Word Cloud for "Man and Superman" by Bernard Shaw.

Word Cloud for "Man and Superman"

This book was authored by Bernard Shaw. (1856 - 1950)

Area, genre or subject: English drama.

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The Bag of Words In "Man and Superman" (Main Words):

superman views ignorance suspect decorous older loves dares suspicion paper bought catches temperament amuse none solid genuine comfortable conviction discuss treat trade affairs william childish allowed ourselves raise whenever wrong occasional attempts questions utterly produces instinctively dislike length instincts invented ideas enemy growing slain reform became second thus comic original falls reveals freedom slavery leaving works fathers wild indeed philosopher prejudices poet king enable religious carried eternal critics changed individual laugh remind devils forces civilized shock equally sing forbid danger former assert leading altogether lines absurd physical instinctive avoid figure unlike draw promise dramatic main noble sensible prosaic foot value teach vitality somewhat however appreciate initiative seeing together pair commercial seen reality disregard creation effort limits male moments important strength express pursuit selected study lived hence pictures expression special culture literature masters arts minds driving matters stories science driven refuge bred mostly support secure breeding complete dozen judgment notion fashionable folly illusions silk clearly capacity lack spare existence fingers prosperity professional bent soon hear wrote politics pleasant possibly pointed prove effect forth following enry trust watching police four nietzsche feeling religion purposes granted invent declare characters henry babies happened general beside sudden understood cold thrown scrap minded worst career wagner served admitted destroyed send knowing contempt grow wedding magnificent especially doctors worse intensely letter parlormaid upstairs suggest refined success marked president wears frock ready ways advanced further wall opposite herbert believed impression frank dark later shake sister annie sacred happiness addresses while grown talked placed confounded pieces opens described majesty mark blue walks nose appointed couple proper mercy likes constrictor ground listen positively admire interrupted intend painful piece congratulate machine hurries infinite water mourning rate surprised decide undertake refuses please breaks crying blind mask known meet sees fight insult loose naturally considering prisoner survive daresay boys wicked notice satisfaction sorts noticed ones heard stopped played change passions idle destructive fire institutions jealous hated behaved slaves warned brown truly whoever offered speech rise move extremely ladies cool taste park appearance machinery slave stay miles start learnt tired discussing week somebody leader serve along trying begins note heavy weak strolls showing liar generally hide authority lovely followed fashion civilization consulting lead america number needs willing rooms prickly tall mountain passes ablebodied imaginative friendly democrats cars broiled hill brains louisa persuade heavenly utter ghostly advantage hidden creature excellent commander classical dragged contemplation stupidity wonderful worship battles fighting cynical continual organ pleasures gold twelve husbands marries extinction hills lawn platform treats bully

comedy asked write responsibility probably forget attempt sometimes thank produced turned brought favorite expect literary mine british attention artistic order bring forced deal sexual worth modern purely clever hold stage open kept bottom past marrying convention curious author discover impossible share philosophic follows regard sympathy finds account returns form morality interesting statue daughter count genius born taken beyond high words beginning refuse opinion single london telling manners future race sword hamlet mouth five story shakespear desire wholly simple certain romance merely artist plain qualities dangerous places rich produce vital imagination interest case relation straight funeral trouble bird object assure control birth finally carry energy affectionate clean speaking office sentimental risk shows fear consciousness experience universal leads knowledge habit giving strong occasionally struggle conscious line looked written honest country dependent gave certainly spite silly respect sent perfect show others chance recognize thoroughly provided england easy given sorry entirely opinions points body consideration company clear living foolish virtue puts wonder lies courage fool labor selfish personally step difference church terms present remember agree style stupid spoken small light sounds sooner thinks pride yours roebuck military hour white hotel sell sitting door john fine chair robinson reason suffer rises across wishes anyone accept bound dead stand consider fellow liberty hair intention help saying confidence horrible kind loved sits highest resumes blame room keeping fairly answer beautiful calls corner touch afraid choose anybody expected putting sake sacrifice escape pleasure surely strange broken child girl principles cares thinking vulgar confess arms break passion trees instinct able taught playing dress voice different drive presently stone kill lose runs wretched enjoy prefer lives sierra spent brigands justice begin gate gulf steps catholic impulse villa

dear once juan with which this time here your because like were when made knew hardly years that same house making cannot character force meant shall play have such they even mere them times itself alone above must plays every since after each into allow take care most between sure century hand found find question will upon never anything what call nothing doubt public from there conscience always feel much woman only moral make comes next before people ought think english almost should subject myself enough come though love marry about whose relations another been marriage sort natural beauty friend might romantic whether married quite miss just look lady does well really good looks more than point right instead those their these social some other human fact both private popular mind want nobody himself without could would yourself ordinary took capable common whilst means against spanish according father until heaven seems ever world learn bear whole treated back also hero live view wife tell true young place knows done unless little thought greater being become leave last hands herself very full less still first left used middle class society women themselves political better serious business position matter least longer save thousand three read devil gone part real except talk through towards whom poor englishman heart know simply perfectly dream great therefore face life keep doing honor money children nature personal secret either ashamed makes hell highly everything neither takes goes throw need over sense away purpose among friends then work american moment happy becomes admit give free home taking death books things mother state half head perhaps truth where turn road said pretty having suddenly mean believe power understand under called something many already person eyes down nice word gentleman book thing seem else turns looking throws going wanted motor mendoza octavius often excuse long lost came greatest idea blood leaves rest respectable family gets soul rather writing gives ramsden black behind table suppose tavy getting wish told jack tanner name whatever duty whitefield hope guardian course glad wants round says talking violet speak rhoda best hard again dare everybody stop garden went conversation husband coming straker hector malone higher music earth senor brain

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