Word Cloud for "Heartbreak House" by Bernard Shaw.

Word Cloud for "Heartbreak House"

This book was authored by Bernard Shaw. (1856 - 1950)

Area, genre or subject: World War, 1914-1918 -- Drama.

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The Bag of Words In "Heartbreak House" (Main Words):

manner english stands professional whose guns dramatic waste sent exactly newspaper common generation high moral filled delightful prime music gallery horribly choose spent books stories john perfect modern morning paper chief idea power correct ignorance domestic empty parliament helpless manage learn moves unfortunately city utterly evil fresh recklessly charles family nature germany enemy seemed works struck saved lucky salvation fear expected behave mere prussia presently confronted destroying dangerous answer question entirely present scientific result completely idle running stop order demon whatever short sentimental body believed cruelty rate horror splendid understood matters millions civil pretend spare spite ready ground particular condition popular doubt successful attempt places west america others shoulders friend windows formerly produce sense courts american alive minds respectable leaving forth heaven tearing economic blood gone parents comfortably laid turn hold ruin forced napoleon deliberately extremely slaughter deaths thousands news noticed feeling theatrical taste forgotten pass bear average effect words elderly breakfast interrupted brother wounded free confusion afford fighting wide attention sake means getting stern foot childish carrying practical putting strength seek victory beneath election thoughtless apparently walk angry none touch pretended breaks greater week failed honest seem glory times ancient tired year close remains already twenty form upset small opera everyone easily novices cultivated comfortable pleased doors flats drunk turned foolish twin handsome household expenses speaking advancing regular seeing puritan unpleasant notion looks capital lies opens ought pleasant fashioned across open leading doorway shows plain hanging wicker rises seat returns wake looked warn seventh second glad seizes older carries dreadful kissing robbed forget worth grateful interested clothes quickly marcus wondering happier stops catching straight imaginary hundred thousand break stopping creature happen walking moustache dynamite blow rest girl addy says dinner accustomed fellows souls convenience fell drink send staring thinking drinking hair marrying pistol govern dreams blessing drunken

horseback merely name europe shot produced four standing bring sold ordinary couple stage middle houses nice lived later took immediately front true picture among sometimes upon experience spend read police science servants heads full allowed days everybody serious living private often within state innocent paid happened during longer dread since earth still dead century worse strong interest destruction ourselves each next possible history clever also meant moment powers dare itself saying possibly understand once degree happy fine giving ridiculous doing military months person certain whilst perfectly killed reason usual worst forward excuse deal beyond european girls amazing persons necessary became either remember lost everything change impossible fool indeed throwing black clear nearly taken peace children ship easy throw taking known matter able army higher broken word beginning become rich side fools talking given action followed silly face strange sell book drama evening stand somebody pretending window wrong sound born please glass wonderful terrible seems trying arms calling knows wear telling floor pantry near sofa turns begins eyes tray waiting invited daughter thank beautiful ariadne hastings takes sure papa kiss draws wants boss jealousy stick else dunn trouble past gravel assure gets falling runs leaning start expect dear wife happiness burglar thieves

heartbreak house hall where play which this before when been only very even knew that were through most world over with have leave could down about pretty them until they more these people their being less than theatres just plays every country theatre same some chance without nothing women made themselves look like into part there political sorts place best gave other between from would found first garden came make both little hard quite hardly ever went church kept except your least myself find beside mind brought because home head might nobody thought instead money keep business going neither anything poor anyone left public life those really such things what called said government point thus long then whole general right young goes sleep again another british having london against many come last years never great half whether devil under taught rather truth human good asked will better natural always after actually enough fall back child much know live must afraid love shakespeare should save course whom away take sort soldiers soldier certainly gentleman thing england fact sitting making though unless death suddenly german perhaps towards national time shall hands give work kill care real seen almost cannot show well three told call light done tell behind herself himself hope something hand here makes does rising night lady nurse believe help suppose miss want door heart looking room port starboard table chair round comes sits heard captain hushabye used shotover yourself father think hesione guinness married coming utterword husband throws mean ellie feel marry mazzini mangan talk woman hector turning randall soul

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