Word Cloud for "Shakespeare's First Folio" by William Shakespeare.

Word Cloud for "Shakespeare's First Folio"

This book was authored by William Shakespeare. (1564 - 1616)

Area, genre or subject: Drama.

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The Bag of Words In "Shakespeare's First Folio" (Main Words):

grauer printed abilities nations spell upon decree departed give crafty pretend excuses insolent europe bankes volumes globe rayes coffin deceased brasse sped actors principall heigh cheerely rope drowning destiny whoreson meerly mightst washing tides alay suffered magick spectacle compassion prouision tended remembrest yere issued mannage rapt trash popular temporall confederates annuall fated hurried remembring prepared carkasse rats ensue prouidence iland bountifull depend influence boorded yards claps sulphurous neptune coyle feauer foaming fresher bout cooling angle vext fleet exactly thinkst malignant sycorax mischiefes oake ball queint blister vast filth isle capable took vild vnwillingly controll vassaile pearles curtaines prompts vneasie winning acorne resist aduocate receiues winding dolour thrift temperance breathes tunis basis beame cloudy commonwealth trafficke vineyard engine abundance whores fooling weekes dropping sleepy waking instructs professes discouery regions supplant deity inches vpbraid reare tumbling pricks shrowd mate sauour afeard reliefe chaps trinculo swim ynch scuruie digge howling sports labor refresh harmony defect witnes bulke bashfull farewel taile standard licke liest hearken deeply plaies mocks frustrate repulse forgoe throughly phoenix trauellers generation putter belch closing requit desolate daunce bated obseruation billowes gins extasie ceremonies vnion genius steeds industrious incite vanity tripping dalliance strongest straw clipt saffron bowe duskie societie minion ceres confines paradise mute cald temperate celebrate gracefull heauily cheerefull reuels pageant lifted smelt retaine loaden husht harmlesse wardrobe skins ierkin lyne apes shorten hunted labours magicke groue brim strook release elues vault ratling chace pinches suck owles pulse amazement hearty iustifie sharp chronicle relation inly glasses strangenesse driuing mishapen plotted auspicious fleete sailes scena chaines boots fading vanquished writers visite wages pasture deliuering testifie receiuing repeat valentines conspire testie melodious prettily couples complaining consents wishing peremptory deliberate hasten exceptions vncertaine clowd beggar comment malady beautifull interpret vnwilling ghesse beleeuing slips ensuing crab wringing shooe thurio ladiships bankrupt exchequer commendation mended vesture sand riuall mariage means greed erring reckon vnderstands heedfull resolued treachery lesson deuoted dearth kindle qualifie extreame current encounters beseeme conceited instances deceitfull vexation pack oftentimes rashnesse intercept tenure remnant esteemes tutor somtime extoll turn weening swiftest hear excesse intercession repeale breeder teeme fasting praised showne intreated weede tangle seruiceable altar sacrifice soften showes afterward awfull lawlesse dyest brag loyalty quell spurnes admired excels musitian rake sepulcher wretches longest rewards verily thrusts whips geese currish vexe entertained trusting pageants acted blinded fryer spur woods building stir vnciuill aught breakfast detest confounds immodest modesty degenerate cancell employment blushes esquire county ancestors agrees skirts petter virginity seuenteene venison christians latine trap conclusions cake fortnight capacity cozen shin solicite cheese bully trot tapster construe anchor iudicious guilded portly greedy gripe beguiles discusse varlet doue parson closset folkes wooers admits suffice bill trifling knighted gentry orderly oyle turtles wrangle baited wooes odious commended discarded misdoubt fray welch firmely hiding sconce smelling silke heartie whelme broome draught flowes offender pursued meede pursuing pursues generally amiable securely cuckolds aggrauate adoption detect sons sworn plesse gamester grauity lief messe stocks combe directed falstaffes showre vaile neighbors smels knows freer woing tire venetian admittance hauthorne reeke arras fantasticall iealousies yssue distresse thoghts sins distemper hawke barres property valew sealed opportunity handsome righteous slacke tost bellies finely meruaile prouoked shirts sequell fretted enioying aide couragious sodainely questions obsequious requitall ceremony protests foolerie vtterly abstract swine diuel sirrah imaginations profession publikely forge germane terrors herne blasts doubted rounds vncleane knaueries thorough apprehended adoe vnited parke bequeath shades radiant chaires scowre iuyce transforme scornfull kindled vnchaste arrested imployment taunt biting wher laughes dissolue looses forced arrow countrie exceedes vienna history torches escalus commissions priuily praies peculiar suburbs considered thirsty coffer chances stealth gouernor fills implore foolishly dart curbes foureteene caue plucks rested deedes ambush desiring restraint greets teeming husbandry feeles statute pith bruise pilgrimage abuses void naughty froth paying cracking foresaid hoping gentlemans readinesse repented lauish slipt edict infringe successiue answering giant pelting chollericke erre values preserued dedicate hower violet carrion bait subdues afflicted accordingly flawes horror plume vnable crowd sicken coyne graciously dide dearely succeed complexions exprest liuerie isabell fouler accusation onelie tirant curtsie seruile runst shifts effusion dreaming almes appointment hugge follies diest deliuerance frankely delighted restlesse pendant incertaine faithlesse wildernesse repreeue praiers examples fasten miscarried dowry saues named continuance deputy speedily images baud kennell apace warranted wounding trebble forfeite philip holinesse profest extremest ponderous seales brawling constantly forbearance perswasion approaches vnpittied members barnardine holie gaoler strokes dawning happely fact desperately commoditie ghostly transport consecrated commune fretting medler vneuen eminent indirectly hent couert residence suitor reckning infirmity caitiffe probation integritie imports ripened wrapt medling wrongfully depose yeres proportions mightier swear retort vnhallowed glance boyle barbers pated session sequent soueraigntie approaching defended thereon paies answers reproach widow paued moulded gouerned beheaded testimony whipping errors rancorous siracusian confiscate amount embracements arriued obeying tragicke conuay incessant wished discouered shippes amaine corinth splitted healthfull eighteene extremitie lightens consort capon wensday dally reserue merrier bridle couldst starke impatience minions starue ruines feedes wandred gnats niggard bestowes plain wafts truce buffet sleeue fairie perseuer mist affords sparing mickle keeps debating dores tyger apparell brags truant doubled flatterie floud drowned claimes ragges whitenesse chin breth declining witches inhabite inchanting bespoke ropes goldsmith receit brawle importunes baile exploits hindred bespeake auant wayward moode lightly prooue establish trembles distressed maker sower brake extremity venome clamors sayest recreation moodie infectious diet atturney abbesse vnluckily important rushing attendant shuts disfigure halberds bestrid scarres abused shamelesse harlots burthens promising pesant consuming patron gossips gossip gouernour messina equally feats bitternesse bils vnckles musty halting detaine leonatoes stake makers guarded slightly incounter thick goest trusted royally smoaking agreed glorie iohns cosens sinkes shrewdly maskers lute clarke answered angers disswade vsurers willow honestly scold duller shooting club wooed offends born spirited waiting endeauour scarcely ouerthrowne presentlie behauiours walkt noting sheepes guts hooke inuincible sheete tore dotage happines horribly witte bullets couched dialogue wrastle simplenesse carping commendable couered consume tickling excellence earne kills appearance frenchman ornament balls obtaine ridde staie elbow bels shifted leanes recouered wrest gallants honester comparisons excepting francis vanquisht defeat shewed comely linke counsailes impious smother deriues bedfellow ribs wisedomes misled villanies hauocke mournfull prospect stoole cushion sexton offenders proued coxcombe load quarrel angrie calues thanked cursing moreouer verified yron penance copie naughtie packt harted correct helping bucklers pikes quondam babling ominous clamour yonders hymne yeerely spots hymen gentlewomen regards leapt chappell deuouring endeuour heyres nauar grosser pine philosophie enrolled expressely mistresses bites adue decrees tearme embassie surrender vainly armado interim tawnie illustrious fashions clime simplicitie esteemed iaquenetta proclaimed tough crosses sampson immaculate ballet alowd pent desolation guided rust perfections sale boyet forbidden crauing becomming ornaments competitors addrest besiege rider paiment surety packet mounsier faulconbridge tendring margent news enlargement negligent male salue ounce beadle folded bals eunuch murtherer spill expecting designe submissiue incline feathers mates brittaine clout pricket inclination plants thankfull nourisht luster byas desired concludes cures vapour dumaine amber feuer incision alack reproue moth transformed betrayed gallops purses bowes vassall passes crutch soonest auoyd candles vpward flattery poysons tyres contemplation arts intirely addes lowest theft cockle subtill conflict girles solace copper audacious finer poynt neigh infamie egge singled noone generous quantitie wantons maiesticall ridiculous counsels visages richest backes trauell waterie begging afford sweets nance damaske vtters dice staires treads courtship confronted russian trick intents pleased expence honie lasse conquering alisander smells conqueror commander strangle launces merriment opposition skipping straying coated ambassadors deuout austere blossomes proclaimes weed reformation royal plough violets buds cuckow vnpleasing ione drownes roasted reuennew waxe society vndergo prosecute dotes inconstant iawes customarie obseruance mooue hateth hermias admiring showres locks fountaine breathlesse neighing pipes theseus washes icie dulcet wildest banke dances snake thorny danke wheresoere marshall deepest tyring lilly tyre headlesse tawny wren neighbours curteous bags beefe forsooke thornes athenians center adder stung mistaken tartars pleading easterne blisse extort vnkind vngratefull artificiall iniurie nailes fogge dragons flouds wilfully withstanding fret coronet dians solemnly wandering vaward coniunction concord seems sickenesse lions anticke accompany anguish lazie tearing thracian ceremonie wretchednesse kinder midst trusty cherry discharged mouse valor horned snuffe thorne glittering burie triple blots pettie plucking peering sandie scatter spices ventures creame gratiano extreamest belmont four coast presages commodity chests shoo habite bonnet boxe nerrissa runner argosie grudge tribe iacob ewes skilfull fulsome wednesday exact supplie feard alcides begotten prop worshipt famisht doues shylocke follower hainous vndertooke whiter maske feasting bearer choyse containes tride stampt chiefest wrung builds 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bubble shrunke extent barkes propertie vncleanly courtly lambes rosalinde cart gallop tript droppes tarrie cage assoone vnfortunate madmen sugar goddes assembly certainly executioner answeres scattred drunkards warne barbary chimney clock rascally inuent neighbor contriue kindely committing napkin drink bandy fifty bragge despightfull iustices shoots attone renowne purposely breaths budge huntsman hedge bason diligence lordshippe aptly naturally veriest stockings education lustfull harnesse soare wauing inferiour stephen physitians thirst stockes katerina hortentio mould froward guifts tush baptistas plainnesse atchieue waites tyed sufficeth roundly puppet stept scolding successefull carefully dinne chafed readiest sutors gracelesse ingrate aduersaries gyrle hilding throughout suruiue frets prettiest mildnesse cuffe halt consented houshold lucrece sonday cushions farme oxen marcellus choakt card commonly lecture tied pointed vincentio aiax rules bridegroome trembled thinne rout iolly 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saturnine mutius vnluckie rauisht nylus slime sorrowfull aron grone chariot capulet auncient mercutio inough dreampt gratious goodmorrow hoare lawrence romeos iuliets soiourne seruing eyelesse apemantus billes yeild tyber caska cymber decius bathe pindarus lucillius titinius cawdor duncan taylor fleans rugged macduffe cauldron drugge horatio fortinbras closes guildensterne illes danish lear cordelia edgar brittish accidents seele othello rodorigo isis parthian charmian augustus cloten clotens

strife print brethren singular have collected procure foorth requests bookes depends shillings author deformed blot manifest guides volume ample ignorance haughtie ashes homage apollo richly witty poets race waters drooping wring britaines dainty phoebus poet prologue publique memorie pious workes marble verse fraught passions wondred entrance containing lightning elements mischance afraid courses theirs gape split browne wills wild stinking mounting pitteous garment direfull wracke perdition hayre begun stopt backward millaine holpe prime reputed gouernment transported created worldly falsehood confidence sans credite dukedome naples ignoble stooping lieu confer treacherous armie darkenesse cride hint destroy prouokes aboord leagues sighing gentlenesse beating accident diue qualitie flame waues tricks ferdinand staring landed harbour sadly bate veines moneth recount blew grand confine space groanes island wolues rend inuisible heauinesse yeelds poysonous rauens feather exercise bees 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strip worthily discord weedes worser rabble couple breathe liuer bounteous flat chast watry iuno coloured hony venus cutting torch shoote highest blessings earths shun fancies harmelesse hether starts melted thin vision gorgeous retire cleaue presented bending prickt noses fraile filthy dancing feet cell indignation belongs doate bald lime dogs hunting ioynts sinewes spotted fares remainder rellish thogh drift extend sands chase pastime graues enters franticke sebastian circle steales melting rising mantle vnderstanding reasonable rapier sommer aire guide wronged beats affliction brace minded restore particulars howres wrackt weaker deuoure threaten acquaintance chose lasting voyage gallowes strengthen clapt freshly diuided oracle pickt leisure companions spies gilded blowing trim inuite traine nuptiall bands ending crimes verona homely crost shooes bootes haplesse grieuous eating canker future neglect sick awhile conclude silly fitting foode mistooke iulia worthlesse stumble resort 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