Word Cloud for "The American Spirit in Literature : a chronicle of great interpreters" by Bliss Perry.

Word Cloud for "The American Spirit in Literature : a chronicle of great interpreters"

This book was authored by Bliss Perry. (1860 - 1954)

Area, genre or subject: American literature -- History and criticism.

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The Bag of Words In "The American Spirit in Literature : a chronicle of great interpreters" (Main Words):

largely exploration wise hamilton adoption adventure economic progress institutions quick alike fathers hope resembled knack break impulse roman houses gone crowded memories tended everyone summer companions based variety rank standard battle sentiment productions affection test significant temper speaking view lapse remarkable secret primarily tendencies evolution gradually ultimately leaders understood laws particular main edgar allan earliest colony experiences conquest perished stuff dealing narratives inevitable possessed oliver joined discover radical farewell address holy liberalism feelings latent regarded evidence separate honest governor plymouth channing traditions live keep constantly minds anne conservative developed radicalism useful interpreter person becomes instincts ethical religious meet searching result emigration members arrived emotion knowledge voyage beneath change doubtless problems splendid meaning cosmopolitan strain fight bodily imaginary increasing practical truly eliot suddenly further experienced waiting send coming restless create hooker choice reason pamphlets acquaintance striking land substantial price maintained stubborn regard working fought group express writes owes either tale scholar witness bradford pilgrim runs begins saxon narrow sweetness elder pleasure abraham dominant noblest able worst steady others preacher sing wonderful covered jonathan named clever zeal perfectly logical bloody points rude divine bottom faith supreme music forget hours emotions attitude psalm version churches sitting afford crossed boys fascinated themes wife roving nathaniel professors reaction image dealt husband thoughts grim anything fields linger head inner aged seventy ended stock wrought tragic theories going results steadily height increase sewall office benjamin amusing autumn thackeray opening chapters ambitious education names represent consummate intellect president bitter normal begun admirably solid believe luck looking past edwards lonely quest maker simplicity yale journal mystical youthful issues discipline health example intense impression pure goes scott entered deeply realize represents drama continental seat road whig care appointed philosophy poetical patience defects believed invented cold simply plan scientific hour attempted purely settled atlantic tradition newspapers conduct brother owed likewise papers club founded brown mainly vocabulary cultivated society winning teaching principle meant virginian army descended impossible freneau students likely delicate rest immigrant finding argument gray tone madison begin involved turns walter civic sort emotional whimsical obvious citizen large remain hitherto failed thirteen suffered contributed fundamental colored observe weight gifted admired singular ideal reasons preamble term belong responsive scorn greek orator everett community external critics trying older garrison walt light secretary return exhibits inheritance dean sleepy epoch adopted appreciation demand remembered audience landscape endless harsh glory figure primitive children elemental proud sent confession visited sixty subject pleasant master austere magazines phases sentimental preceding spoken sufficient illustration release stimulus directly burden section eastern intuition vision hear profession terms pass sole bring reached finally subtle yankee green fond toil open memorable room method oratorical cunningly intimate happiest carefully temperament province farm haunted signed fugitive pathos moved bookish river horace looks artists lose miles glow salem larger mastery occasional paid sectional spirited politics magazine breakfast cumulative concerning biography biglow surpassed taste motley tireless defect task magic tones leaves victor frank recognize object advance harriet schoolhouse twain fiction civilization

pioneers development stern alexander force recognized constitution show share shared touch order ready done built grew successive enjoyed judgment forest expression ideals forth strength peculiarly specific judged mere frontier authors caught expressed phase take account highly peculiar preferred existence point increasingly francis standards scarlet blood miss atmosphere aware perceive course easy kind presence makes somehow possible englishmen genuine pilgrims none decade letter sought declared necessary future look swift along conditions away represented varied pattern recent racial system race important situation courage company independent ways desire wish middle university bred perception seen creed merely rights phrases calvinism democratic remained succeeded child white various dutch quaker instead next king sermon limitations liberty reveal fact respect particularly successful glance aspects revealed records help charge capable plain thousand energy passage language simple wild strong having artist lives east record growth endowed experiment passages sketch party ultimate hands position perceived capacity opinion democracy liberal sermons hand notes hard fame says name kindly effect brook sympathy judge fairly poverty dramatic passing magnificent dozen poem twentieth eternal gentle fashion curiosity pictures satire german give talk indian offered series daniel mary events established final witnessed fine leadership enduring town your gives fourth philadelphia reads effort graduated personality elements professional tall seven studies revival comes princeton science beyond criticism slave sons completely leading latest charming phrase loved humanity accepted making brief significance hated activity understanding persons extraordinary brilliant stamp journalism collection younger vitality distinguished deeper turning heard composed verses adequate edition inspired patriotic painted easily lines measure precisely paine appeared times reply remains france myself widely near lies facts hearted highest created powers absolute adequately rise paris irving nineteenth interested humor told boyhood marked triumph howells native foreign leisure formula lovers romance dark spent central finest countrymen stowe uncle inherited beta kappa excellent mood gift lyric complete sketches southern ralph waldo golden transcendentalist theodore curious transcendental concord seventh divinity superb private essays types lover family loyal twenty holmes kept difficult talent lyrics speeches prescott newspaper douglas jack bret harte

american spirit great nation note literature united states america been from beginning physical mental nature many character this colonies were indeed ever really known story something about with passionate without most civil period when whether long more than fifty years have passed since that social changes full which human daily said roger sense consciousness puritan england familiar poetry followed such interest conception could like john cotton today they instinct itself upon life moral characteristics scarcely good until better does english because here power into york state line nothing typical first three hundred traits pioneer thus characteristic generations these qualities free will quite almost their less admirable chiefly single question little some work representative literary called proved general intellectual european same eyes made certain served recognition means prose verse critical neither among best poems writers there each whole national mind given historical historian student produced professor wendell other call should last influence writing present book even colonial mother destined books them must what late charles adams once universal notable place written local provincial only chief whom individual cannot ideas common make become understand historians taught history political remember those women doubt would found unity always beautiful save genius principles captain true virginia writings clear world imagination essential think colonists part during mark being back seventeenth century thought heart friends williams personal massachusetts turn field seem very eighteenth famous truth come never early type independence equally revolution country earlier novel modern idea case over americans before came thomas sound seemed much edward took continued within between death time every became often while second class learned letters theory thinking well least vast under though freedom winthrop down through perhaps harvard natural began wide unknown felt themselves shall city then third generation doctrine soon experience immense boston church different ancient spiritual soul later against turned issue enough gave poor just things himself london wrote year government trained college cambridge helped public people high declaration although still held reader pages side james california across already also rather thirty words whatever continue william style keen george fresh five nevertheless somewhat read narrative tales returned where printed north right quiet cause home left both value seems throughout speech lincoln samuel lived word black another find sentence might whose friend after lost contemporary passion beauty used popular reading lowell minister living poet readers spite born poets actual rich material noble close touched again deep face brought certainly toward love struggle mather young south happy perfect father published four europe nearly hawthorne longfellow knew picture career foremost reputation immediate sometimes franklin jefferson french washington house real essay artistic scotch need skill know union british library study feeling fascinating revolutionary oratory feel described edited died volumes editor forgotten henry enter greater half quality service author studied youth tried school except webster knickerbocker bryant write emerson whitman went west moment instinctive liked short cooper poetic days volume greatest movement writer technical romantic thoreau theme contact slavery parkman stories problem whittier

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