Word Cloud for "Bernard Shaw's Preface to Androcles and the Lion" by Bernard Shaw.

Word Cloud for "Bernard Shaw's Preface to Androcles and the Lion"

This book was authored by Bernard Shaw. (1856 - 1950)

Area, genre or subject: Christianity.

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The Bag of Words In "Bernard Shaw's Preface to Androcles and the Lion" (Main Words):

majority salvationism remedy expectation barleycorn looking flight savage teachings change literary charm romance witness peculiar agreed truth captain biological instinct confusion success qualities credulity immortality inevitable importance hopeless beginning look churches failure sane breaks feeling crucified somehow bishop took died specific greatly ready misery away plainly however corrupt government machinery carry necessary respectable worked revenge assumption humanity beliefs working stars incapable evolution existed extent laws treat imagination white literal concerned records contrary incredulity unpractical blasphemous setting huge worship significance heard torment determined writers absurd torture presently physical judas speak minds words claiming keeping committed appeal knew stoned seemed head obsessed please hands false treated young older version book biography something study reply anyone mistake consists souls established nation hopelessly atheist pass sunday respect used public convert crude sees already wonders above conclude somebody postulate gods longer reformed building paper centuries leave supernatural members commercial movement justice wrong course suffering criminal murder succeeded discover hang fellow opinion remain care putting brand account bringing leaves neighbor driving separate gifts continually costly books logic buried beauty condition resist reproach pious horrified steal keep evident adds goes temple claimed kings royal joseph house ghost shows conception trying theory rose dozen meet normal bearing chronicler takes telling holinshed named bring angel born destroy none throws proceed prophet baptized discarding startling began preaching value gentiles preached manner trouble followers twelve apparently regards expressly root added ties evil conclusion extraordinary hearers ashamed exercise regarded mission issue main incredible feet offered cured help felt refused hero impostor raised proved thousand times controversy opinions line unto thee thou rebukes interest prophets dispute establish priests intolerable persuaded easily prisoner dies choice promise stand begins carpenter marked calling domestic community ending mary clearly saved paleographers passed completely others sentimental superior persecutors waste represented happens presumably ordinary protest ones convincing accounts leaving dealing obviously assume escape consider replied grip occur rescue remains endure wrote everybody infallible terms medieval middle greatest fancy heart william tenths leaders followed wholly parts present property throwing average reduce rate complicated country organized needs figures national paying examination virtue brings worth fifty secure fear handful individuals equality soul holding sacred mischief practicable wants population utmost gave control threats easier delivered conventional struck getting unmarried burden pressure allows terror monstrous pauline preoccupation synthesis synthetic assumptions

difference punishment class redeemer scheme luther date touch character theology crucifixion credibility alternative practice equal cabin scientific worse stoning acts apostles secular empire years spite millions taken sort claims subject king hold capable general pilate admit society taking knowledge dangerous insist full true including independent taught considerable reason mankind provided record impression mass think dislike brought england least complete reasons often regard conduct divinity conviction cruel soon english important blasphemy horror preacher archbishop declared credible spirit angels came object four tradition else perhaps easy asking views intellectual want turn number single ourselves lives whatever position offer powers objection matters hope criticism primitive mean works sake innocent blood historical exactly possibly lead once comes conceived finally career eating test slain traditions body return glory days upon events side gives bear declare mother following father ground half event meant begin evangelists given lifetime written attitude child jewish rite circumcision ridiculous village open late cure authority practically elaborate obvious extremely mention known business fall merely describes bread certainly disciple suddenly problem declares destiny left alive original described reader almost sayings include hardly nevertheless ages reasonable round facts result sorts rule system school towards highly honest freedom conversion adam

christianity give gospels without religion between atonement salvation first john world divine matthew baptist jesus civilized miracles great jerusalem sacrifice this barabbas narrative mark women disciples luke story belief christian modern communism shall time distribution according political money judge free will marriage family better case after paul baptism personal view therefore higher hell right teaching question seems been nobody ever enough name there even like that every makes have always though christ were might such kingdom which much more than part went people never made since doctrine into social human nature would found work practical point with find know deal about things could person greater from their making them should order power very delusion make christians they before became save must still because these good sense common life many other believing earth heaven doctrines jews only unless moral individual thought greek church fact some another same said certain those claim cannot just themselves produced quite well real among really himself mahomet persons place high british nothing clear death believed whether accept peter reject rise again equally going through against does become when called follow what tells notion whom mere saying instead doing priest simple accepted whole take having coming where read impossible bible able dead call doubt either gospel stories narratives within today little except possible state history mind long asked here religious being thus million rich love children poor actually form faith neither over rather less desire then your also natural idea last means civilization entirely moment both matter effect down cost salvationist until best feel sins believe becomes under most miracle eternal indeed itself second experience later roman holy whose attempt birth three need miraculous force whilst evidence hand told everything live says beyond come popular anything lost simply light woman interesting done tell seven wife back different century believes thing married five particular income hundred economic conscience french

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