Word Cloud for "Washington and His Comrades in Arms; a chronicle of the War of Independence" by George McKinnon Wrong.

Word Cloud for "Washington and His Comrades in Arms; a chronicle of the War of Independence"

This book was authored by George McKinnon Wrong. (1860 - 1948)

Area, genre or subject: Washington, George, 1732-1799 -- Military leadership.

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The Bag of Words In "Washington and His Comrades in Arms; a chronicle of the War of Independence" (Main Words):

comrades chronicles wrong note author appear write present historical chapter fourth owner contrast recruiting vivid inhabitants calm faced watching motley restless gage preparing mean surrounding patriot village floating batteries skillful frontier nathanael counsel disciplined throwing bold wolfe younger brother fallen reared helped helpless threatening eyes repeated considerable marquis tell terror charged redoubts entrenchments column black scenes fled attacking settled wealth president room adopted bear unfit worn step restored previous strange rivers crossed shows militia figure striking observer noted truly praise wholly working married rich mount sixty industry marked despotism masters lords sold offering writing formal visit careful keen amusing rules remember learn persons table imagine oliver drawing birth loved break furious entered eager forest shared nearest spend writings pictured vain glory decision clever alexander passions luxury abroad brutality votes pretty victories modern building erected built broad strand fair live norfolk worth difficulties ruined form term worked negroes sickness unfortunate foot outside wild condition transport poor anything mother boasted regulars panic resentment comment voted moment trouble resolution conquered highly taught issues inspired bloody evil posterity understood reverence virtue republic horrors unity empire preserved expressed covered sick brutal considered proposed flaming filled ruin shall motherland appeal forth occasion patriots parts meaning usual clothing fired entirely larger hours elected dignity mere support double throughout inland drove eighteen privateers familiar glad laying coast swamps interior lawrence clear divided union source along measure allow involved greatest rule quick simply action ammunition accused grave obliged fortune englanders november montreal wilderness looked waited effective commanding enter streets daniel person outlook grew steadily inevitable purpose destroyed fate crowded exiles tells denounced seized distressing orders complete retired warfare beaten retreating press withdrew huge driving paying freed share stamp imposing supreme duty simple helping severe speech farmers reverse reluctant successful superiority stand places established deal natural does reign affairs change play coerce opened increased mercy mass disliked wished supply navy disastrous fact actually caused germain lose burke beautiful gold account vote uniforms declare loyalty moreover reason thirteen reply thomas urge interests maryland carolina delayed instructed lincoln slave rebels feared pass sight safety strike squadron scene board combined parker check record capable staten chance useful manhattan situation plans cutting hills defenders suspicion flight dangerous direct sudden flag riding horse headquarters pursued successes issued allegiance donop below trenton prevent crossing seventy prisoner flows sharply saying generous january formidable crushing acute complained oath hessians passage harbor entrance voyage brandywine protected eleven clock afternoon game failure naturally fourteen surrendered using forward factor week abandoned delivered openly holding watch drawn eagerly specially described quarter method stanwix leger neutral enlisted reported gentle miss hang baggage desertion saratoga weapons weary hardships punishment strife means services ball slow jealous zeal rendered gives excellent steuben sell hatred vergennes ambassador comte bourbon treaty supremacy concentrate hanged sandy conduct rode indies paul jones rodney ones georgia critical ferguson

company special interest pressed task wise moving second colonel everything type revolutionary talked uniform issue shown lexington benjamin graves rest common question volunteers waiting anxious draw prove late feet peninsula cambridge narrow neck swept twelve advanced mile southward experienced destined furnish happened refused believe stay liked besieging william brave party straight counted advancing drew shot used dead round discipline national sure beyond colony desired says sitting mind accept remote virginian reach answer presence vast assumed noble london europe look henceforth volunteer puritan view different personal trained sixteen estate named growing vital million lived population member hand landowners human world famous seem speak cost elaborate fashion superior anger care class itself picture talk happy trees beginning felt nature gained temper post learned admit conviction merely century church gentleman experience training quite supposed paris period living today honor think pounds sense englishman score understand sharp port wide houses drive tradition respect weeks stern feeling serious except tone braddock contempt success horses hour defeated ground struck necessary threatened full laws crisis proud tories local blood agreed similar continued case advantage required number seat sail matter winter suffered badly tyranny defense touch words colonists ended ignorant single regular earl harassed opinion forced gathered fine saved belief ordered readily joined none influence ought prime short absence generals lines waters problem hoped further base leading bound water upper planned canadian fear bill ancient roman catholic western governor canadians course burning fierce champlain april friendly menace desire tyrant attitude longer sympathy recruited determined savages taking busy expedition former thirty major opposite boats carry december despised heard lead lower center storm guard cannon delay save powerful aroused edward watched decisive crown burned effort failed whigs times recent barely partly thousands yield henry indian deadly taxation treason horace trying insisted fifteen completely posts bought rate royal realized strength condemned office allowed secured minister commons finally operations letter move northward chatham conway independent least laid ever jefferson compared seems casualties sailors bore meanwhile brilliant trusted civilian northern dozen numbers destroy defend doing overwhelming terrible field sullivan sound safe landing willing quality blow active bank forts appeared escaped forty mountain rhode return rear reinforcements slipped flank value letters plunder instructions capital resolved rapidly secret northwest knowledge abandon communications months stroke allies enemies freely serve raise regard court ship transports promised herself ministry andre anchored camden rescue grasse

washington independence america certain himself american history above needed found british time with which declared that such would americans upon also massachusetts great authority read given alone valley forge alliance france yorktown arms chief among members continental philadelphia military george this from first been colonial when thousand marching show regarded hardly less than made years there long about paper boston hold down soldiers soldier five killed stood their even franklin spoke later hands ministers never more were colonies join they must have while congress events need leader under command general siege each side other open army could rather since fight troops nothing together like real officers knew give some hard keep fighting movement might decided evening june camp night fell near across charles river north behind four bunker reached only land easily lying dark force hundred marched then half seven commanded best next much thought thus morning until plan campaign should away hill driven officer soon howe friend quebec lord whose gave landed little town carried heavy food three intended through sometimes likely fire still rapid charge against front them things before came twenty again either seen told especially known said played part fought suddenly death attack began work defenses where those ships third having back burgoyne wrote private broke almost nearly know what days battle john adams moved name england remain united make virginia something struggle enough face left doubt earlier important service position character remained whether declaration called take became probably true after spent ready over truth very year foreign young king received summer roads good many took miles news asked country july following names free often coming taken though recently family died perhaps every large passion liberty society another most these master without property call children find bring kept offered early life fayette urged because french always others spirit whom went into better enemy money loss english spring last wonder skill strong serving showed able control really themselves thing coke already brought attacked sent being become certainly nation during order shore easy state seemed held fifty eight usually lack cause meet difficult bitter home high served between march possible parliament just people right political whig lost instead revolution civil deep chiefly here placed followed house autumn terms believed heart come supplies public making rank indians secure result well body retreat same will expected whole tried proved october meant charleston farther south naval power route lake turn canada city line mouth hudson policy york capture indeed danger britain passed government done fort quickly benedict arnold arrived stores towards prepared occupied forces advance montgomery head going surrender turned spite disaster regiments small captured carleton west heights help hope road leaders peace leave leaving once fleet fall place defeat weak point past hostile paid armies hundreds within both loyalists final states word tory majority friends loyalist prisoners island pennsylvania greene gone admiral cross greater august sailed victory carrying jersey sides east brooklyn september guns cornwallis delaware gates germans nine send german chesapeake clinton spain estaing newport tarleton rochambeau

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