked perfect listened ordered arms move charming francisco board wealthy lived native anywhere instead numerous throng constant cleaning deck ones anchored following appeared becoming member tents islands orders evident horses waves burning account cheer land palace spanish fleeing caught command months articles filipinos farther villages possession force deserted catch word receive indeed family works arrange perceived dress welcome celebration affair wild capture allegiance bravery captured insurgent halted hearing companies firing witnessed weeks active accompanied kong captain party ashore events scattered killed mail continue accompany evenings study

adventures reporter change trip henry working farm earn tramps dishes police newspaper coney correspondent chicago vegetables voyage strange march wounded congratulated writing filipino permission reception elegant visit sometimes sullivan bring care certainly busy railway times written necessary remained floor under really kitchen potatoes rather dirty beside open wonder coffee letters greatest appearance scene used woman sleep thinking wonderful happened imagine nearer announced carry wondered idea ought right shall bread knowing show stairs scarcely eyes prospect ahead wished corner minutes known face quiet quaint settled possibly close crowd running handsome simply impossible seeing live talked trying easy become tried question delighted stand longer seated wish less bought worth hope thrown hands worry dollars least thirty fresh departure ambition meet saying keeping perhaps breakfast hand likely accept followed food miserable grew minute words proud members those remembered light wait heart noon sound second somewhat travel evidently none rapidly adventure laughed succeeded fellow order fell watched growing seem whatever sailing filled enthusiasm older green station later occupied doubt others thousand bright hundreds policeman officer delightful talk visited save wrote also mighty reporters introduced discovered difficulty high shot assured rode finding editors chief carried managed signs proved ship begin excellent month vessel interior marching camp administration friend fine cheers learn boat natives dear shell united steamed depaw

living life club coming chapter archie york with uncle city leaving home night some among fire arrival house looking street received editor successful send transport manila rebels pleasant brave bill hickson first aguinaldo american hero regiment after return paper experiences around island town another village admiral great again letter from hong happy time hour doing work upon evening famous friends public dinner said dunn things hardly know what think most there long since determined that will never tell going come must your best make something boys take well them themselves they leave hear back made good other whole building have always when want little better keep stay anxious much obliged over went front while returned having ready these were their behind down near three hours before into each walking which been side important allowed within room should against every this felt head next thing would found more than enough began then together only until could brought several finally nearly everything experience meal just like enjoyed came wanted decided rest both about where beautiful ever lost getting give poor door stood whether able given kept week hard four clock afternoon various very away fear early entire waiting being because seen taken nothing reached entered mother seemed often thought sure look through mind walk finished soon without hurried glad along feel willing train almost heard telling even himself course streets told looked realise hundred morning walked might general during dark left passed houses many morrow expected remain taking place anything people interesting find last tired read quite deal took money gone once making days small here quickly surprised young such believe start five probably office sort write immediately started miles done help though still country large chance knew farmer tinch already gave spend spent road realised interest plan reach trees became beginning continued asked soldiers possible feeling turned interested sorry sent whom called different same kind officers part story square enterprise short jennings learned bunting news army steamer aboard troops colonel marched insurgents rebel americans cruiser

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