Word Cloud for "Major Barbara" by Bernard Shaw.

Word Cloud for "Major Barbara"

This book was authored by Bernard Shaw. (1856 - 1950)

Area, genre or subject: Didactic drama.

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The Bag of Words In "Major Barbara" (Main Words):

wilton person herself smaller window opinion treated class while learn bear lives asked years income next church professor actually nobody word once thank thinking means present four seven hardly called selling giving credit social broke married worse decide sake either whatever daresay alone horrible aside tradition somebody whose sons excuse told history home broken doing preaching used simply thrown ought might capable near order sure meet intellectual having teach anybody english room ready stay therefore ashamed moment touch stood sorry talking happy awfully please fetch yesterday march hall mile shillings streets necessary amount tosh belong deny becomes trade spend earth morality aerial names opens hear went worship tears tambourine ground above leading meal except drive given moves week bein inside society start lies voice rest hair wants crying kisses running prayin fight afford girl scrap devil yours fear believe putting save intense convert side throw waste gentleman heart bashed fact general close human dionysos pockets dead else together beside change indicating past write knows carry saxmundham bodger cheque prawce offer sell sold prince duty greatly become explosives town huge shed whether blow weapons wrote courage

settee middle sitting behind exactly corner music chair matter speak whole unless getting perhaps taken help pounds says also least year greek public head heard adolphus best need trying live name making millions able behave moral everything listen adopted since rich reason marry afraid none said forgive took understand question natural these forward show many sense form high conscience force towards crosses west wish turning seen saying feel proud instead both remember gives play part talk street meeting blood heaven peace turn cannons almost choose neither care proper respectable came yourself dare bring poverty less common mother snobby white rising gate again agen across todger silly suddenly hundred round gave found baines souls foundry kill world bilton

major barbara after lady britomart house would writing with table door woman well quite last very until into down were that being young under taking himself still some from rather than stephen sits only comes have takes your there nothing want something much more course going done anything poor think most must face life really cannot know things time never they thought little about what right enough made good charles lomax will sarah find another even then make salvation drum because over love when cusins ever against people shall like always mean better this dear where money come other children long same keep father thousand give should without first undershaft those andrew their could every lord take just them sort thing foundling wanted such wicked tell been business left cannon leave great hand wrong religion mind place suppose sooner here coming looking goes which army before look makes through between soul saved strong hands shelter certain myself half true stop turns away work yard bread looks stand price rummy bill goin jenny three shirley eyes five back does power call

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