Word Cloud for "Drake's Great Armada" by Walter Bigges.

Word Cloud for "Drake's Great Armada"

This book was authored by Walter Bigges.
Area, genre or subject: Voyages and travels.

The Bag of Words In "Drake's Great Armada" (Main Words):

armada walter biggs prepared during year sailed richard manned third among arrived landed nombre thence treasure held domingo offered leave caused whose will longer abandoned afterwards head second death narrative resolution francis indian service prince mariners name christopher wars high always anthony edward going laden stay eight aboard twelve principal mouth anchored needful favour while merchants departed sudden galley till returned knew large insomuch recover forced driven fair ducats harbour stayed foot making safety sort islands leagues deed alongst attempt along coast ground never because serve giving knowledge brave enemy nothing placed order fifty honour force space fourteen else plot wholly cocos hath hold passage told fire forth finding shewed though neither since manner sickness think albeit rather thereof barks known approached enterprise slain gave broken undertake help ordinary hands passed cannot turn herein understood firm inner mile skiff touched companies none shall pounds

five years return voyage last left together once goods taking drake west cape santiago evening entered only carthagena further still even brought either take given received thomas spaniards long main accompanied gotten number carried bark white course sight anything happened plainly standing another forthwith others store poor greatly furnished sampson ready cause best land ourselves guard lost thousand went marched fell valley certain stand half whereupon appointed captains pieces side here inhabited troop king consumed spent themselves pikes planted keep reason through ransom built against greater fort able

great captain this from between these march been found that under next above hundred island same english spanish would upon with their ships might general company they were after some over soldiers miles before which them should first again admiral having died time taken three when make those within commanded fleet such where into called wherein town whole down himself being charge master well both many very good john rest part chief towards days somewhat near pinnaces what said unto most amongst small there also thought without other full whom shore ship until come divers whereof thus made every present city came governor people much shot place night more sent done sufficient about began than could took boats things have fresh like better coming therefore presently little hard ordnance water then country four give likewise

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