Word Cloud for "Wanderings among South Sea Savages and in Borneo and the Philippines" by H. Wilfrid Walker.

Word Cloud for "Wanderings among South Sea Savages and in Borneo and the Philippines"

This book was authored by H. Wilfrid Walker.
Area, genre or subject: Borneo -- Description and travel.

The Bag of Words In "Wanderings among South Sea Savages and in Borneo and the Philippines" (Main Words):

south philippines eight author custom greater private wrote language depths doing ornaments written subjects possible prove lightly regards cannot anyone object helped shall therefore countries francis governor thanks picture highest princess street family nelson edge ghastly followers mambare paradise tobacco landing samoans dances interest prince suva letter smooth schooner captain terms swarmed meals grand died forty inclined success parrots previously walked hills shade trunks surface working daughters nine excellent supper sing sticks really clean dressed shell dared venture lying anchor coral space describe lose added pleasant already moment remained weary death calm waters somo vanua broke fast experience likely treated fleet entirely cast escaped throw forget dotted wooded height heap floor curiosity everything piles silver presents slightly extremely respect father belonged servant lady king accompanied tersi tongan interested watching sounded living game imagine enjoyed upper servants squatting telling year paid pulled aware shortly refused keen question want boat straight stretch flew fifteen roar room drove european speak wait minutes methods reception swimming openings shape composed bunches doors beautifully ornamented best roof bits strip pigeon fared laid backs exciting point inches buried loaded tops peculiar habit nets duck holes streams fruits plentiful tired striking plant celebrated blue either dangerous sharks occupied meal procession undoubtedly owing drinking directly finished hand handed wash chanted repeated thickly wearing severe sign effect quantity expeditions within turning practically seem mind collect steamer agreed beach greeted neck friend bring standing knees catch serious clothes surprised stop sorry varied passing dense besides background falling approach travelled frightened looks explained wish liked thinking picked running entered golden colour slight annoyed bush fair finding pleased blown owned mile otherwise advised waiting alone chanting natondre town voyage steam baggage variety broad grassy continually resumed hauled scented ducks right dragged crossed slippery resembling flowering gorge namosi accompany rose clouds tangled bearded saying brilliant plants laden world shrill voices boys approached slept seven understand rock stepped interview shouted greatest tasted build cook marked spots amused masses shaped rivers important ceremonies faces rare frighten allowed waited conversation anything happened flying watch swaying threw beat danced single dried brandishing easy mass steps fright ones shallow dogs metallic feathers amusement branch surprise change real understood shady creek feeling launch church clock officer progress ascent friendliness properly pigmy northern manila thatched slow guides distinguish lighted cross shed worked thing quickly face unhealthy display cold prevent pulling longer flooring planted bamboos bathe mixture camping consequently scrambled giant variegated thirty bringing pointed termed bows bound arrow gradually become break send maize underneath treatment reverse hidden consisting towards naturally luckily shots least hour spend swarms powerful order partly reports rifle animal seized fired informed buquils flat imagined rumours reported reach thousands song whence sleep poles branches perhaps sixty longed monkeys monkey approaching excited kinds laughing warlike draw needless result proceeded footed barigi torres straits enemies capture resident arifamu reason weird afterward camped leading kumusi inland saved highly particularly excitement bags common direction shields scouts skull cutting sergeant worth guard prisoner awkward waving attempt supposed escape revolver teeth whaleboat constantly putting none crocodile fled weeks meet reeds lives eighty twisted ladder slender leafed paddles formation orang malays punans kapit frightening jars gongs sarekei tuan rings caves swallows gomanton overhead guano bats

fellow book feel lonely islands easily mention mentioned simply general parts size certain begged collections words taken officials names strange dance interior girl fire arigita cape kaili view outside catching chapter samoan jungle name crew yelling singing delight joined eating woods meanwhile coast does beating piece sides offered talking proved fishing possibly heavy forth worst occasion hold hours believe trying lost stand middle showed hill slowly formed resembled know places idea state hair wore cause rank assured warriors find fairly months because afraid considered fond decided intended thousand tried carrying wanted board walls tied thin main enormous centre larger method taste poor captured broken growth chickens settled quantities pigeons mountains exceedingly ferns pink sorts including course dozen ready immediately fifty chiefs rarely wonderfully wear wound gold hanging done trouble inhabitants twenty matter past something waded europeans witnessed turn story forced line shore presented form rowed forests sound suppose yells literally talk meant managed overhanging astonished cannibals cannibalism fallen largest beyond swamps sago darkness scenery supply afternoon rain horrible land situated sized entrance usual stood pass usually prisoners alive bodies cooking meat killing stone whether cooked held front flowers laughter giving sharp forward cloth growing shouting watched carved feed stuck clubs fall rush continued stopped slanting ordinary paddled quaint lower reached filipinos search description blanca foot popular collected opposite clear steel struck split belonging climb surrounding luxuriant arrows points placed became fact climbed jumped season second kill chance returning allow party attacked actually less acland okeina miners rifles report force skulls magistrate ladders sarawak rejang hose fort chinese sibu brass hadji richardson

wanderings among borneo with from others brother this which took deep kind often making case first place what here part word that very dayak negrito tropical made home they could have left much might been almost when these thought more about natives several other will show being interesting such would give life during many over nearly should like north well various though time birds fear also down native used heard some them were myself while given friends whom cases sure their help government large only those afterwards take people fijian house fish fiji cannibal wood filipino village river scene girls head shooting tree climbing negritos wife three great woman papuan armed police bird expedition guinea houses agai ambu monckton dayaks canoes women children platform long round journey fijians arrival ratu lala think stay island both look back gave morning taking latter present after arrived same evening small carried whilst four seemed strong english spoke green together consisted start toward hands spent most yards little next until dark quite crowd looking although there white away doubt soon spite beautiful surrounded pretty plenty learnt days young across till came around hard steep narrow then along things trees sometimes generally sitting lived told five asked still especially years always black arms come themselves coloured legs numerous never even amusing different your feet villages sort every night loud once regular inside passed called gone before turned into followed began declared last full expected each between going eaten nothing since previous ever except skin miles short distance light ground hardly through said getting evidently anxious landed glad mountain rocks huts natural grass fruit deal amid where fine rocky wooden built found attack mats greatly discovered later high himself felt good visited hundred club killed british late thick smaller learned whose named sent visit below under pieces bright brought bearing filled known splendid whenever near fell body just noticed walk heads against upon leaving return wished rough country carry tell keep times possessed further wonderful half rather coconut palm raised fastened close live wild spear went fully length curious means shot hear kept lake must species fresh caught huge water without work food started covered yellow mouth side looked rest fighting another make chiefly stayed returned sight rushing cries number seen amongst knew than picturesque spot grew account dead leaves stream shoot call enough certainly masirewa determined chief bamboo behind banks whole canoe able above better open suddenly ourselves human palms pigs early seeing impossible distant tribe angry having following again appeared rushed forest florida extraordinary fever collecting american coming friendly tall rice spears rattan hole leave noise malay hunting carriers track doboduras camp dobodura notu notus baruga enemy thus rajah dubi nest cave nests

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