Word Cloud for "The Man of Destiny" by Bernard Shaw.

Word Cloud for "The Man of Destiny"

This book was authored by Bernard Shaw. (1856 - 1950)

Area, genre or subject: Italy -- Drama.

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The Bag of Words In "The Man of Destiny" (Main Words):

destiny lodi afternoon respect prevent bridge young military time since seen incapable clever even world free sometimes partly least years soldiers natural fight next perhaps head getting wait quite already italian same fireplace couch another protect carefully sword whip gets left answer still tray everything beside leave govern conquer subject waiting send speak opposite certain moral taken sent rather mind ever advancing account happened show confidence came sort fellow chair places offers broken handkerchief strange might room wants enough always found brave courage nobody laughing anything women poor rest vulgar information help english englishman

austrian austrians does understand under having these most such cannot being well become knows army whom except said right every half makes until again stands vineyard face door full inner middle minutes strong leaning things great thing yourself whilst keep battle coming officer turning voice honor come suddenly fear horse catch arms myself once breast woman behind mean despatches save herself people afraid high papers letters

from over with which french general napoleon been first that will this without them lieutenant would have give nothing take making himself much only then some before just through there they because must make their were when back little know between like down where more than should what other table giuseppe good side taking into your lady think takes throws could find looking shall hands puts about sits looks here comes turns moment very hand goes suppose tell better eyes away never look after across want letter wanted really those packet read

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