Word Cloud for "Fridthjof's Saga; a Norse romance" by Esaias Tegnér.

Word Cloud for "Fridthjof's Saga; a Norse romance"

This book was authored by Esaias Tegnér. (1782 - 1846)

Area, genre or subject: Swedish poetry -- Translations into English.

The Bag of Words In "Fridthjof's Saga; a Norse romance" (Main Words):

translation years just part form minds four even canto single arms straight buds house joyful deftly soft turning lance hunter woman lily field praise ruddy gladly gayly smiles silence emerald splendor guide moon hilding ancestral peasant ancient temples amid haired weak seemed after twixt kingdom throughout less knows tried birds graves proud often tints surely passed whisper warriors wide held concerning heroic cruel tender buried mounds tops woods hither thither times iron built table frey heavens foreign sitting covered flashed brighter sparkling horns gleamed chief lived depths cometh higher weapon cleft blow lightning letters known cock poets seated wine groweth sighing crowns pleasure vain sailed girdle foam leave gift sailor rocks sought strand water behind receive save same skoal seat music hears halfdan enraptured memory fondly loving hills prayers another cheek sent message brown welcome swiftly justice live flaming hung clang north dwells peaceful shadow year snowy might reign accents purple flower early withered answer return bird priest vala strikes lilies grow wilt rays islands wedding lover kiss speak roses looks calm sacrifice starry fill bound winged lips council haughty wretched pallid because powers under stone loosened offer judgment forgotten glowing sharp glance stems southern flowing moment although rises star watch show childhood child cherished poor farewell friendly face being follow wherever wears sigh sinks harp sorrow sets silvery seeking mortals riding deck darkness coward waving bitter safely feet quick smoke cloud wasted steed token drops wall false loosed flies turned canst robes grass pride azure fall laid monarch belt stranger birth

saga made gave until work story heard quite does fear given happy friend beauty stem forth anger mantle grew pinions lovely dark sail hands find wild mild clear beside cheeks crowned renowned also hearts born thor strength fight glad dare palace grown honored half wisdom sons some next bore between rule people right pure firm friends groves worth seas wise dwelling standing choose seek these always storms make most best blade great bears turn flew mind aged tell spirit royal fast children steel quiet lest gentle close forever allfather weary longing rich left himself twelve looked drinking fierce drink carved black seen guest brother fire bjorn lost forest giant hard entered drew hall burning swords evil ship foaming clad dear along head race ocean days tears dale ashes grief voice freyja earl sister waters champion board without scorn vengeance soul hast western true pious mine offering horn thoughts free hate earthly shining thought meet hero waiting spoke broken angantyr eagle wrathful keel behold flying bloody goblins cold toward bride falls brimming fields altar

been many every into about viking which here said that there never this have with they cannot were them much word could good well will think fridthjof than where home full like comes king ring grave father northern green tree crown helmet battle other rose when winter still around earth their young ingeborg those light rosy pale round queen kings such honor would blue while white found high from clouds sweet spring flowers sunshine first golden quickly stands youth whose hope life breast though maiden brave alone each brow fair heaven gold beauteous bosom beneath safe know eyes once heart song what death faithful love strong wave sang soon bright shields went runes night stars thou time thine give borg shield should your norns blood odin thorstein goes down unto fate power sword world lives mountain stand gods words holy through evening upon bele valhal before three hand came stood together take locks land within swift gives more shall waves joyous near then hath must come atonement better little whom winds long neath ever noble since till back northland daughter both grove above side helge took only billows among filled silver heavenly cast beautiful image called away none scarce twas again fresh against summer dragon place gainst last silent sits morning hear thee ellide dead thus over doth fell peace tribute kindly loved name bring sacred longer temple wrath look rest champions itself wings bear storm sleep human indeed balder deep

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