Word Cloud for "The Devil's Disciple" by Bernard Shaw.

Word Cloud for "The Devil's Disciple"

This book was authored by Bernard Shaw. (1856 - 1950)

Area, genre or subject: War -- Drama.

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The Bag of Words In "The Devil's Disciple" (Main Words):

night sitting hard goodness simply finally anything high many women asleep shawl step plain leading heavy front corner rack common shows wake sees open wait staring feeling show expected death interrupting work speaking coming sent public fine live mouth doubt getting across presently drops timothy brother peter bear least eldest present greatly breath breaks sorry wicked world difference follow asked thank tone knows unable marriage dare hold days whose gave further hawkins reading expect excuse fireplace soon lawyer family light state showing civil seen young proper opinion might always anyone stupid easy company gives couple wish really afraid glass riding anxious proud once posts comfort deserve expression keeping action rising spite begin remains perfectly presence become devil intense past pull ordered springtown bequeath pounds each born holds friend horse wrong begins things accept stops street brings spirit actually example pair able crowd stoops sort plate nearly press point whole strikes danger forgive fellow watch married determined raised need arrest spare ground runs whether took myself america lose noose troops german majesty position prisoner army marched south howe england saratoga townsfolk cart executioner part brudenell

disciple hour morning kitchen woman among whom presbyterian breaking full themselves waiting above railed seat window middle next girl taken suddenly ashamed opens leaving since doing feel care upon glance stares long news standing found hanged gallows instead home anthony ready something manner cloak lord voice told beside giving money brought knew away heart poor rope pretty allow ever does thinking shakes throws sets returns mother yourself putting bring years help less thought places sense name love wife titus lady rest makes holding again rises quickly trying moment every life sign tries market square usual thing came believe time mean glad matter hate quiet gentleman understand soldier gentlemanly officer

most between black general room house town looks best after even into which nothing except still much more than that they this being without never having american from their english mind british these here have both them another military under such other dudgeon find like towards with over table opposite round back chair same side near door there clock hangs stands against looking great comes enough then your father uncle good goes fire puts little also about down keep what tell almost last just think christy essie people give right going taking hang minister though quite himself when very where duty take suppose make left anderson face making perhaps better takes sits eyes hand must call were would come said stand only husband some will shall should made those been turns done well behind first know talk leave coat richard want half herself until place before judith rather could arms william word head through look save hands hanging turning soldiers major because king george swindon cannot sergeant court burgoyne officers

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