Word Cloud for "Samuel Butler: a sketch" by Henry Festing Jones.

Word Cloud for "Samuel Butler: a sketch"

This book was authored by Henry Festing Jones. (1851 - 1928)

Area, genre or subject: Novelists, English -- 19th century -- Biography.

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The Bag of Words In "Samuel Butler: a sketch" (Main Words):

henry near john town museum early begun still italy except showed note give rather ever seen ernest satisfied spoke almost asked remembered north known besides looked cambridge even each real papers printed signed canon since dear your serious carried number clear friend show hand doubt follow become taking began think conclusion correspondence course received caused suppose change ready determined several necessary bought considered hope intimate chapter kept miles wanted probably hour same everyone dialogue supposed canterbury spirit original gradually machines full later room financial result portrait treated view continued once return painting society pamphlet evidence jesus christ given miracle enough numbers want canton light fair theory evolution instead habit partly tell words order laundress reading bible find wordsworth lucy opinion both sicily

author london afterwards shrewsbury present left english country through between without often nothing called half taken though sometimes such away anyone anything less mind kind thing days might must interested lady friends just those good because done three article told name next another already writing account back place take looking doing until erewhon zealand breakfast fire read sent appeared whom francis british death sure knew statues whether subject alfred poem

samuel first published other butler then after being school under went took returned where some time made which gave life were spent among when only years great father they their into there every them come down like second this always thought upon would something that about found said books never whose with more than from used little very soon have could things will many during these music became handel last himself while wrote having been miss make letter copy year written also nearly much home most people should before what over came well long letters money work till charles darwin know book perhaps going idea savage write

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