Word Cloud for "The Christian Year" by John Keble.

Word Cloud for "The Christian Year"

This book was authored by John Keble. (1792 - 1866)

Area, genre or subject: Church year -- Poetry.

The Bag of Words In "The Christian Year" (Main Words):

desire order minds book circle being drawn four five hidden guileless until appointed received nature zeal prepared innocent taken another melodies crowded dusky gate gathered guiding track listen season delight rising beam scenes unheard wisdom room wistful below mortal wearied amid ordained meekly hill priests advent swells signs speed strew winged adoring thronging throng selfish humble stands decaying shelter withering sickening native footsteps camp tale finds counts deepening closer gales calls lifts birds rushing falling miss watches chiefly start wilderness stately delights erst moon embrace mountains cell chill thoughtful northern adore gleaming mine unchanged linger aright deeper reach features spares distant landscape upward worthier inward christmas sudden spreads angelic echoing shepherd sooner dost future martyrs yields melting likeness sullen under purer martyr lines saith youth sweeter rill billows shrink ones heirs waving mindful stored haste grudge placid teaching unchanging hurrying paused avenging guilty breathed hides mystic bark wavering smiles pierce stained wings glowing accepted moment sigh unerring infant water abraham greet feeble mirth takes forsake fevered forgive dearly languid lorn hopeless fancies rises sheltering step burst stood young glare lucid forgotten mingled grovelling worthless bloom breezes sadness thing indeed fill taste feast whispering hate pity tenderest radiance regions stain afar lends depth waft depart bold heave struggling pleased cheerless tuned fifth glories bore watchful hermit crossed lore gloom sharpest beloved field spot gorgeous inmost answer promised aught cloudless fragments across grow fragrance closed small race crowns deeds steals tongues garden ruin either balm bower filial guilt frame therefore melt mounts keeps tried swelling heathen pitying fail perchance float tempting seeking ruined fondly self onward mutual gain lent late stores contrite door faded partial lightning victorious bonds clad fearful walls breathes traced trance risen conscious brethren bare wrapt scattered hovering speaks answered giving strength claim cease vile voices flow boding warfare nights musings unearthly decay guardian drink solace feels dies eagle dazzling wounded mirror quit beams impart height almighty waits catch shines presumptuous fade gentlest wanderer worst learned tranquil wall resting base relics rocks freshening brook monarchs wreath averted forsaken faltering shadow scorn incense shun withered knowledge floating airy giant downward distance prophetic travail autumn busy cheerful mysterious eager rapture bend send homeward bent fell gives nurse mystery spare sake leafy yonder seraph cares piercing faster humbled about thrice held yield shed cheering search brothers reason used bread paths idols sadly creator walking aerial firm brows fountain falls spend ethereal widowed

john three keble himself been short sense rose follow marked people worship heavenward brother raise setting forms living towards known also earnest died friends lives lies nought loud tide task strain solitary worldly spread wing makes worlds strains source evil hues rich path fresh opening joyous leaf fragrant clouds dewy stream genial treasures timely evermore safely mind dawn lights talk sinful common content present evening toward fading pulse tree arise searching glance dews twixt borne teach count blessings boundless near lose gathering mighty eastern gone robes ground roll dread lawless blind deigned pause desert safe seemed lone early favoured crowned darkling shows none funeral wilful draw sink lift blast freely sweep heavens doubt drooping wise leaves pledge surer flight behind wakeful strife lead midnight third wave breathe airs watched sweetly listless land choose springs kneel fourth shades page sunshine kings blissful speak lesson wouldst simple blaze song fixed choir caught royal laid virgin quiet comes reckless glad immortal right rays willing smiling nearest fainting streams wounds foes glide behold told called cheer sick shore patient pain next wears suffering arms dares stay wide broken conscience showers fills whole sword stern poured head precious offering gospel communion deem against fallen faithless sounds tongue israel wayward knew charm awhile thankless canst anguish owned epiphany loving side stays waiting sovereign mild gold didst ways purest sacrifice april touched warning better least fleet keen magic chant fathers promise autumnal rainbow walk muse fount brighter house unseen owns presence plead fiery rock stand storms rather bids healing highest birth cries hymns between sealed mournful steps wondering serene woodland wonder darksome turning mayst sons pray wherefore breast quite surely close soothe prophet drop bowers shower softest spouse wear parting bound pangs grief holiest following household lingering winds thrilling sinner haunt vainly answering gale shadowy idol moonlight brought sheep lips divine pour shine store agony shade passed stone weak haughty towers darling sent cold band grave week duteous pride thankful couch wafted dove soar drew dreadful visions according hallowed whence mist

years than born home father till went then high after some gave work though could there help little love church days which from time heart their these like while course christian year bring before faith within many form life were into that care away great when whose with each part might pass spirit true power beyond earthly together those whom christ have found think kindly thousand still shall strong soul even deep felt upon made through sought because this make dead glow again light pure back came same faithful full heaven thought voice less every note everlasting sure bless where ever seem thou human abide music daily secret souls holy such silent wild forth prayer must call down thus waves sound best round over thine altar hands star seek heavenly frail would fain clear dare hope find grace glorious soft touch around taught breeze waste your hearts morn eyes celestial things morning sleep darkness thoughts hopes will more gleam cross dear spell bliss they learn what along need beneath nearer come rest perfect live bright fast cloud sight last faint watch saviour night hide thee wondrous works earth words gracious sweet flowers gently without cannot wintry guide bear poor wandering child world ocean sunday wrath truth both mount should king prove calm gaze vision take rude children beside blessed jesus loved wait sacred chosen green flower angel aching tell meek first good give awful them trembling feel second look summer tender show dark hour sees word lord storm spirits vain above mercy angels dreams never shadows hear watching seems saint left face here dream once seal turn among rise feet other death place ears know read fair only cast dearest false dull brow glory fearless very memory dwell duly brightening given mark gentle silence heard wilt bosom pastoral lowly meet fear lost eternal most hand flame witness triumph open well view trace unto hath leave lonely doth wake mountain waters since golden praise happy blood fond hast just trust pale turns weary change restless prayers joys smile tears sinners drops blest soon eden shalt vernal fall hold endless half weep ready save bitter alone hours crown dying soothing seen stars throne proud mother turned shame spring welcome solemn free long fancy fires blessing keep said veil soaring lest break knows breath name loves shrine twas wish twilight dreary peace saints sorrow else treasure fire tones easter kind comfort trinity

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