Word Cloud for "Androcles and the Lion" by Bernard Shaw.

Word Cloud for "Androcles and the Lion"

This book was authored by Bernard Shaw. (1856 - 1950)

Area, genre or subject: English drama (Comedy).

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The Bag of Words In "Androcles and the Lion" (Main Words):

limps right thorn along long megaera seems rather handsome well throwing saying body thinking sitting ground ought making life return gods house common bring whole took talk those again shoulders animals live going sees terror heard taking pull show dear tail finally arches square west prisoners among young standing rest none behave once march called except meant find looks female whilst fact women given persecution official attention prisoner divine point save pinch matter fellow until greek descends love whom court altar diana means play touch anything pray trying remember running followed past cheek watching whose left real each middle sort turning happy whether spirit follow brother perhaps forget martyrs rising thought fair coming armor themselves honor therefore pretorian place best door blood dreams rush slave german church

wife might nothing help wild beasts soul cruel throws head yourself name home sacrifice same first better myself stand woman keep rises here enough thrown falls time between holds made nice hurt ever shakes rushes looking east sits both behind steps case imperial doubt tell incense religious really sword moment fear thing believe turns lentulus metellus want without struck heaven sure menagerie kill caesar stories

androcles lion christian comes from three which himself down with like goes come little very good their look another every must before there this they always make when what have think being your just because people poor then back that only christians much know were than them take should through into over hands great towards after will shall even more away makes face other where side roman lions fight gladiators about captain cannot throw these something such call arena against centurion emperor religion would lavinia does most faith death been give could hand never turn ferrovius spintho some quite feel passage editor

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