Word Cloud for "John Bull's Other Island" by Bernard Shaw.

Word Cloud for "John Bull's Other Island"

This book was authored by Bernard Shaw. (1856 - 1950)

Area, genre or subject: English drama (Comedy).

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The Bag of Words In "John Bull's Other Island" (Main Words):

address civil opposite wall inner need trouble luggage letters jolly talks clean person giving noticed drove gets rest shake high offer places stops somewhat hold irishmen curse meself penny thinkin interest duty patriotic honor spend hour hated speak meeting speaking break bedad divil class year cold gentleman often possible travelling drink empty devil surely coat joke evidently edge letter accept thoroughly learnt andy dublin violent nick play anxious meant wanted hours further party nonsense blood turn hair white story everything bear wife dropping intense rule capacity prevent simply daresay events visit truth bought main ideas friends either nearest beginning wants catholicism dead special straight write send important both fortune calls choose charm talking stands past parish sight holy hell love soul wicked pether tempted agen remember throw late bustling pretty rome oxford spell outside notice harly torment shakes short above probably state hope dinner comfortable arra difference gone humor rises noise given breaking deeply spite potcheen breakfast rustic farrll brother fingers hurt cleared billy forget nice shock mill corny member anybody calling power ignorant watch nobody present hans rotten silly backgammon game becomes regret become quickly getting former lend golf syndicate efficiency

island next sitting point corner large middle writing effect south five lost deal waiting sometimes earnest hodson part carry understand best bring whatever comfort misther sorry cannot meet touch national seen whisky suddenly liberal word goin under perfectly free political gives once matter solid hardly trying stick pounds fine clever forward friend soon common hear stop means irishman morning shaking believe doubt fool whole another while many public full moral came knew worth rosscullen turning taken coming rising years ought ashamed moment strong also character knows thinking modern dear marry yours everybody across sent sentimental dreams except care able doing work less eyes instead reilly small serious gave turned else together excuse wish alone stay used since london wait having worst hands seems fact heaven stone foot near grasshopper yourself afraid hard fadher whether took worse hill walk feeling found eighteen side already known neither paid leave hwat motor hotel least foolish cigar seem answer front seat saying question doran vote faith drive puts efficient efficiently

other great doyle that their first most being live door room well from right hand between this left table with against chair which woman would much want nothing broadbent have anything they comes enough after then looks through always about just take things when going should feel very better your name haffigan called know thought rather think before almost might perhaps irish what call time back poor good stand sits down takes them there little again half some english because heart country must like every were house people last sure said ireland englishman been here more than young even land make will money england into only looking garden shall heard mind business come help though home thing turns such goes himself voice larry where makes does without never head something really suppose ever place long sense could look course those three talk sort same parliament world behind life face away priest real round making find father aunt judy nora dempsey made myself farm done until mean keep still these miss give went tower tell over road patsy keegan church black quite told cornelius barney matthew dhat

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