Word Cloud for "Captain Brassbound's Conversion" by Bernard Shaw.

Word Cloud for "Captain Brassbound's Conversion"

This book was authored by Bernard Shaw. (1856 - 1950)

Area, genre or subject: English drama.

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The Bag of Words In "Captain Brassbound's Conversion" (Main Words):

coast following cheap garden long hills nearly thirty appears fact probably nature naturally society sometimes vowel followed dressed possible knows agin abaht send bless mawt five schooner excursion certainly hall book further travellers else question called bleck naow hinglish whatever calls blue felix wanne expression worterleoo knees addressing general name bringing wife children shut authority trying dropped begins point already everything travelling handsome carry experience seen perfectly returns forget exact immediately year greatly party young touch live least turning indian charge agent simply solicitor position world treat exactly clever unless care wish wicked sell rises over heaven women polite among seem step chief meet sultan myself respectable street cruel mother doubt italian receive feel voice finally whose longer making provide throat proper opens orders brandyfaced hold order please home movement guns clothes show waynflete pulls attempt runs round saddle horseshoe wall three opposite place ignorant language wait others throws knew speak putting danger master morocco quietly able allow vengeance becomes judge upon puts real straight command story mine muley waiting united states prisoners knowledge person telling counsel later unscrupulous cunninghame graham represent pronounce dialect

harbor having still north clean white modern instead sailor moorish atlas years sitting work seat less once ready board save above second best character missionary lidy mean howrrd yacht mogador call christian brarsbahnd assure pointing gave ahrd black word gentlemen true cockney gentleman turn many love brought pretty trouble both mouth next woman great side british dear whom case kind moment near anybody nonsense believe until since perhaps hardly brother might though bring came property hear sent leave found sort leddy getting talking talk help again sure forward gets towards stands matter heard also looks makes stand afraid ought taking another behind rising except rest sense coming osman claim whether speech doing thought part whole thou ship pronunciation

captain west little with other well from much that come looking this being english eyes there house door those only under without would some made london rather when which never does these even they cannot very himself sits lawk nothing down their thet done have been here first friend kepn will through anything more should think know find good something drinkwater ever could course said brassbound give were bloomin rankin what your into thing things most sheikh sidi american people them hand turns comes always goes lady than take life between after sorry cicely must just like such poor want same about half takes howard face quite then last enough took because shall mind right back tell left estate against hands before suppose taken keep head where look make every england going strong nice understand escort better time marzo really justice table room coat away johnson redbrook yourself uncle told cadi kearney

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