Word Cloud for "Pygmalion" by Bernard Shaw.

Word Cloud for "Pygmalion"

This book was authored by Bernard Shaw. (1856 - 1950)

Area, genre or subject: Flower vending -- Drama.

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The Bag of Words In "Pygmalion" (Main Words):

respect impossible open needs phonetic became interested subject towards living contempt persons future bring daresay patent shorthand acquired earth meant capable sense current whatever remarkable also dressed past triumph paper learn leaves mostly times certainly writing reason cannot taught gave touches extent knows hard relations sometimes expect extremely throwing theatre state natural attempt sorry spite running already evening turned street everybody night basket dust london hair coat doubt afford talking behind light beside retires advantage springing wrong speaking sell matter question rest quick show holds read pronunciation begin nice blooming turning sarcastic park interest meddle offered hastily please largelady near wounded above happy hundred themselves soul laughing gutter pass voice stands hearth nearest fireplace telephone putting bullying hope excuse across working often selling tottenham court unless cost chance went teaching simple touch feels understand experiment idea ring dear slightest station beautiful begins feeling heart rises chocolate beginning taxi marrying beauty learning lots finds present sitting moment becomes damned likely particular able send free resolutely opening finally returns deserving nature society five walks fashionable step fellow seem balcony morris window elizabethan pretty picked covent doing calling changed gives jolly problem given chuck letter appeared notice felt fool once treated bachelors lost happened telling forgotten world expected along weak married instinct marriage fact strong earlscourt private seemed school

seen english teach popular head whom best general sweet professor proper personal walking called least knew used write four penny less point hand except easy true business several certain social among again play wish change worse seems getting ought bystander stand rain love nearly next opens picking flowers hardly black long clean trying yourself puts thinking thank help shut took charge character book anybody police course stop hear drop within pounds mind leave duchess garden shop meet gets different further table standing everything difference looks says glad wanted throw turns real somebody clothes professional year suddenly home feelings asked trouble friends suppose both devil afraid interesting house fine means small soon pick father instead wimpole ottoman ends damn manners together pair knowledge either thousand treat fetching

will which have their speak they that himself what without making some other even made such there been kind many years when still with always would very another were henry then young about great them perhaps thought more than from nothing language chair being into first time found quite until become sort must something could right left much should those higgins only word though whole every well your make comes this most where might nobody never taken against three these having eliza doolittle because think know keep here makes people over goes anything flower girl daughter women thing done last little under lady back between mother come after freddy take look sits down ever rather give tell same gentleman takes place turn taking poor good really better money through away note taker coming said whether just like need told live call want side shall brought herself enough else woman human looking months maid work myself colonel pickering came rising throws door round corner room middle find half piano almost going pearce wants talk before giving heard face liza hands mean life class care sure does anyone marry miss feel things eynsford hill clara silly slippers common

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