Word Cloud for "Five Weeks in a Balloon" by Jules Verne.

Word Cloud for "Five Weeks in a Balloon"

This book was authored by Jules Verne. (1828 - 1905)

Area, genre or subject: Africa -- Fiction.

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The Bag of Words In "Five Weeks in a Balloon" (Main Words):

journeys field considered sundry guillaume heuglin guiding honors plan rescue despair gives connected saved fantastic communication terminated resounded fearless energetic grown service indian hearts beat finest stop importance quiet applause color faces gentle peculiar abrupt singular moved earliest perils early revealed exercise children employed plans pleasant spent opportunity fond possessed continent thoroughly explorer stomach limbs grow shorter bringing savant travelled described seeking story told englishman completed purpose direct escorted series article seek soudan denham captains discovery thither efforts labors traverse reserved providence storm united showed government obstacles james character affair throughout existence lion accurate information touching naturally presented share dangers refused balloons parts weighing belonged pursuit ivory talked adventure ended bark absorbed experiments wanted announced scotchman ought future fate store forget resuming attempts victim admit sail advance onward avail losing oppose pretended cause lying mission approach perpendicular caravan oasis principal bornou seventeen kinds threatened expeditions attempted fourth consul impassable invariably ancient ranges collected documents northward regard wasted slightly swung show fact yield likely longitude lieutenant stream governor soldiers steamer replenish supplies plunging unknown tchad vogel answered opinion naked counting none sprang gets main machine sending entered altogether fill filling former layers cover containing shape problem combined constructed smaller communicate outer envelope needs accident square minute careful protected shock joined branch buntzen loss awning powder unforeseen otherwise powerful highest pointing clever anybody vessel bennet sulphuric continuing unwilling dancing breaking dinner supreme safe rendered warm boats mouth chiefs compelled bosom travelling suffered game shots reflected listened reigned experienced spirits afterward looks stay believed picture directing succeed occupied remains letting proceeded practical secured necessity oxygen action orifice decomposition pipe hermetically enable cylindrical cone becomes continually increase dilate changes vapor fully burn prove matters forward sought france neighboring trade knowledge hunger ugogo population objects observe yielded clearing blacks furious thereupon nobody ventured final thoughts strove vain party depression clumps tremendous volley inside visibly teeth rounded chart arrows majestically herself coffee delicious moments distinguish luxuriant yells astonishment studded descried perpetual closer hole torn sailing harm becoming severed hideous skimming contact lowered sheltered alarming consulted tracks watching wrapped shower thorny hidden vigorously pestilential happens vigorous cost begin yellow rolled blowing district peaks hills note rich appears blood prefer shone ridges slope dotted preceded boughs nice climbed traces bones trifling quartz companion silent agility dozen quick pity crackling carcass report bushes cutting mile roar troop horde scampered leaving obliged peaceful redoubled stony grows feeling inhospitable enclosed spot merchants noise sensation commercial utter violently shouted mistaken advantage sick appear imagine shouts circumstances sole tropical blue clad terrific hollowed scene threatening perished celestial violence reflections comprehending prey prolonged whirled risen sweeping examined drove influence tempest driving stones golden signs millions astonishing dull fancied visible crocodiles worst settled symptoms wandering immensity flash lightning pierced frightful shook aroused literally curtains flew reappeared strongly further lucky solid compact alight ocean detach horse balls discharging pile preceding encountered flat sheet fury enveloped rain streams ceased spoke origin trace boat snatched agree trembling hostile impelled allowed beholder signal thousands uttering solitary bleeding disappearing frightened notice supernatural bear attentively minds uneasy plainly whoever howl loud persons throng swift blaze whirling skill poured pressed dawn sleep dying fortune gather barbarous energy sufferings front perilous shut worth bearings anxiety quench fragment dried circumstance herbage gulf explored pints swallowed shade expanse dragged numberless narrow bruce striking halted populous clinging horses sheik galloping sportsman strike difficult readiness sufficiently condors bare pressing break towns jumped camels

weeks discoveries modern countries serve view wonderful sure home occasion unexpected names contained points capacity england beginning bullet northern post richard forest passage francis frequently rare explorers borne quarter worn escaped south certainly success london attained amount whether face incredible person medium disclosed countenance regular calm silence prepared standing pointed rocks finding immediately worthy keen scientific generally fancy glory mungo readily serious slight explore cape notwithstanding complete accomplished period west company curious daily gone number reason learned visit side happened simply drawn world directed track follow noticed effect superb served published secret traced basin interior opened traveller heart science project intrepid informed progress absolute manner preparations ship details nature started undertake push missionary races fixed knowing giving constantly climbing difference easy plants call separated distant presence travel thirst matter everybody month quitted tried later steps arrival piece holding attempt native thank talk trying trouble hung absolutely frenchman major sweep rapidity itself spectacle aloft expect excellent shadow understand obtained situated capital abandoned armed rejoined spite accompanied reconnoitre advanced central fatigue months setting kingdom pushed southern limit visited finally managed stopped latitude mysterious penetrated cataracts risk negro famous fatal eighteen chief caused officers precious third opening extent language thanks oscillations fearful seem touch start chance threw folks year produced aware advancing arrive live extremity count makes zanzibar sufficient others letters prisoner increased engaged confidence respect faithful noble style especially charming range common fourteen group profound lack takes hunter sorry comes weighed expected yourself glance equilibrium decided times including articles burst carrying double arranged round ninety used throwing larger offer currents outside eleven network covering iron lines electric apparatus gallons consisted position ladder pure floating extremely produce shelter blankets supply pretty glimpse resolute fast bottom filled board empty rifle fairly grand waiting swiftly seeing hearing sides descending excited pleasure general surprised senegal violent tear inhabitants resist fail splendid knows weather mountain touched dazzling taste drop things drew discover atmospheric motionless guide flow disturbed attention utmost drops size tank closed running spiral heated calculated danger moderate dilation european beside land attack blow islands safety middle eighty blocks fastened lifted bags gloomy regions vague gently grasped indicated marked thick sped distinctly greater stretch nearer vainly spread change winding cultivated vegetation terror savages huts consulting wood blazing resting wide trunk tribe higher ahead fertile raise summits rope lofty mingled masses meanwhile spring beasts forms elevated slopes approaching earth voice bearing arid parched stretching aside legs white species allow gathered dashed creatures horrible slowly judge glass buried relieved slightest places changed rock approached tendency moving dared devoured collection houses growing caravans cries arabs conical crowd women words fear built instant sultan sign whatever strange succeeded desperate retained exhausted feed gold tall elephant tops hear broke ball fired breeze creature state afraid contending unless hesitate foliage succession catch provisions darkness burning bent isolated grass hunt help situation heaped fallen edge meat attracted extended evidently broad horizon frequent sinking shore gliding banks bank responded cloud space fellows tossed broken plain leaning rushed courage speak overboard clung account heaven gained deprived dropped mounted horsemen reeds talabas

five africa three french from done into english african travellers pass over entirely some nearly whole this will often latter with which have been they scarcely while find much through twenty thousand under several chapter offered doctor very burton speke what between course concerning halt night ground arms above well midst desert himself more explorations those thrown away coast lake kennedy last near river there large royal geographical made important that following always head each line samuel most should remain daring human name ferguson every believe lost nothing passing were whose them many even still their high during society does short mere than once hundred then replied like such perhaps only suppose turn come stood quite about forty years height deep great rather feet seemed entire would could become continued until toward determined right single never sudden completely uttered word before brave captain young fine little known remarkable first followed part whom hour passed sometimes felt thing left where without held these along upon death already around life exactly sent half north crossed trip going centre returned ever expedition went longer according place journey fall less after region back different although either friend given miles making idea found time better came placed turned thinking look good seen doing traversed route received having looked immense when magnificent numerous among together next vast give sixty able other sources hope point east departure island eastern alone pounds shall keep enormous appeared doubt quickly foot heavy order silk body full aerial small search therefore something real really covered though eyes became carried gave easily being asked discovered merely another dick same town shot since equal natural friends formed save bore return perfect remained length died perfectly thought wild enough looking morning thus might evening took arrived dear prevent greatest your because rest take said moment opposite huge difficulty escape dangerous down must present farther long make across necessary disappeared against savage cannot directly taken certain balloon myself need reach western neither feel beyond rise speed beneath gaze began means direction four tell mount descend lose mind keeping carefully resolved ascend degree thirty below just barth degrees fifteen country question sharp resumed reached considerable intense fifty heard borders twelve again forth nine extreme minutes plunged eight city days close various ascended nile manage second work past brought taking mountains arab both sort tribes sight remarked rapid mean breath fell care getting ready want also best wait know fresh cast lower caught themselves seven stock provided strength crossing fellow almost hand master knew seems think leave called weight light struck object hydrogen carry ascensional force cubic instead surrounding atmosphere within soon enabled hold case strong upper surface form pipes pieces least possible water throw here ballast hardly people anchor quantity distance hours kept leaped current anchors driven excepting open coming cross rate clock mass flame favorable rapidly kind power impossible dense wind ascending quietly avoid bring cylinder heat amid rising temperature exact companions heads soil raised watch trees clear ferocious rose victoria fields appearance green rays suspended descended village swept fire added straight aeronauts seized surrounded natives behind elevation tree black poor unfortunate branches stretched gigantic scattered clouds greatly sound animals suddenly headlong animal hands gradually level hard recognized villages living falling moon flung dead grew rushing forests ourselves terrible birds waters shores paces sacrifice sand niger

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