Word Cloud for "Utopia" by Saint Sir Thomas More.

Word Cloud for "Utopia"

This book was authored by Saint Sir Thomas More. (1478 - 1535)

Area, genre or subject: Utopias -- Early works to 1800.

The Bag of Words In "Utopia" (Main Words):

john lord influence established youth forward days afterwards months table delighted quick child prove study thoughts leaving passed opinions cuthbert close late friend attended drawn evils prefer wife noble france treat past concluded replied sight sailed obtained cost thence kindness entertained stayed plentifully trained happily commerce understood secure mischief dwell present whatever related everywhere wisely discovered judgment customs spent struck entertain enjoy expect slave assist troubled admire uneasy council render capacity propose sufficient misfortune wiser excuse absurd slaughter chiefly supported happened fast twenty punishing remedy theft punishments provisions preserved necessity foreign wars gain feed armies soldiers maxim pretended dull dangerous lest action maintain arises sheep wool grounds miserable price avarice fell cattle poverty vagabonds vain appearance corrupted punish crimes heard matter plain trouble commit approve terrible difference examine land consent cases lawful yoke reasons equally guilty convenient doubt considerable eminent bound goods loose mark constant supplied wear distinguished escape engaging rules vice apprehend commonly amongst venture giving obtain expected form sentence worst despised offered laughed sickness began perceived ridiculous sign hence courts plato philosophers kings notions wrought gained alone offers tender colour truth religious willing methods dignity abound disease suffered regard encourage madness taught opposite help bear notwithstanding avoid within industry determine plenty authority confess coast single hints accident masters leisure dinner ordered marks carrying cities large distance foot desires thirty continue curious festival river enemy gardens ordering built rule ordinary support father follows marked spend husbands labours abundance proportion frequently natural cloth garments supply neighbouring quickly becomes waste earth whatsoever pomp diseases sordid priest burn granted metals fine despise express dispute truly principles goodness acknowledge cheerful leads fraud restrained delights notion respect ways killed entire author daily harder works honours reproach base leagues religiously sacred military auxiliary troops souls temples

utopia thomas justice born city archbishop families added young henry talk greek took house told subject seems printed england countries ambassadors peter master again high raphael words knowing read fancy lies case pleased knows discourses commonwealth virtues fear learning show appointed worthy esteemed practice business acceptable anywhere bred kind full respects pleasant company measure home looks came knew carries seeing divided share return used grave five beyond each lived furnished conveniences princes perpetual heat soil looked cruel mutual round wholly perhaps proper hear errors manners speak treated through enter sure distributed mean loss apply happen generally willingly former middle along wonder thieves just restrain method enough lose learn raise turned health hire sorts peculiar peace ever seek occasions hands folly appears afraid strong ease considered cause increase sell numbers sooner raised breed suffer corn useless certainly resolved hold punishment unjust killing allow danger happy wives extraordinary piece certain slaves design meet effect really provision soever draw provided govern discourse observe everything power deal thinks false entirely counsels proposes kingdom indeed ancient oppressed glory least received interest treasure throw pretence doing especially severely differ judge property rise takes belongs prevent silver minds room carried cast preserve foolish wicked delight real constitution break persuaded mankind sick seen hundred known living short island miles side hinder inhabitants deep supreme hours water instead chosen belong partly trade esteem appear halls employed scarce strength capable secret younger served neighbours possible paid rewards pain pursue lead victory language marriage injured enemies worship

after cardinal persons wealth good together been that whom chief whose there once shall live this about more sent where first brought from also left next year while taking himself soon called made with much went king during last under when little over years would have might being still said life death which others upon then they were place sometimes other friends country same sense places given name call work into great them found pleasure desire four means three world account only before some should send true best state prince become having small most between such will because rather well need unless according those their among both nature make very learned long several without know since many than though less better particularly above back seemed your none give nations family nothing except what leave almost thus often mind down another themselves people things governed vast either quite beasts neither even like till reason thought occasion observed every necessary concerning wise these answered easy find taken already laws government nation whole comes could serve done part think ought rest useful change does private value time public never advantage opinion affairs arts right imagine love person anything reverence poor engaged obliged force grow severe freely itself able against care greater follow consider fall number idle labour besides carry take keep look sort honour must want near common kept body making hard towns manner always easily course houses forced married bring money makes punished cannot rich particular likewise runs thing order therefore away equal kill divine human laid otherwise condemned lives free reckon different seem hope parts believe whether pass women priests engage happiness stand choose greatest fallen religion gold offer come utopians agree virtue magistrates falls gives town employ children pleasures

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