Word Cloud for "Arms and the Man" by Bernard Shaw.

Word Cloud for "Arms and the Man"

This book was authored by Bernard Shaw. (1856 - 1950)

Area, genre or subject: Man-woman relationships -- Drama.

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The Bag of Words In "Arms and the Man" (Main Words):

work serious dramatic both does thinking small twenty perfect merely heroic gave stage among laugh says manner upon scene burst point doubt feeling gazing power gives speak equally women husband leaving figure near balcony paper wall wooden hanging further dressing photograph whose folding outside part black splendid cloak pretty charge used sword looked perhaps went servians officers girl afraid addresses running everything myself wish breaks runs firing middle voice trying keeping clear spite excuse help draws live watches ottoman hardly death meets dropping across want speaking sorry please opposite military lips professional catches staring drops carry soldier ones shewing sorts said nearly simply deeply hope brings doing hour stay climb shakes courage since mean family highest civilized call following washing coffee rank giving word mistress master thousand glad home gone taking stretches morning electric having regiments send coming taken often friend shoulder higher strolls lets wearing library salver saranoff allow getting papers incapable logs

arms knows story knew less many world care except open time puts least real moment same light sense hear rather raises soldiers reason best touch enough face these army window anything above corner chair covered chest handsome beside might wears full father pulls mother kiss russian servian came noble almost shutters cavalry safe close sleep well shew finds once whilst making pistol straight kill suppose fight sort suddenly able bring done dare found gracious couple returns mind yourself always though heart rest sent side kisses begins again remember cream himself great better feel standing garden stable rises high talk place swiss five gentleman interrupting

shaw which will from that other things every really more about were very know have make long this only there never with such most last being because their those after life been thought just must whether nothing than like comes when sees into house through should over they come would believe even head find some quite much woman people take little left seen room half stands against right hand blue before three between door chocolate another back stand young catherine good goes raina throws sergius down without first eyes bulgarian your what poor whole think until looking them herself round looks made then steps leave turning keep sure shall thing give takes hands turns table still heard coat away dear here look officer going behind lady where under could louka miss servant instead makes tell sits ever told something marry major petkoff nicola captain love bluntschli

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