Word Cloud for "The Interdependence of Literature" by Georgina Pell Curtis.

Word Cloud for "The Interdependence of Literature"

This book was authored by Georgina Pell Curtis. (1859 - 1922)

Area, genre or subject: Literature, Comparative.

The Bag of Words In "The Interdependence of Literature" (Main Words):

interdependence higher narrative gradual races subsequent complete five abraham researches east order incidents numerous moses familiar didactic chosen several highest culture inscriptions take went antiquity fact extended students brilliant errors superior truth corrupted perfect things truths writing advent marvellous strength shall again darkness spaniards outside race though extensive mythological wherein height reaching effect imagination gives model wide anything dante indebted faith else mixed records embodied host important held aryan india words word derived name russia origin fables dramas poet contains spite resemblance remarkable think touched obtained traced alexander invaded worship following bear manners rule caused represented object represent eastern opened famous copies originated turn left alexandrian continued monuments belongs whatever ideas undoubtedly birth general tradition empire freedom founder includes regarded pagan appear particularly added imitate somewhat virgil imaginative becomes power composed monument nursery provence rhyme rest fancy oral heroes lays existence half imitators tragic mostly developed carried handed revival satire decline alfred thoroughly often gaelic father cannot point unknown wandering dominated giving lied scott monks received fairy various feeling simple near keep hero women generally reached hungarians bring result collected outcome young lead copy flourished closely marked ninth fabliaux elements idea cloisters tragedy revive mysteries frequently evil events good theatre stands classes change germans golden splendid elizabethan adopted desire arabians fine louis arabs struggle count alfonso fiction deep adventures refined accession rich type toward similar element chivalry turned others milton craze literati norman knights luther welsh thomas

south author interest persian egyptian scandinavian chivalrous portuguese dutch oldest hundred possessed largely egypt civilization themselves thousand sacred story knowledge drew hence oriental scholars languages books says western believed whom seen cultivated holy those divine make thus primitive trace passed pastoral beautiful lived round alone unity recognized forms latter mystery beauty treasure another lasting upon imitation pure either four civilized wonderful remote european seem hindu southern collection except each gradually state greatness religion traces akin nature indian soon soul lower names close rise tenth considered nothing human will shakespeare death catholic preserved conquered next third formed learning kings profound intellectual acquired character produced full mind measure powerful kept distinguished means magnificent native number christianity john conquest rome romans reign troubadours chiefly earlier high less last saxon king imitated peculiar lyric dramatic essentially followed rude invented song spread passion ballads british countries since sought classical legend arthur attained italy divided comedy arose play court henry voltaire without strongly taste bishop coming eleventh partly science scotch drawn trouveres philosophers taught translations house

literature there first second always through these subject that been work written more style than ages with very some ancient early hebrew greek roman heroic poetry gothic romantic drama arabian spanish french italian german latin seventeenth eighteenth century philosophy english from centuries present different europe this people history christian supposed until years back time before which they borrowed older where brought three were poems unlike well nearly same other known traditions earliest must have only also best even later times development although teaching bible historical religious such belief many while most writings about literary learned long arts world into book whose could modern find great founded study never taken over them their among every country came when being then given remained beginning became nineteenth down true life chief made language began influenced greeks little influence during period especially sixteenth entirely greatest middle tried found spirit both poetical original nations what whole nation become foundation spain took common works almost translated epic against thought songs sung part between love light introduced popular northern mythology like form class strong come would material said called after under much still thirteenth foreign writers translation ever appeared place classic national used verse celebrated gave school poets real twelfth poem prose legends romances stories tales deeds fifteenth wrote romance england chivalric germany fourteenth france plays provencal

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