Word Cloud for "In Search of the Castaways; or the Children of Captain Grant" by Jules Verne.

Word Cloud for "In Search of the Castaways; or the Children of Captain Grant"

This book was authored by Jules Verne. (1828 - 1905)

Area, genre or subject: Sea stories.

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The Bag of Words In "In Search of the Castaways; or the Children of Captain Grant" (Main Words):

original attempted nandou tumultuous debris ports warning melancholy taranaki mani exciting properly wonderful shone anew contents volume castaways books title mysterious leagues series worked ingenious globe besides visiting regions encounter searching careful description step incidents employed drowned condor carries hunt springs mixed regard knowledge popular geography mutual hence leading blowing blue sixteen distinguished member royal edward trial trip firth wake belongs headed seize movement starboard concealed tail voracious movements attached struggled hatchet approaching stroke practice withdrew reckoned huge disappointed bottles contain washed sitting frail loving neck eaten supposed affirm concern patience papers lucky odor preserve valuable sacrifice material attentively distinct intelligible sink unfortunately piece occurrence figures refer german indication gonie austral contin indi jete incomplete root becoming fill india precise ascertain probable mats deux capitaine assistance london deliver depend considered draw strike touches cuts mark letters providentially enthusiastic hypothesis inquiries destination shipping cargo scotchman scotland callao sons families carriage readiness bade express electric apply greater energetic stern daring married belong beautiful lands temporary telegram speedy wore resemblance tired sorrowful relieved drawing string committed devouring clinging clasped sake smiling grateful hopes abuse sympathy rescue refuse proposal captivity interrogate simple ones charge fold thorough believed hurt personal example government regularly support working touching manner emotion hesitated learn relief incessant conduct suffered early embraced millions assigned reasons remembered throwing raising attitude servants masters cease implore stepped fortunate shouted proud request parting project finest largest masts mechanical constructed motion swiftness coal supplies skill energy loved vainly opportunity showing whither joyous somewhere spare mode forbidden disturb cannon solely moral ancient gained rank modern visited daily ruins protection solemn poured choked influence pitched ordered rolling whenever involuntarily mistaken admire reef confess portion fragment special honors steward walk bowed tear expression laugh cover absent telescope questioning remark examination lowered pushing else chanced addressed approached fetch glass meant subject shake qualities traveler explain presenting wishes charming welcome stir chosen indifference execute celebrated base join wings falls shrugged spectacles wheel peals laughter ears blunder geographers repeating incessantly central extraordinary deeply surprising sentence enchanted studied inspired mission introduced resolution meantime favored sighted canary isles interfere groups companion yield ascend zone verde easier intelligence steering rainy season rough collect tomb sand reefs anchored sheltered veil naturally main universal deluge archipelago yourself magellan rude fair probability confident longing saloon indifferent chilian preferred depth plenty hurricane sixty eighty trouble terra glimpse patagonians carmen names admit race declare inches brilliant drop fertile winter doubled bristling forming aerial advance stem stirred constant range creeks hoping aided british fleet walls burned trade learning undertook apparent exception reading sont supposition fail provinces settlement await grasped devoured detachment crossing sufferings sloping andes colorado whence pursuing posted delayed westerly cruise reconnoiter shade scent appointed busy limpid carbines guides landing breast hearty towards consisted letting mother tongue peons rode catapez remaining reared particular drink viands addition climate saddle adopted national hole pain halt altogether advisable push encamped steed dripping spurs press consulted sounding traveled shoulders herds oxen valley precipices bend capricious column gorges wall attempts marks swift gallop lead stock divided recommence highest beaten topmost devotion snow shrubs leap pierced bones regretted propose unanimous climb powers surrounding stone door unchained badly blazing combustible giant illumined setting vapor glowing spectacle reflection sublime reminded business ample plant tolerably meat dish prolonged howls fantastic proceeded firearms expect hair herd frightened uneasiness terror faces anxiously myriads stars uneasy deafening tumbling revealed phenomenon speeding twice internal coasting keen shots consists succession planted corner trembling outline restored searched examining partly sealed recruit prolong suitable clump arranged sundry refreshing peaceful listening straining aloud wandered lend necessity criminal acting depended discern creature weapon pulled supported sank dragging sooner slightly nodded saluted mouth tones speaks portuguese rejoiced rubbed revived pace connected inextricable amply watered feathered variety gray swiftly prairies footed circular pounds repose pure bounding judge deserved balls twisted iron shoulder belt completed alternately reassured extent clothed agitated temperature southwest tempest weary suspicious wonder faith breaking gesticulated speaking needs translated replies lifted false extend mimosas substantial takes satisfy naturalists feelings specimens dressed contrary retorted intentionally laughing system disappointment deposited rios imperious drag wise wants rejoin supreme astonishing bounded neighing spur love grown covering resume crept galloped tore suffering complain timid kill seconds cutting reserved resting fatigues spreading usually impassive neighborhood attacks leaning suspected sharpened entrance shadows lights loading carbine barking stationed shape dreaded howling alarming thinks audacious inclosure calmly memory says price barely imminent daybreak phosphorescent rush hind alive leaped flowed judging desperate justice positive boundary frontiers separates winds nests resembling cone puzzled driving reduced gentle fiery tandil stations grassy guarded circumstance commandant related governor independence commanded manuel sergeant shrugging perilous delivered murder wounded shared undulating monotonous ponchos sensibly encountered involved peril saturated swollen result horsemen ruined planks exposed inside vigorously sweep spurred flocks wave changing clumps drifted anguish urging swim swallow advanced fork summon drifting foliage bough leafy stained live drive intention rent beds liberty choose grief hopeless certainty floor aborigines messenger condition quit chase wonders converted clever paid sinking deprived prefer riches happiness mists stormy nest angry specimen warned advised lightning grow flashes darted borne irrevocably teeth store communicate foaming roots emerged intrepid occasionally couple spray supposing prudent pierce arrive lonely drunken attempting space troubled attachment accept glided lifting dashing hurrahs moments count hide announcing discuss disappearance private charts syllables disabled arguments consider decide keel separate bernouilli disposed arranging divine murray eighteen rowed events population streets fields deserts wilds robinson coarse cooked boiling merely sanguinary require cried quitted december alarm produce precaution prudence awakened officer escaping whistle mist gleam breakers summoned hospitable perils regain kangaroos brig mouths gentlemen farm former irishman concluded severe convinced edible districts traverse arrangements chances wheels team primitive hills stretch defined wimerra stones aroused transported machell groves interminable preserved claim eucalyptus blacks keeper obstinacy directed effort bank lest brutal questioned uttering scrub towns wondered australians charred although obtain attacked victim pair procession parents slowly reverend dared furrowed sharply hollowed offering january patterson hottam token crown ranges guns curtain acted steer alps bush arrested lucknow yielded muttered seriously skirts stuck hasty perceive eden facilitate insisted fortress mystery leader evil consequence torture incoherent preventing corpses critical interview kemple craft oars confined furnished submerged cannibals stayed wretches cannibalism superstition dignity february remarked frenzied fighting waipa soul outlet fern slaves outer deceased burial deity warrior glanced taboo strangely wahiti descend crater eruption sportsmen theresa

drank drunk glasgow moore denouement addressing lines instinct america gathered occupied around interesting distinctly gives features amid starting volcano fancy truth field devoted share increasing comes understanding greatest shark bearing upper famous outside returning fish poop smallest creatures rope yards violently tremendous ended curiosity worth measured absolutely remains attracted object bottle precious gazing trifling carefully bear nobody action salt protected pretty bottom studying gently appear break suggested paper removed separated table eager gaze documents anxious putting proceed deal destroyed scattered written date sailed catastrophe language contained steadily mast fragments clearly minds mention patagonia captives seem tone confidence event wrecked year shadow thank cast forget jumped train flashed fortune favor daughter william victims science religious built sailing difficulties proposition expressed girl shown favorable utter castle faint hanging imagination silent overcome trust remain show strangers damp cherished alter actual asking lived considerable doubtless ordinary service picked cousin future fully notice abandoned sister knowing notwithstanding walking gloomy talked declared cost painful passing generous purpose fired tears ourselves world enter proposed preparations safely steam vessels sails higher speed abundance mounted command accepted master hitherto sought accompany resist serve roll everybody move physical crowd bound justly center repaired lofty assembled conducted pronounced swell blew providential promised calling equal comfortable absorbed talking surprised stranger resembled forehead plainly opened traveling yellow leather innumerable equally efforts legs lasted leaned weight shut moved astonishment hearing actually falling delighted acquainted company astonished secretary society amiable aware prevent slept drawn failed northern gold brief pushed savant unlucky feel offer circumstances admiration touch glad finally interpretation lively currents progress stand growing ascent quick forced level probably room stretching dull occasion immediate weather inhabitants lack prevented animated barren fathoms volcanic content shaking elements manage frequented comfort cordilleras straits providence afraid delight accomplished teach finished desire conceal forthwith taste constantly history sufficient rivers safe moving wandering catch surely agree eleven splendid masses soft luminous presently died hunger towering greeted bosom bent discover dropped accompanied informed resounded women discussion prove proof betrayed advice streams duty points buenos glance accordingly displayed screw mules awaited closely exchange broad passes forgotten adorned intended safety superior game drops supply effect nervous wrapped warm winding extremity urged accident situated required conclusion compelled proper indicated approach rushing existence wretched importance incident practicable frightful reaching descent slopes accustomed settled steep path trace fatigue fortunately intense inaccessible supplied impetuous hurried dangers places wooden elevation vapors sheet eagerly mound horizon dazzling mingled lighted struggle fires earth plunged terrified beasts flat swept paces hastened cared happened eating quietly thoughts hunters morrow success deliverance roused flame listened sounds thunder cloud flames flight sleeping owing frequent subterranean plateau tufts rate communication edge shock rich district recovered surface carrying unable torn lips refused preceding ventured cries fatal atlantic meeting task slipped begged frequently bodies beat seizing uttered risk satisfied hung real perceived compliments exchanged book silently cattle thin news extremely breath caused outlines blows seventh honest civilized instantly quiet thirst bushes listen attack highly crime burning folded guamini wrong sheets direct home noon prepare provided dozen speedily bringing quantity wolves reigned closed loose signs defend nearest powder numbers barrier redoubled forgot horrible loaded buried force opposite savage watched inclined pale saved breakfast worse hoped engaged chiefs fort unusual guard uninhabited ridge vigorous guests europeans mentioned saying empty rolled worn miserable hidden liquid counted sorry risen climbed firmly sprang roaring trembled family observed named slight countries branch until neighboring mass ferocious absence drove power disturbed facts various ball recognized noticed solid transport rocky impatient fury month announced regret seated final rely acunha maria boats vehicle promise sandy discovery blow seek mercy bark forth ceased survivors acres irish europe victoria threatened tent posts renewed dogs seldom noisy hollow blacksmith woman bridge gang police fierce normal sweet station michael paths convict lava canoe zealanders confluence sacred warriors flax valleys tete funeral maunganamu

have made following page line changed would mount argentine sort fugitives port longitude glenarvan able mcnabbs degree which excited this difficult chapter running duncan jacques britannia verne four search south three under much attention during years used these were turn twenty thousand thus entire form united upon also been children captain voyage perhaps most with last first geographical before their certain parallel southern they cross through australia great each region meet indians passage party almost close country even story patagonian some them stopped zealand take refuge house escape into here then done vast useful work interest only known deserted himself than other single tide because among those toward grant magnificent yacht along north full strong breeze from flying name lord scotch board young lady major making miles isle already when sailor watch caught sight enormous immediately came minutes after asked john what animal thought since your lordship said think fine large there nothing returned species that found give pleasure helena soon find really more terrible killed will little doing good very joined husband quite such every sailors threw over side thick took though fifty began make rapidly waves keeping perfectly straight eyes could seen head like double evidently passengers watching within reach turned back second gave means prepared long ready thrown forward powerful longer fear knew might common ships present cabin still feet hundred gigantic always fixed right just going throw fast neither fellow another mean replied often secret holding managed thing bring brought laid course moment told flung better know examine without further taken commenced round away sides enough does matter about where shall look different ocean time dare wait dear must answer beginning hard added sunk true open road come taking exact latitude goes against wind whatever water whole impossible rather doubt simply easily sharp many pieces spread wife words being completely examined turning trying least while others looked apparently same document likely should together meaning rejoined remained looking english lost part word call ship place mangles understand tell resumed continued important suppose next third light parts slightest french cruel degrees begin vessel shipwreck occurred poor landed something complete plain exactly number keep coast quickly return malcolm received orders went track lives several human things once mere crossed opening pampas itself land indian unfortunate hands spoke absolute appeared mind possible need send leaves down called shores heard repeated left broken except needed wreck dashed prisoners ever native desert shipwrecked fellows boat getting near horses waited afterward times morning information fate spent entirely care state behind honor tall brave given scarcely miss noble islands gone herself hope evening letter alone wanted speak walked rest brother courageous well held hand face seemed wish decided anything both heaven vain help father burst robert seized covered grew reached deck lying length exhausted obliged details determined exclaimed minute anyone till arrival stay best past life increased mary harry understood never grand heart resolved immense colony possibly followed placed leaving twelve departure situation living instant body distant started arrived evident arms restrain gazed dark sound happy sent sure passed night flew people chance finding dragged silence showed myself shook kind gain steps seems felt attempt voice ought save venture start reply bold drew proved reason idea loud hour opinion touched advantage chief horse consequently interior carry fresh succeeded provisions thirty courage somewhat capital having offered worthy five belonging regular band follow dangerous crew rocks again hold easy calm perfect whether feeling black composed beside sail clock eight beneath presence surrounded themselves broke deep unexpected ladies heavy greatly below pointed above difficulty talk especially olbinett excellent clouds stood suddenly forty peculiar makes intelligent grave bright hear carried standing motionless wide fell foot whom unknown hours nine tried kept seeing allow waiting case interrupted become short east paganel spoken monsieur learned geographer point visit indeed curious plan friend want river waters distance fact stop certainly mistake utmost railway sometimes mountains frenchman possession cause spite friends between wound rapid group island peak wished mountain questions pointing visible high view summit cape everything continue west atmosphere became spanish trees conversation less chain entered rain torrents town rose appearance shore clear travelers seven months forests pass nearer account natives discovered marked according question dying nearly current everyone across thanks despair route generally pacific either lose solitary companions none unless heads white numerous anchor whose spot extreme cold narrow height american continent rock march traces days grass village delay report prisoner instead read therefore half fall cannot midst tribe fallen eastern danger european sierra province expedition however natural leave journey hardly armed signal usual dried shot fastened sleep wild served order smoke camp banks presented animals birds blood useless rising ground fire answered slope sheep struck sudden guide thinking small agreed recent peaks violence dead strength mulrady wilson fancied meal scene sign giving produced rise shelter allowed lower western rays gradually disappeared darkness wood rushed noise general flesh driven plains storm violent depths firm soil snowy nature child particularly death escaped stretched direction bird coming beyond fifteen bore quarter mile formidable thalcave pressed change surprise tribes hunting front troop singular profound strange knows serious expected necessary lake heat avoid fled believe loss supper thaouka principal middle green food filled raised camped savages formed austin forest faithful fearful tree branches ombu position amsterdam australian twofold tristan melbourne convicts bullocks paddy quartermaster ayrton wagon raft camden squatters toline joyce auckland halley macquarie maories maori waikato koumou

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