Word Cloud for "Caesar and Cleopatra" by Bernard Shaw.

Word Cloud for "Caesar and Cleopatra"

This book was authored by Bernard Shaw. (1856 - 1950)

Area, genre or subject: Caesar, Julius -- Drama.

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The Bag of Words In "Caesar and Cleopatra" (Main Words):

christian rising officers courtyard dead beside military state success fact game ready corner front nubian torch group snatches leaving thee different painted mortal says worse slaves least fight honor neither severed already flying trumpet having changed short soon took laid slew hour rush news money carried river grow lives thought friends rule wise sell listen reign servants huge appears terror points rise loves talking shoulder puts power perish thrown breaks strange harp straight forward gently hair lost yours post presently sacrifice matter alexandria meanwhile silly dear human falls teach prevent eats feel sounds roof further seem allowed nods hardly servant moves bound shakes change tired fear dress waiting reach stare listening mind impatient seat taking places sister suffer clear business country western worth conqueror nobody hiding haughtily giving born gate both later remains months angry piece tongue septimius foot ship exactly moral orders drawing free forgive mistress mere market beach east sudden death once generations means gets bald blue trying purple elderly beyond best choose interrupting lady several fool auxiliary need eggs bale drawn parapet shore hurt ladies play please latest meet longer mithridates domo bench believed priest fair produce mixed professor history increased nature reason

night younger modern english enemies captain throw persian still point rather belzanor last julius wall close stone high standing guardsmen hear blood dressed less thou save soldier poor told brought follow throws thousand care brother found heart charge almost descendants stay battle race sent said stand open better rest water live within sacred conquer done door chief confronts each seven become next crowd taken draws years alone sphinx sits desert watching therefore under itself light image opposite work watch turn seen though running seeing herself notice sitting called whether doing killed going suppose afraid talk yourself real begins really springs dare woman find across bucina crown order forget hold step question making true following followed hands hall road civilization others achillas chair speak mark help enters near whole people wine return briton army moment call calling feet ancient learn things west boat pointing leaves harbor edge land lighthouse north four carpets instead returns strike myself carpet gives chain barricade table curtains knows became progress popular englishman difference

caesar cleopatra egypt towards roman great half than know would that from their them more they with looking young other about just which egyptian very being where will when quite whose life against side palace enough look over round gods good sentinel through have send slave bring into head before romans make comes left right hand sword down behind descended many been among women first your except shall what this himself always egyptians above does eyes were like much there came nothing these guard only ptolemy should come after even coming also slain present made back upon city voice black then common every such take full must between because some kill here soldiers queen nile rises without cannot makes past time white word those keep face whom carrying three leave until since middle away heads along girl suddenly might world think little place whilst never rome could part arms want ftatateeta believe strong tell father long show give throne again turns stands takes something runs love most goes looks loggia king another theodotus pothinus steps sense britannus rufio well name lucius turning british beautiful quay pass pilum porters apollodorus centurion same command

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